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One of the sea floor cells between Julan-Shar and West Gash is missing and seemingly cut out from the section file. The borders don't match any adjacent cells either. The CS coordinates are -16, 8. Also, the adjacent cells -16, 7 and -15, 7 are assigned to West Gash Region and -14, 5; -14, 4 and -14, 2 are assigned to Bitter Coast Region, although they should be in Grey Meadows (and I guess -13, 1, currently assigned to Bitter Coast Region, should be in Clambering Moor, but maybe that is covered by the sea floor claim).


To the first part, the cell

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To the first part, the cell was simply never made and will be in the future. I just assigned a TR region to it to smooth out the region assignments.
To the second part, whenever you merge files in the Construction Set, it dirties those particular cells so I susupect another esp is overwriting those regions, or TR_Preview was merged in an order such that that happened.

I specifically checked if

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I specifically checked if there could be any other mods overwriting the region assignment for those cells (I had that problem in some other cells, so that's why I had a look at this in the first place) and I found none. Besides, I had TR_Preview last in my load order. So this points to the second option, i.e. there were some dirty edits when TR_Preview was merged.