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Morrowind (Steam)



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I've managed to install the entire mod so far and everything works, except for some missing sound files.  Specifically, so far I am getting the error of "Sound file not found; data files\sound\TR\r\ornada moan.wav".  I've gotten a similar message for the molecrab roar sound file as well.  I have rextracted multiple times from both the data download and a loose files download I found from another post and still have the same issue.  Since I believe that this is caused every time a the ornada and the mole crab make their sounds, this is making the mod impossible to play with as this message comes up anytime one of these creatures is within hearing range.  Any ideas?

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You just installed Tamriel

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You just installed Tamriel Data incorrectly, is all. If you look at what you downloaded, open the Data Files folder and make sure everything in there gets copied over. It seems like the Sounds folder and maybe some of the others did not get copied properly.

Thank you!  Just getting back

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Thank you!  Just getting back on to say that I figured it out.  Had the Data Files extracted one level deeper than I thought I did.  I'm gonna log off and go to bed now...sleep may help for future endeavours.  Really great mod, guys, cheers, and the community is awesome.

(Edit) I've seen this on some other forums so in case anyone needs to use it, what fixed it for me was ensuring that the sound files in the Sound data file for the Tamriel Rebuilt Data were extracted to the 
Data Files in the Morrowind Directory.  From there, the files automatically unpacked and made their way into the Sounds file under the main Morrowind Directory.  If you don't have six files for sounds in your Morrowind Sounds Data files folder, check to make sure this isn't what's happening to you.

Best, and happy modding!