Missing Stairs to Necrom's Causeway WatchTower





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So for some strange reason, half the stairs that are normally present on a cliff that leads up to the Causeway watchtower just outside of Necrom are missing. I was told that this isn't supposed to be the case and to report it on the bugtracker. While it's still possible to scale the cliff to get to the watchtower, the missing stairs result in you having to jump to get on the remaining stairs and that shouldn't be the case. Also, it's very clear that you weren't intended to not use the stairs as the terrain underneath where they should be is very uneven.



That's the very bottom of the

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That's the very bottom of the stairs. I don't believe it ever extended down to the main road, but I will check old versions.

These stairs existed in the

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These stairs existed in the very first release of Sacred East and they were removed (alongside a balistrade protecting travellers from falling into the sea) because they looked awful. Some comparison pictures below:

The full stairs (Sacred East 1.0)

From the side (Sacred East 1.0)
From the side (Current)

From the ground (Sacred East 1.0)
From the ground (Current)

I'm kicking this can down the road. While unfortunate that the stairs can't be seen from the ground floor, it looked really bad before and simply adding that back doesn't actually improve the situation, it just makes is bad in a different way.

Ive fixed this with some PRO

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Ive fixed this with some PRO use of the landscape tool, tested with 80 speed character and made it ground up to the top.
what I didn't do was paint a path on it or place torches or railings to actually indicate it's a path, but it's climbable now.

That should do it for now.

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That should do it for now. The old stairs were a crutch and as long as that way is passable, it's good enough for now.