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Sound file not found: data files\sound\TR\fx\haunted_fin_fout.wav

used by T_SndObj_Hauntedfade


That sound is present in

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That sound is present in Tamriel_Data v6.1 in both HD and vanilla archives in the correct directory. I'm not sure why you are getting this error.

Have you checked if the wav file is present and the CS simply doesn't acknowledge it?

The sound is there, but its

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The sound is there, but its declaration is - for the moment - in Mainland instead of Data. As abot hasn't replied, I'm simply going to assume it was an automated report because of the file/declaration divergence.

As the sound entry will be added with the next Tamriel_Data release and removed from TR_Mainland with the next TR release, I'm closing this.

Unfortunately I have found

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Unfortunately I have found now real help for this problem, but whenever I play the game it runs fine, but obnoxious pop-ups appear saying I'm missing sound files. Is there a place to find JUST these? And if/when I get them where do I drop them? The one's I've encountered so far are Velk sounds and something about Empire(?) sounds. If there's a way to avoid getting these files and just tell the pop-ups to piss of forever I'd like that too. I would love some help, especially if you can provide instructions as I am terrible at this kind of stuff.

These files are all included

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These files are all included in Tamriel_Data. They are not part of the BSA, though, but loose. You or your mod organiser just might not have copied them over.

Even better, absolutely

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Even better, absolutely ecstatic at this little surprise. All sound files are now missing, I can't click the start button without a popup. I've destroyed this game trying to fix this damn mod. I NEED help, someone a little competent needs to help me, please god.

It's in the place it says its

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It's in the place it says its not, I just cannot try to understand how something could be this dysfunctional and still be used by even one person.

Hi, This is weird issue.

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This is a weird issue. Something must've gone wrong when unzipping the Tamriel Data. 

Here are all the loose files in Tamriel Data. Unzip them to the Data Files folder.