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I don't think that any of these script warnings/errors actually target game-breaking bugs, but fixing them might help making debugging scripts via MWEdit simpler.

Proposed revisions include the line number (or the script ID itself) and the suggested fix:
- Replacing hyphens with underscores in script IDs (doesn't the vanilla CS sometimes complain about this, too?)
- Adding correct spacing within parentheses
- Fixing conditional checks outside of parentheses (only in TR_m3_OE_removeBowlScript)
- Changing PlaySound to PlaySoundVP and vice versa, where appropriate

Old Ebonheart Section DONE


Roryn's Bluff Section / Hlaalu-Thirr Section / TR_InDev


Indoril-Thirr Section






I agree that veryfing scripts

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I agree that veryfing scripts syntax to be MWEdit/OpenMW compatible when possible (e.g. barring object.variable or other legit syntax problems with MWEdit) would really be something useful.

regarding door scripts, why not remove unneeded variables also? original Bethesda scripts are not to be considered a model of perfection, some of them are not optimized due to release time constrains, or evolved engine with Tribunal/Bloodmoon release,  or simply not being made by programmers knowing scripting quirks.

e.g. 2 variables should be enough

 [EDIT]sorry can't find a way to properly format the script with this editor  applied to section

(revised as it is related to TR_act_m3-770_gatecrank_script)

Aren't hyphens in IDs also

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Aren't hyphens in IDs also just a MWEdit syntax problem? they don't cause errors in the engine or in OpenMW as long as they're not at the beginning or end of the name. I wouldn't bother with them, but then again I don't use MWedit...

I've tried to divide the rest of the list into sections so they can be fixed in the files

EDIT: hyphens were once an issue in script IDs because of OpenMW, and that was fixed a long time ago. However, OpenMW's CS might still have issues with compiling such scripts, so changing them in Preview might still be worth considering.