OE “A Criminal Lawyer”





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 -and may still give error messages (already removed crashes in section?)
after Stabby-Jak asks, if you find Reynant Alciente or talk and decline to help, you can't tell Stabby-Jak where he is. can't just edit it, the rest of the quest only works if you accept to help Reynant, and makes Stabby only appear after talking about business matter
if you say you don't know, disp 70 gives the wrong journal
Stabby-Jak's greetings don't update under some conditions,
Stabby-Jak never leaves the barristers cell

Quest stays in journal if refused, journal needs finish/restart if it can still be taken, might need another journal entry
any pc can use "owe you a favor", doesn't check that the quest is done
Dialogue about paying off bounties is in "defense for criminal proceedings" but it's instead in topic "owe you a favor", paying off bounty doesn't stop hostility from guards
put into the defense topic, "owe you a favor" not deleted yet

there's also a "TR_m3_Stabby-Jak_Prison" that hasn't been implemented, but needs a different script
"PayFineThief" is what actually clears bounty reactions
TR_m3_Stabby-Jak_Scene greeting makes PC assume the lawyer is dead (but calm magic or the fight stopping would break the quest to begin with)
some typos: "shed anymore blood", "is recently come" has?
topic links with common sentences like "in need of protection" could use addtopic safety


Line 1 function reference object "TR_m3_Stabby-Jak_Scene" not found.
NPC/Creature TR_m3_Stabby-Jak_Scene was not found on line 2. in Topic "business matter"
   "You fool! You led him right to me! Guards! Guards! Help, I'm being murdered!"