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Since I can only add three screenshots, I uploaded them all to Imgur (https://imgur.com/a/6ZcuZ89). Contact me on Discord if you have questions. Kevin#6308

  • Raal Grotto has no ownership in Dervenin’s hut. Can’t tell if intended or because he’s mad.
  • Dervenin has messy dialogue. Option 1 starts the quest, and you cannot ask what Fluffles looks like anymore. Option 2 stops the dialogue, meaning you have to restart the dialogue entirely. Ideally, the dialogue flows naturally through the options without disabling them depending on their order and without needing to reset the dialogue. (https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/sheos-box-fun)
  • Floating mushroom Raal Grotto (screenshot)
  • The lopsided Lost Room seems like people could get stuck there, if their acrobatics skill isn’t high enough and they have no spells or potions to teleport out or levitate up to the door. (I didn’t pick up the jumping spear the first time, I didn’t see it behind the door… if it was even there the first time. ) Room could use a fail-safe of sorts (you can end up there multiple times in a row, so the fail safe needs to persist). Perhaps a door back to the previous room? (https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/sheos-box-fun)
  • Buggy item “misc_potion_cheap_01” on table next to Hvederik in the OE FG.
  • OE FG’s silverware and books immediately become free for the taking upon joining the Fighters’ Guild, no quests done.
  • “Ever since the late King Llethan […]” rumour makes no sense when spoken by people living in OE. Sharnoga gra-Mal of the OE FG said this line to me.
  • Asking about “Mages Guild” in OE (I asked in the archeologist guild) guides you to Akamora or Firewatch, instead of telling you about the one in OE itself.
  • 1. The OE Customs officer (ingirid wicket-keeper) had me pay an import tax for moon sugar, which I refused. It makes sense for ebony and dwarven artifacts (legal to own, illegal to trade), but if the player openly admits to having moon sugar she should confiscate the sugar (and any skooma) and alert the guard next to her if the player resists. (It could either disappear, go in her inventory, or into the secret chest above her head.) 2. Also, after getting a “TAX NOT PAID” notice for refusing to pay, you shouldn’t be able to go through the whole dialogue again. Perhaps check whether the player already has a “TAX NOT PAID” notice. It already does so for the “PAID” notice. 3. If you say no to all questions and need to pay 0, you get a note that says “PAID” which doesn’t entirely make sense. You should be told to go along (without a notice) if you have nothing to declare. -- I really love this little bureaucratic ineraction, but it could use some extra attention. I love how there’s special observations depending on which questions you say “yes” to. 4. The alexandrite gem placed into the huge map in the OE customs office is (presumably?) misplaced, since it’s currently on top of Andothren instead of Old Ebonheart. 5. The torch rings have no torches. Seems a bit odd to even have them considering the standing lights. 6. I’d suggest having a side door next to the Officer outside in the gate. The dialogue even suggests that you have entered through a different door, as it explicitly says to exit through the northern door (when really, that’s the only unlocked door to begin with). When I talked to the officer outside it felt weird to go through customs -after- going through the gate proper. (Screenshot to show proposed second door). 7. There’s nothing outside the building that suggests this is the Customs building, so it could use a sign otherwise players might dismiss it as merely a guard tower.
  • Old bug: Journal entry first OE FG quest says “past the mountains” when it should say “in the mountains”. (https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/bugtracker/oe-fighters-guild-first-quest-bad-location-description#comment-17443)
  • 1. All the barrels outside Dondril, Farm Storage Hut are unowned and full of ingredients. The farm crops in the field are also unowned and free for the taking. 2. Could probably use a guard too. Maybe Odala Urdo could stand on top of the look-out? Most players will see her first, and she then guides the player into the field towards Doranu (her response to errant valk says Doranu is troubled by it). 3. Doranu Othril’s response to Errant Valk makes little sense. Her greeting says she hoped the Hetman would send help, her response to the topic says to leave it alone. Which is it? She should direct you to the hetman. “If you wish to help, talk to the hetman in Felms Ithul.” 4. Based on these events, I’d have guessed this small farm would be Felms Ithul, and I have to kill the velk since it’s literally just standing right there. Maybe it should be moved further out of view? I must note I came straight here from Dondril after hearing the rumour, since it’s between Dondril and Felms Ithul.
  • T_Mw_FloraAT_SporeCloud_01 near Felms Ithul just looks like a transparent orange square to me. Is it meant to look like that? (Screenshot.)
  • 1. [REMOVED, not a bug] 2. All the furniture on this building’s roof seems to float slightly. 3. Felms Ithul: The harnassed guar’s invisible hitbox is too big, making it difficult to talk to the NPC next to him. Move NPC or the guar a bit? 4. Valvramu Ullev tells you to talk to the hetman when you ask about the Errant Velk. She should direct you to her husband. She also probably shouldn’t act so surprised to hear a velk escaped considering her husband is right outside searching for it, and the situation has been going on for a while apparently. 5. Hetman’s response “Velk can be difficult to deal with. It’s good you took care of them.” Should be it, not them.
  • General issue: Tribunal Temple topic doesn’t trigger on some NPCs (such as one of the locals/priests in Felms Ithul, I forgot who—probably any Tribunal-affiliated NPC) because “Tribunal” comes first.
  • https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/bugtracker/llevari-ulevar-lucidly-tells-you-about-ghostgate this bug is unfixed, she says the generic line “The Ghostfence is a magic wall created by the Tribunal […]”
  • Serynthul has many unowned books and scrolls, including the one you have to steal for the Bosmer’s quest. Additionally, it’s impossible to steal this book without 100% chameleon. I would suggest relocating it upstairs to the room where Irvas is, or the bedroom with the shrine. He moves around enough to make it possible to steal the book. The free scrolls on the shelf by Nemaris should probably also be owned?
  • Topic “Old Ebonheart” can trigger the dialogue “Yes, this is Old Ebonheart, […]” on Khajiit. It has a line in first person, “I’ll have you know”.
  • 1. OE docks: Ahtimbar incorrectly tells you to go around the corner for customs. (Topic “declare goods”). Should say “on the south side of town” like he does for his greeting. (Although that’s a bit repetitive, so maybe the line should be cut at “into the customs office.” ) 2. Maybe give him a line for “excise agent”, “I’m not the only excise agent stationed at the docks. My colleague, Ignatius Jureilius, should be around here somewhere.” to aid players searching for him in the EEC quest “Letter of the Law”. I had trouble finding him because I thought Ahtimbar was the one I needed.
  • Navil Drolnor incorrectly responds to [my trade] and [background] saying he is a gondolier, even offering to transport you (he can’t), when he is actually an egg farmer as per the EEC quest. He probably doesn’t need those two topics, since he already explains who he is in the quest-related dialogue.
  • Yggulf the Mute isn’t mute when asked about the little topics. (screenshot) (Not a bug, mod conflict, see comments.)
  • Naamalvu Erendi in the Empress Kathariah won’t trade if you have moon sugar on you. Feels like she should.
  • Old Ebonheart, Orto Rumaria: Outfitter – is not an outfitter, it is a general store / pawnbroker? Has a general goods store sign. Maybe change the name of the cell?
  • Juilecca Suvia, the gallerist of Neel Geymont, says she is a washerwoman in [background]. Either needs a custom background or none, since she introduces herself already in her greeting.
  • [scurvy mudcrab] “What did you call me, you unhanged bastard!?” (should be unhinged, I think?)
  • [Thieves guild] “The Guild is best way […]” needs “the” before Guild.
  • The book “Ikinammassu Shrine: Reports” has a minor error: albeit on the last page should be although/though/but.
  • Ashlanders east of Dondril from the horse quest (screenshot) apparently have “m4 scripts” despite being m3. (Not sure what that means but basing this off of #troubleshoot conversations).
  • Duvana’s Shack doesn’t have Duvana the NPC placed. Search on Discord shows that the NPC needs to be added, but this hasn’t been done. (Search “Duvana” on the discord for Gnomey’s posts.)
  • Serer Dathren’s farm has no ownership (nor the Sujamma next to him, and the barrels by both houses). He’s at the NW corner of the Sundered Scar, by the water.
  • Vertex shading sundered scar (screenshot, nearby mushroom getpos: x 125818.421875 y -129464.085938 z 191.802185).
  • Old Ebonheart Sewers: Western Well has some unclaimed property next to Hirurgus.



I first had the same issue

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I first had the same issue with Yggulf the Mute; this is however not a bug related to Tamriel Rebuilt, but a conflict with another mod. Yggulf the mute is set to NoLore, meaning that the 'little topics' are disabled by default, so these responses must be added by another mod. From the screenshot it looks like you are using LGNPC NoLore, just as me, which to my experience does not match well with TR. I solved it by deleting all responses to these topics which do not have the NoLore filter, since there usually is a reason for making a character NoLore and these topics don't add any information anyway.

This is true. I actually

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This is true. I actually noticed weird behaviour in dialogue elsewhere that I suppose stems from the same mod. I'll strike it through in the list above.