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Today I noticed that after completing both of Amelphia Tarranos quests the dialogue option "replentish my stores" from the first quest "Restocking" (TR_m3_MG_OE_restocking) is still a dialogue option that leads to an Journal entry.
In my case she gave negative feedback because I did not carry the ingredients she asked me to look for. 
There should be no Journal entry and she should note that I have already completed the quest.

The dialogue option for her second "Liquers" quest is ok, she talks drunken and tells me she has no further quests for me to do.

Maybe it has something to do with the update from 18.07 to 18.09, as I had issues with IL quest "give orders" as mentioned in another bug report. I have completed both MG quests in 18.07, updated and noticed the bug now, so I can't be completely sure.



Ah, I see. She has a blocking

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Ah, I see. She has a blocking response at Journal "TR_m3_MG_OE_Restocking" 20, but not at Journal "TR_m3_MG_OE_Restocking" 30. Should be an easy fix. And no, this does not come from the update. Thanks for the report!