OE, Vhul and surrounding area dialogue bugs





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Morrowind (Steam)



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- Sodeen (TR_m3_sodeen), the Redguard wizard in Vhul, has the Who's there? bug from almost all angles. But you can get him to speak from certain angles so this is fairly minor. 
- Marayn Voldal, the innkeeper of the Hound in Vhul, greets the player with "Another outlander visits Vhul. You ought to keep to your own people), despite running an inn that caters to outlander visitors.
- Idruvi Naran, who wanders around in Vhul, has a barter option but no goods to barter

Surrounding Area
- Delnar Velothan, a farmer on the road between Dondril and Vhul, responds as if he's on Vvardenfell when asked about 'little secret' (We don't much love foreigners here in Vvardenfell, and we don't thank you for interfering...)

Old Ebonheart
Dax Soranus, the bard in the tavern near the gates on the road towards Dondril, gives a Vvardenfell response to being asked about little secret (If you're thinking of travelling up country, near Sheogorad, or out Molag Amur way...) It's not explicitly wrong, as such, but it does seem like knowledge he wouldn't have, given that most of his other dialogue is of the dismissive OE-settler kind. 


Sodden: the culprit for this

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  • Sodden: the culprit for this came up in Discord.
  • Marayn Voldal: added a new greeting, advertising him selling drinks and renting beds.
  • Idruvi Naran: had barter gold but not actual barter service, removed that.
  • Delnar Velothan: this can't be from TR. It seems to be an edited reply from the "foreigner" topic, something that only the Camonna Tong and NPCs in Balmora can talk about. Notably, all their replies use "Morrowind" instead of "Vvardenfell".
  • Dax Soranus: I checked and this reply gets overriden by another one. "When you're wandering the wilderness, be wary of disease. The ghostgate has done its best to keep the blight diseases and corprus from spreading to the mainland, but you never know. Always keep a couple of cure potions on you." Shenanigans might be afoot.