Old Ebonheart Thieves Guild, Antio Florane Doesn't Appear





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Antio Florane


In TR_m3_TG_Fentus5, the quest where you have to rescue Antio Florane of the Thieves' Guild from a Dwemer ruin, Antio Florane did not spawn -- the staff that he was supposed to be stealing does spawn.

After experiencing the bug, I found the exact same story here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Morrowind/comments/bewtt9/help_with_old_ebonhearts_thieves_guild_questline/?st=jwmmxmhl&sh=a28966eb

Attempts to force the quest to progress through the Journal console command break the quest immediately afterwards (where TG members disappear).

Another oddity that might be related: the room immediately past where the staff can be found contains a Dwarven Sphere -- on reloading, the Sphere relocated to be behind the remaining collapsible rocks rather than in front of them.


What happened with Dwarven

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What happened with Dwarven Sphere is a normal vanilla(it only does that for travel, not wander) bug if you rested in the cell, resting makes actor AI packages like wander follow pathgrids without testing collision and that could return them to their position.

The missing Antio Florane could be related to rest too but scripts take that into account already
Which version of openMW are you using? It had an issue with wander in AI packages cycles returning to the original position instead of current position but I think Capostrophic already fixed that

I am using OpenMW 0.45.0. I

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I am using OpenMW 0.45.0. I have a savegame that is inside the bugged dungeon (i.e., the one without Antio Florane) if that would be helpful? Not sure how to upload it though.

That version of the engine

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That version of the engine might still have the bug I was thinking about. Someone may be able to check the NPC's current position from a save? Alternatively if you use this in the console while inside the cell


"TR_m3_Antio Florane"->getdistance player

the result would show if he's elsewhere in the cell because of a wander bug, or in another cell because of a bug in the mod. If the result is 340282346638528860000000000000000000000.00  he's in another cell. If he's in the same cell you could try to position yourself to him but he could be falling in emptiness... position him on you


player->getpos x
player->getpos y
player->getpos z
"TR_m3_Antio Florane"->setpos x ...
"TR_m3_Antio Florane"->setpos y ...
"TR_m3_Antio Florane"->setpos z ...