OpenMW: Slow-down issue in Port Telvannis and collision errors in the Council Hall





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According to dallicant, occuring with OpenMW:

-- slow-down of gameplay due to scripts and mesh placements which make the Guards continually run into the slave pod doors.
-- upon entering the Council Chamber, movement is impossible due to being stuck in the doorway.



There appears to still be

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There appears to still be overlap in the 1709 public test, although I did not experience being stuck without resorting to TCL - with an Altmer, I had the effect of being moved upward, partway through the door exit mesh, and then shaking out to fall a short distance to the floor and controlled movement.

I can confirm that using the

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I can confirm that using the 1709 release + OpenMW, there is still a small collision error when entering the council chamber. Basically you enter it, you start to fly (or move due to collision, perhaps ?) upwards, and encounter a mesh; then moving around a bit unstucks you (without needing tcl) and you can move freely around the chamber.

Collision shouldn't be a

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Collision shouldn't be a problem anymore. I adjusted the door markers and tested in both vanilla and OpenMW. Looks like the performance issue was fixed a while ago.