Perfect Sword doesn't appear





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In quest TR_M1_GS_MQ_3 stage 30. A player on discord reports that he has completed the quest normally and all the other conditions in the results window have worked (he follows as a companion, the sword was removed from PC inventory), however the sword is not in the Anirwen's inventory upon death.


Can't see this from the CS -

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Can't see this from the CS - the sword is given to Anirwen in the same scripts that remove it from the player's inventory.

The giving and taking works

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The giving and taking works just fine so this bug is technically fixed, but there is a MUCH worse bug which prevents the quest from completing. The dialogue filter for two lines in the "perfect sword" topic are still checking for TR_m1_Q52_w_Gwai-lo_uni, the old id, which no longer appears in the game. Those should be changed to the new id, T_Dae_UNI_GwaiLo, and the old weapon record deleted from TR_Mainland.

These two lines:
- You have found it! You have found the weapon of my dreams. Now, give it to me and let my whole body and soul become your sword.
- What do you want to think about? Yes, it is quite a dear thing to be sundered from, I know. But it will serve you better in my hands than in yours. Take your time, but use it wisely and make a noble decision.