Polearms with illogical stats





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Some of the polearms have "thrust" damage only because they're in the spear category. Should switch around their stats to be appropriate to their looks instead,

I also propose renaming (THE NAME, NOT THE OBJECT ID!):
"T_De_Ebony_Halberd_01" since _02 which does look like a halberd has the same name,
Atrayonis died for your sins, check it out:
Ebony Halberd -> Ebony Bardiche


high slash but looks well suited for thrusts

TR_m2_w_adamant_halberd_retr (in mainland, not data)
reverse issue, high thrust but has nothing to thrust with

capable of thrust but should have better chop
(compare with T_De_Ebony_Halberd_02 which is appropriate for its comparable stats)

worst offender, barely capable of any thrust at all and should have that reversed with chop/slash



To be fair, I made that

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To be fair, I made that plugin as a joke. Morrowind calls all polearms "halberd", no matter how much they aren't. I don't think we need to be more papal than the pope here.

I'm all for it, but that'd

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I'm all for it, but that'd mean that we also have to edit the vanilla weapons or there'd be huge inconsistancies.
But I suspect that's an unpopular idea because mod compatibility!!!

No, it doesn't mean that.

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No, it doesn't mean that. Fixing vanilla weapons is still not TR's job and vanilla having bugs is still not an excuse to deliberately replicate them. At least vanilla halberds do look like they're used to poke. Look at the picture above and explain how you'd stab with that!

The only vanilla halberd that

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The only vanilla halberd that looks like it'd be good for thrusting is the steel one.
I hope that one day we can move past that thought and realize that almost nobody is installing that kind of specific patches (AFAIK MCP and UMP don't fix weapons/armors) and hence it'd be a good idea for TR to fix the bugged/weird base weapons/armors at the very least.

UMP/MPP/... have plenty of

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UMP/MPP/... have plenty of fixes for weapons/armors.
They don't have this one, but you can quickly find at least two mods that fix halberd stats published only in the recent years.

I have to backtrack on changing the names though, the names with "-axe" in them make the most sense but that would generate confusion with the Axe category. Whether that one should include pollaxes is a different question.