Port Telvannis design





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Morrowind (Steam)



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The existing structure of Port Telvannis all looks great.

However one thing I noticed is that the ground level of the city feels quite open and empty. It would really suit the city well I feel if there was a more crowded lower-class market ghetto-type atmosphere down on the ground, which the wealthy Telvannis would look down upon from their giant mushrooms.

Not wanting to nit-pick though, everything that is in place looks good there, I just feel it could use more.


Telvannis is one of the older

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First of all, I'm not sure if this considered as a bug, it's more like a feedback. Telvannis is one of the older releases of TR, so there may be some disorientations in design. It's already been scheduled for a redo after the whole mainland gets completed.

Which is why it's in Type

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Which is why it's in Type "Suggestion", though that's probably just going to turn into an ignore filter as the bugtracker gets filled up more.

That being said, I'm still closing this one since everybody is aware and Telvanni redos are postponed (while anyone is free to make mods consider that TR including them or not can just fizzle)