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Things left pending to be done at an undetermined time after the release

Updating rank reputation requirements in faction records to account for the new faction quests added by OE, except the East Empire Company since the real ranking is left to bloodmoon. What needs to be done is
- finding the smallest total amount of reputation the PC can gain from each faction's OE quests, so adding up the smallest positive or biggest negative outcome of each quest but penalties from obvious betrayal like the -10 reputation in the Thieves Guild should probably be disregarded
- documenting it somewhere or in this thread, also a good time to add reputation rewards to the wiki's quest pages. Summary of reputation from previous faction quests can be found in release 1709 scripts of TR_ConvertFactionProgress.esp
- take something like 2/3rds of that value and add it to the highest rank's required reputation
- increase trickles down to lower ranks progressively so that the lowest ranks are unaffected

Legion: in topic "orders" make Olvfur's quests available without requiring Maurrisha's earlier quests if player has high enough rank.
Legion: more unrnresolved comments about the palace vaults
General: apply or don't apply the same restrictions to rank 9 player across the mod? Like for this bug
OE NPCs with the poor local variable only have one vault rumor that can replace the vanilla default rumors, tower guards always default to nerevarine rumors because they're generic TR NPCs and don't have OE tower variables