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In the quest "Extrajudicial Punishment", there seems to be a missing trigger. "TR_m3_q_EP_sack" is supposed to be placed somewhere on a boat in Roa Dyr, and on opening it will activate another step in the quest (I think, but I could be wrong. First time reading CS scripts) But there only seems to be one instance of this object in a totally random location. Hope this isn't just me being an idiot! Thanks!


Hi! Thank you for your report

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Hi! Thank you for your report, but the sack was never meant to be on the boat, it was always meant to be in the wilderness. That said, did something in the quest lead you to believe it should be on the boat? Just want to make sure there's no logical issue with the quest.

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Thanks for your reply! I got

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Thanks for your reply! I got to the point where I was searching the slaves, and searched all the surrounding docks; after lots of searching (probably an hour of quite methodical searching) I still couldn't find it. I searched the whole ship, all containers on the docks, and broke into the slaves quarters to search, all to no avail. It was my assumption that the sack would be somewhere the slaves could access in their everyday tasks, as opposed to in the middle of nowhere. There were very few cues I could find at all from anyone. Thanks for letting me know, and I don't think it should be "easier" per se, but there didn't seem to be any cues to point to the location of the sack, apart from the (clever) misdirection of "search the slaves" and also the sealed lips of the Argonian on the docks who mysteriously walks over to a pot every so often. I guess this quest made me think along the lines of a slightly more complex Fargoth quest, where you have to gather information and build a picture of Fargoth's life in your head to eventually track the ring down. But the sack being in the wilderness with no clues as to which slave does what, or any further evidence of them moving, made me feel a bit clueless. Hope this is a constructive critique and doesn't just make me seem ignorant -- I hope I'm not missing something that was obvious!

Ah, I see! The issue is more

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Ah, I see! The issue is more clear now, thank you. For some reason I was convinced that Evishi already gives you a clue that you should search "around the barracks". I suppose it's still ambiguous, the sack is on the other side of the barracks, but easy to reach through water, so I think having her give a clue would be a good start? We're thinking something like " I'd start by searching the places slaves frequent. In the port, perhaps, or near the slave barracks. Somewhere Dunmer wouldn't look, but easy for an Argonian to reach." not too on the nose, but should take your attention from boxes and ships and to where you need.

Also, and I would normally not spoil things, but it seems you searched the CS anyway and this could be helpful.


Thank you again for your feedback! And don't worry, this is very much constructive. It's sometimes hard to find a balance between something being too obvious and not obvious enough, because you already know how everything should work when you implement a quest.

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Awesome, thanks! Sounds good.

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Awesome, thanks! Sounds good. Would like to stress that it seems like a good quest and I could kind of intuit there was a few ways to solve + moving parts, which is why I spent so long trying to solve it ;). I guess I also forgot that Argonians are water breathers, which could have lent a lot of contextual help to the quest. Maybe a subtle reminder for ignorant outlanders that they can spend a lot of time in water? Up to you anyway. Thanks for your time, I don't think it's an issue now you've explained.