Quest: "The Rift" cannot be completed after Rilvin Dral disappears





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One of the books needed for the quest, "Hyperagonal Media Theorem", is carried by Rilvin Dral. After a certain point in the House Telvanni questline, Dral disappears to his pocket realm which is unreachable, taking the book with him. The quest cannot be completed in that case.

Asking around about the book using its topic, people tell you: "I've certainly never heard of a book like that. Sounds like the sort of thing you'd find in Lord Dral's library.", but as far as I could tell from looking around and checking the CS, the book is not placed anywhere.

There should either be a way to continue the quest by finding the book somewhere in Tel Thenim, or getting it from Rilvin Dral's Mouth, or a way to fail the quest by telling Ralam Othravel that the book is nowhere to be found.


Dral will be moved into his

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Dral will be moved into his pocket realm from the start of the game when we get to the redos, so we already thought it should be moved somewhere else anyway. I recommend finding a place in our upcoming release to move the book to so that the quest takes the player west instead of soley east.

Closed Rot's bug report. His

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Closed Rot's bug report. His idea: ""Dral's library" is actually a pretty interesting idea for a reimplementation of this part of the quest in a world Dra left centuries ago, but better not involve the character directly in new quests. Also for this quest in the meantime either a different wizard or a workaround when he's disabled would be nice."