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Here's another report, this time about a released area.
I've been exploring and questing around Bosmora in the last couple of days, here's a list of some problems and suggestions.

  • Unable to find t_de_set_bannertownbosmora_01 error gets spammed in the openMW console while in the city. The game even slows down since it gets spammed once per frame.
  • Also about banners, there are no signs outside the marketplace and the inn, also the temple kinda looks like any other building.
  • bosmora inn, one of the rooms is unlocked, there's also 100 gold just there.
  • Why is there a mage guild guide on the second floor of the marketplace? Couldn't find any explanation for this.
  • com_chest_11_open in sassur-dari iron mine shoudln't be a container, as the model is an already opened chest, feels wrong.
  • The are quite some smugglers in the iron mine but there are no beds.
  • In Azurranu there's a small pit with no way out just behind the first steel door.
  • Azurranu: the vampire hideout has no way out once you jump down the "balcony".
  • Azurranu: There's an activable sarcophagus that doesn't give any feedback when activated. Even if it's part of a quest it would be better to get a message like "this coffin is sealed shut" or something.
  • Usign almsivi inervention in the area takes me to sailen, I expected to be brought to the Bosmora temple.
  • During the quest cunning plan the vault guy comes back, potentially ruining the plan, but the guards captain doesn't say anything about this, feels like he should be angry at the guy for potentially spoiling his plan. I get the treasurer reasoning of not wanting to leave you alone with the treasure and that him appearing is misdirection for the real thief. The quest was fun in general and I loved stealing stuff with telekinesis from the vault. Also the treasurer should run away during the fight against the thief. As of now he just stands there, potentially getting caught in the fight.
  • In Sarbiri there's a whole section of the cave missing. There are just some wooden bridges and rocks floating around.
  • NIFFIle warning: Null Root found meshes/tr/x/tr_act_ind_mark_alm.nif
  • Same error for this file: meshes/tr/x/tr_act_ind_mark_roa.nif
  • There are quite some floating statics in the area around Bosmora, also a lot of sunken corckbulks and some dungeons that feel unfinished, like the one under the huge tree feels like a very interesting and important dungeon from the outside but it's just a very small cave with a bunch of rats and a nix hound. I mean, it's fine, but it's kinda underwhelming.
  • The dungeons of the area feature a lot of pits and chasms where you have to drop down and use levitation/jump/recall/intervation in order to get back up. It's a cool thing but when overdone it becomes mundane. Azurrammu, the old indoril ruin in the hole in the ground (although there's another way to get in/out through Sarbiri, which is incomplete though) the collapsed Daedric ruin inhabited by winged twilights and probably more that I'm forgetting about. In a lot of these places there are levitation potions to be found but why would someone drop down such holes without packing a way to get back up already? It's like the designer expects players to take a leap of faith. This also teaches new player that dropping down random pits is fine since the game gives you a way to get back out, only to find out that some of those holes aren't as generous.

In general it feels like of the dungeons I've explored in TR have some kind of leap of faith/drop down situation going for them. Keep in mind, this time around I've only been adventuring around Teyn and Bosmora, I don't quite remember my previous playthrough of TR since it was long ago.

This has nothing to do with Bosmora but i found some hammun roots with different ids that can be mixed togheter to create very strong potions.


Why is there a mage guild

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  • Why is there a mage guild guide on the second floor of the marketplace? Couldn't find any explanation for this.

Interim solution until Bosmora is replaced.

Makes sense then, I hope that

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Makes sense then, I hope that the concept of "indoril town that blends with nature" is going to be part of the new Bosmora too!