Reward to "The Exiled Duke's Affair" a bit on the high side





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Beru's Amulet


When completing the quest "The Exiled Duke's Affair", the player is rewarded with a really powerful amulet. Given that this quest can easily be finished already at low level (unless there are any level modifiers, I haven't checked) and you will keep this for the rest of the game, I think this reward is a bit too powerful (it can easily be compared with some of the famed artifacts). For a more balanced experience, I suggest reducing the effect to Fortify Personality 10 pts, which is already very good for a constant effect item, and would certainly be useful for most players.


I just looked at the

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I just looked at the enchantment, thinking I was missing a powerful item, and it doesn't seem at all noteworthy.  Fortify Fatigue 1 pt is entirely useless (Restore Fatigue might be another matter), and 20 pts in the least useful attribute isn't much better.  I mean, a brand new character can easily grab Denstagmer's Ring (30 pts resist Fire/Frost/Shock), Ring of Phynaster (20 pts Shock/Poison/Magicka), and the Ring of the Wind (30 pts Agility) all before getting halfway to their first level, and all of these are notably useful in combat.  The amulet makes people like you a bit more, easily compensated for by bribing, and does nothing in combat. 
Yeah, it's 2/3rds of the Masque's enchantment, but the Masque sucks.  Given the relative dearth of Constant Effect amulets, someone might actually use this before inevitably grabbing the Necromancer's Amulet.  But it's nowhere near game-changing, because Personality is largely irrelevant.

It depends on how one is

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It depends on how one is playing the game. One can get quite far with a high Personality skill, so this can give quite a large advantage is obtained early on. And since Personality is useful in entirely different situations than fighting or exploring, one can easily equip other amulets in those situations and reequipping this one when needed, making this useful long after obtaining other powerful amulets. My point is that given the large number of quests in the game, the game tends to quickly get unbalanced if providing too powerful rewards for simple quests (which is certainly not how one obtains Necromancer's Amulet). That said, I am fully aware that if you know the locations of all the best artifacts in the game, it may get very easy indeed, but if you don't, you are not likely to aquire many of them until late in the game.

It is not there in my game

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It is not there in my game either. I am talking about the Fortify Personality enchantment of Beru's Amulet, which is 20 pt Constant effect.