Salvarys Ancestral Tomb - Ghost fence blocks quest progress





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I could find no way to get past the ghostfence inside the Salvarys Ancestral Tomb, when doing the "A Forgotten House" quest:

I ended up using tcl in the console to pass through, to be able to access the inner part of the tomb needed to finish the quest.


The ghostfence should open up

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The ghostfence should open up for you if you're carrying the Sacrificial Dagger
buried in the skeleton's chest,

An enchantment should be added to that dagger so that its ID doesn't risk being changed by enchanting
(maybe also check whether something special happens when the dagger is picked up and add a sound to its script otherwise? because the ghostfence only opens when close, so even if you do pick up the dagger the fact that something happens with it could be lost on the player)

I didn't realize that the

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I didn't realize that the dagger was needed. I've seen and picked up similar sacrificial daggers in other locations (Daedric shrines) where they didn't have any such special purpose.
I was instead looking for opening mechanisms (like the one in Necrom) or some kind of hidden passage.

Edit: to clarify I found the note (Last Testament of Ivo Salvarys) which tells about his imminent death, this in turn identifies the skeleton (with the sacrificial dagger through it) as Ivo.

My issue is primarily with identifying the dagger as the opening mechanism.

One would assume that some kind of Salvarys family token (ring/amulet/…) or password/chant/pledge would incline the spirits of the ghostfence to let the player pass. The dagger does not appear to have any such ritual connection - I only recall seeing this kind of dagger in daedric shrines.

ps: the dagger works properly when picked up (I tested this using a older save).

I had trouble with it when

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I had trouble with it when playtesting too and got through by luck or looking in the console I think. Not sure what the idea is behind the dagger being what opens the ghostfence, but something like a 1 Light enchantment on it would make it clear it isn't a generic item at least - added enchantment

One possibility would be to

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One possibility would be to have the Last Testament of Ivo Salvarys alude to a familiy dagger and possibily also give the dagger a custom name.

yeah it isn't obvious that

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yeah it isn't obvious that the dagger opens up the ghost fence and there's no hint at all. So a hint would be good for this quest.