Seyda Neen boatmaster breaks intro immersion





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Morrowind (Steam)



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This is rather low priority, but...

It bugs me that, during character creation, our Seyda Neen boatmaster is just chilling on the docks, and offers players the opportunity to initiate dialogue before the character creation sequence even offers its own first dialogue window.

I think he should either be disabled during the sequence, or simply not open a dialogue window when activated, and/or (using a Hello line) encourage the player to move along and finish character creation before talking to him. This could probably be done rather easily by detecting whether the character creation script(s) are running and/or detecting if the NPC is encountered for the very fist time (counting CellChanges), and a tiny bit of scripting.


He is disabled during

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He is disabled during character creation.
There was a bug in an older version where the "TR_v_ChargenEnable" script he has was not slotted, but that has since been fixed. I can only presume that you use an older version of either TR_Travels'.