Skipping Barilzar's Mazed Band quest





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I'm not certain if this is a TR bug but I guess so, as no other mods (except some of my hand-made minor fixes for vanilla Morrowind) are installed on my Morrowind. When I see Almalexia (I mean the goddess, since I haven't TR_Preview.esm enabled) for the first time, there's a topic "task", which I guess didn't exist in vanilla game until dealing with fabricants on Plaza, so there was no checking for quest status (I guess it was assumed that no check was required since the topic opened only after attack). So, I keep the Mazed Band with me, the Plaza isn't destroyed, but I go on Almalexia's quests beginning with "A lesson in Power". I think some quest in TR opens the topic 'task' ignoring its crossing with the same topic in Tribunal.

P.S. Just looked in TES CS, there's even three quests that add a 'task' topic and, yes, there's only a "TR_ShowPower<10" check in Alma's dialogue.

P.P.S. I guess I won't be able to complete "A lesson in Power" because the statue isn't destroyed and there's no ladder down, but that's a mess anyway, should be fixed, I think.


Actually, this is fixed by

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Actually, this is fixed by MPP, but NOT by Patch for Purists:

Record: INFO "1406841961381683" (Topic:task) Flags:0x0000 ()
  INAM: ID:1406841961381683
  PNAM: Prev_ID:
  NNAM: Next_ID:
  DATA: Disposition:0  Rank:None  Sex:None  PC_Rank:None
  ONAM: Actor:almalexia
  NAME: Response:
Since the horrendous attack on the city, there have been some alarming developments. One of the most troublesome has been a cult that has recently formed, led by a young Dunmer named Eno Romari. They call themselves the End of Times. In these troubled times, I fear the cult is gaining in popularity.
 *SCVR: Index:0  Type:(Journal)  Function:(Journal_Type)  Comparison:(<)  Name:TR_ShowPower
  INTV: Compare_Value:10
 *SCVR: Index:1  Type:(Journal)  Function:(Journal_Type)  Comparison:(>=)  Name:TR_Bamz
  INTV: Compare_Value:100
  BNAM: Result:    Journal TR_ShowPower 10

Half11 from P4P has volunteered to include this fix in the next version of P4P, though. We might still want to add a blocker above it.