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Morrowind (Steam)



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- The second sentence of Elteryn of Firsthold's Moridunon description is awkwardly phrased and should be rewritten to something like:
"It is home to the city of Firsthold, the first city that Aldmeri High Lord Torinaan built through magic and sweat, and Skywatch, the intimidating kingdom whose battles with the Valenwood Isles are as legendary as they are shameful."

The word "intimidating" is also a little odd in this context and could maybe be replaced by "forboding"  or similar.

- Elteryn's description of the Isle of Summerset refers to it as a "wondrous site to behold". "Site" should be changed to "sight".

- Prince Ji'Morashu-ri refers to "The Empire" when talking about House Hlaalu, which makes the sentences look off. "The Empire" should be changed to "the Empire" (with lowercase "the").

- Magnakar Paracel's Background response needs a comma in the second sentence, to read something like:
"I traveled with her from Wayrest when she was made the ambassador, after she knighted me in service to our King."

- Doniphan Messor's description of Evermore includes the phrase "We boast prestige related to some of the world's best magic users"; this isn't grammatically incorrect but it sounds a little odd. IMO, it should be changed to something like:
"We take pride in being home to some of the world's best magic users"

- Ogrub gra-Nag refers to the Malakh Orcs as "illusive" in topic "contact with my people". This should be changed to "elusive".

- The Grey Book of Great House Dres refers to characters named "BLAHBLAH" and Lords of "SOMEWHERE"

OE really is a treat to explore, you've done great work :)


Fixed the awkward sentence

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Fixed the awkward sentence (but not the word "intimidating"), the capitalized "The Empire", and the "illusive" orc tribe. The rest should wait for someone who knows the lore better.

Note to self: "We boast

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Note to self:

"We boast prestige related to some of the world's best magic users" -> "We take pride in being home to some of the world's most talented mages"

"intimidating" -> "mighty and menacing"

Fixed these, with the

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Fixed these, with the exception of the Grey Book, as we don't actually have character names to fill these slots in yet.