The Sorcerer's Apprentices OE quest: table with robes disappear after reloading save





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after first part of court wizard ceremony where they finished enchanting the robes, i made a quicksave standing on top of the table which has the 2 robes on it. i went through the rest of the ceremony then close the game without saving.

restart the game, reload the save to see the table have vanished along with the 2 robes and never reappear. having previously seen the rest of the ceremony where i could take the 2 robes from the table at the end of it, its a bug and shouldn't happen (at least not when the ceremony is still ongoing)


Ah, I know why this is

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Ah, I know why this is happening. Before the quest, the tables and robes are stored elsewhere in the cell and are moved into place when the quest starts. Because Bethesda is Bethesda, their changed positions aren't saved. A semi-easy fix would be to move the tables and robes into place in the CS and give them a startup script that disables them before the quest.

Also, taking the robes at the end of the quest is semi-unintentional. It was part of an incomplete idea I had where the robes would be moved elsewhere after the end of the quest (Saturius' robe to the sewers, Kelkemmello's robe to Caros Cocceius' room). I'd like to make a patch for that sometime soon.

it'd be best to implement a

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it'd be best to implement a catch-all fix on our side instead of relying on specific MCP fixes, if there is an easy fix, imo