Stranded, quest.





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Morrowind (Steam)



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Lleros Drothan


I am unsure whether this should be reported somewhere else or not but here goes.

I found a man stranded on a islet off the coast of the Sacred Lands within the Padomaic ocean. After having given him water in dialouge and spoken to him when he stood up, his dialogue would imply that I should visit the Sailen temple to find help. My journal concurred and also suggested I visit the temple. However when I arrived I found no dialouge option that would hint to assisting the man on the island. After having exhausted every dialouge option from two of the NPCs within the temple without any success I decided to ask the local noble for help. He was as helpful as the priests in the temple, offering nothing and not progressing the quest whatsoever. I am unsure whether I missed something, but so far I am stuck. The only thing of note was that the priest on the top floor had no dialogue options, I am unsure whether this was the character from whom I was meant to get help from but I am unsure.

Upon further investigation I have found that the priset without dialouge options was not the individual tasked with handing supplies over to me. Rather the head priest on the first floor -all of whoms dialogue options I have explored- is the one to hand over the supplies.