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Some changes for grammar


but I don't believe it's worth fixing because
1 this book is just a list of corprus creatures. The only thing it contributes is explaining a line of Divayth's dialogue "I'm persuaded that it is in some manner the curse or blessing of a god" (which admittedly could be confusing if read as referring to dagoth ur and as if fyr didn't know about him, but the text stills screws that up by passing it off as its own commentary), but
2 that part about Dagoth being powered by Lorkhan's heart simply shouldn't be there. Even though the author would probably have to be from the Temple, this isn't a secret book, it's placed everywhere
3 it's just copied from a page on the imperial library, fyr's potion is apparently for the main quest and doesn't belong either

T_Bk_CrimesOfTriTR may be a similar issue


Plugin here puts a variety of

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Plugin here puts a variety of other books, new ones when possible, on top of T_Bk_CorprusDivineTR instances in Mainland so that they can be removed,
mainland instances of T_Bk_CorprusDivineTR have been removed
removed from ingame lists

I think a book telling

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I think a book telling mainlanders and foreigners about Corprus isn't a bad idea, but I agree, that book is just a rehash of what Divayth said. I think something in the line of a research journal or publication getting interviews from various important individuals around vvardenfell would be a better route.  Notably interviews from key members of vvardenfell's tribunal temple, and maybe Divayth Fyr. Though that last one is a little iffy since Divayth is a Telvanni and they're not exactly known for being very wordy with strangers. Even if it's a chance to get their word published, they'd probably decline.

This book is currently only

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This book is currently only used in a cell in Almas Thirr. It should be deprecated in the next Tamriel Data.