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Role of pilgrimages in Temple questline:
Currently, completing 3 pilgrimages (of 6) on the mainland unlocks mainland Temple duties; completing the Vvardenfell Seven Graces pilgrimage also unlocks them. In both cases the remaining or future mainland pilgrimages become only additional quests that add some faction reputation.

Ways to integrate pilgrimages into the Temple questline:
- require them to advance to certain ranks, but it would be nonsensical to block advancement in Vvardenfell now since TR only adds one series of Temple quests (Ranyon-Ruhn)
- require them to unlock certain quests, progressively inserting them into the questline - preferable to the above
- since it's already suggested that pilgrimages contribute to advancement, just link the pilgrimages topic more in the dialogue of questgiver NPCs, for instance when the player gains or is refused rank
- have other NPCs in temples mention pilgrimages in greeting

Example of the second option for the current state: if the player didn't already complete any mainland pilgrimages (only Seven Graces), require 1-3 of the local pilgrimages in duties before giving the quest "Seht's Ward", then 1-3 of any remaining ones before "Epidemic in Ranyon-ruhn".


I liked the way it was in 16

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I liked the way it was in 16.12 release: you need to do 3 pilgrimages before getting any other mainland Temple quests. Only now you wouldn't have do them in order to join the faction.

The way I see it:
1) You don't belong to the Temple and you go to Ratagos: he accepts you into the Temple and give you the pilgrimage task. You complete 3 pilgrimages - you get Ratagos' 1st quest (message to port Telvannis). You then go to Vv Temple - you need to do Seven Graces before getting Vv duties.

2) You have made Seven Graces and you go to Ratagos: he gives you the pilgrimage task and until you complete 3 of them you won't get any mainland duties.

1) isn't that already what

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1) isn't that already what happens?
The issues I have with 2) are, for gameplay, that it's bad pacing if you've just done 7 pilgrimages, and for worldbuilding, that it would establish an artificial division between vv and mainland = vv and the seven pilgrimages there are a big thing for the Temple, why would they ask someone who's already in good standing and perhaps high rank with the Temple to do "any 3 pilgrimages, anywhere, as long as it's not on Vvardenfell"?

We should figure this out

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We should figure this out soon, I think for the DoD release. The best solution I see would be to have each administrative district (Vvardenfell, Telvannis, Velothis, etc.) have a set of pilgrimages that need to be done to unlock the quests of that district. This allows vanilla behavior to stay the same while also not forcing players to go to Vvardenfell to do quests on the mainland.