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Contact me on Discord if you have questions, Kevin#6308. This is a mix of general feedback and bug reports. In future reports I'm planning to separate the two better.

TR Preview: Teyn

  • Midesi ouradas: [topic: Rith-ivliryon] “Dating back to the early days of the ancient High Velothi culture the massive […]” (needs a comma between culture and the massive)
  • Tradehouse: Scroll of springtail leap behind the counter on the ground floor unowned
  • Mother-in-law quest: infinite loop if you choose to introduce yourself as the Arch-Duke of Teyn, and then in the second three-choice part choose the 1st or 3rd option. The only option that works is the egg mine one, the other two reset the dialogue. The same is true for the “I’m Eribert” option. You have to choose the egg mine option or you are stuck. Regardless of whether you get the “bad” ending or the “good” ending, the journal entry gets stuck and doesn’t get closed properly. (Note: I played it as a female character, which has different dialogue responses, but tested as a male and got the same bugs). Also suggest lowering the time it takes for the mother to arrive. From a RP perspective I can justify sleeping 12 hours at the inn, but not exactly a full 24 hours. IF you talk to her in the evening you kind of expect the mother to be there in the morning or afternoon, not at 11 in the evening the next day.
  • General feedback: the summon dremora cuirass amulet in Basan-Dur (reachable through levitation, potions are in a chest) seems a bit strong for a low-level dungeon (especially if Teyn is meant to be Mainland’s Seyda Neen). 80 armor rating for 60 seconds, 5/30 charge. Maybe replace it with something more balanced?
  • Sadrapit Mine: Why does it ask me in a message box if I want to crawl in? Other “unconventional” doors don’t do this, such as the ladder in the other nearby dungeon.
  • NW corner of Teyn lighthouse has ugly seams underneath (seen from the water) (capering)
  • General feedback: the rock stairs near the Teyn lighthouse stand out, the steps don’t look carved but glued on. (T_Mw_TerrRockAI_Rockstair_01) But this is a more general comment on that model, I guess. In any case they feel out of place here.
  • 1. Erethys (lighthouse keeper) invites you to stay a while, then repeats that sentiment and says to keep an old man company. I thought I’d be able to sleep in his bed, but you can’t. I figure it would be nice if you could to give you a reason to stay. 2. When entering the basement of the lighthouse, I see his “hobby room” and hear laughter. Amazing design! Then I talk to him and unfortunately get a script error (screenshot). My inventory is open for some reason. He goes aggressive, but I can still talk to him before starting combat. (No “goodbye”.) I close the dialogue, and the dialogue immediately re-opens with the same text. This time there is a proper goodbye. Also a suggestion would be to have some quest hook present in the lighthouse to urge you to explore the basement. Perhaps a basement key hanging from a nail upstairs, out of sight? Additionally, my suggestion to make sleeping in the bed possible could be a hook. Perhaps you wake up in a different bed… In that case he should more explicitly invite you to rest, weary traveller...
  • 1. Teyn village rumors: there’s no mention of smugglers disappearing, despite the lighthouse keeper saying that this is a topic in the village. 2. After exploring Teyn and Fort Ancylis area for an hour or two I have 11 moon sugar (excluding anything that might be hidden in the fort’s storage rooms). Seems excessive for an area with no explicit smuggler presence. Perhaps solve both problems by making the smugglers visible?
  • The dwemer tower in the water NW of the lighthouse is not fully solid. The south side has a weird collision issue where you can push your face against it and see through. Probably a vanilla bug. No idea what the name of the ruins is, I don’t think there’s an entrance. It’s possible to climb on top, maybe it could have a little stool and/or some minor treasure.


Fort Ancylis

  • Kathellomar’s greeting: “ I am Kathellomar […] currently unavailable leaving me” needs comma after available.
  • (https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/bugtracker/joagghu-topic-long-forgotten-history) Shorveig accidentally advances the journal when you ask “long-forgotten history” again immediately after getting the quest, acting like you already found the battle axe.
  • Southern tower has a grey seam underneath the door to the main keep (visible from a few steps back)
  • When curing Rojanna Jades, nothing happens afterwards. (I’m assuming it’s just unfinished.)
  • The sea where you dive for the axe has an ocean floor that doesn’t properly connect, causing seams. I’m assuming it’s just unfinished content.


Surrounding area:

  • General Feedback on Kainat: I’m not sure what this cave was for. There was an aggressive dunmer couple. If it’s not part of a quest it could use some explanation of why they are aggressive, they don’t seem to be smugglers (lack of smuggled goods lying around).
  • Delvarrapal Cave Dwelling misses a wooden pole outside (floating log/pole).
  • Flora_ash_log_03 nearby delvarrapal cave dwelling can be entered by crouching, causing weird collision bugs. Model error I guess.
  • Door in rith-ilviryon ancestral tomb has a buggy player marker. Upper north sepulcher: xyz 4288 4672 14272. You end up in the water instead of on the little ledge. Tested 90% of the doors and no other issues found. Amazing dungeon by the way.
  • Rock north west of andothren harbour (caspering, screenshot)
  • More caspering on t_mw_terrgrassai_heap_01 object (screenshot)