TR_m3_IL_Work woes following update





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Morrowind (Steam)



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Item/Script Reference:


TR_m3_IL_OlfvurSc, TR_m3_IL_MartenSc, TR_m3_IL_AdrianusSc, TR_m3_IL_ScarathaSc


For some reason, the control variables on the NPCs involved in this quest reset to 0 after updating to the latest version of TR_Mainland - maybe I did the update wrong, but a player on Discord had the exact same problem, so I'm thinking we need a fix. Currently, for those affected, the result is a forcegreet loop that the player can't get out of without console magic, if they finished the quest before the update and re-enter the Legion: Headquarters cell.
I suggest the following changes to some scripts, red italics are my additions.

For TR_m3_IL_OlfvurSc:


For TR_m3_IL_MartenSc, note, two changes, one courtesy of Jani:


For TR_m3_IL_AdrianusSc:


For TR_m3_IL_ScarathaSc:


That should help prevent the NPCs involved from re-doing their routine for the quest, and set the control variables to the 'cleanup and reset' phase at the end in case they got reset somehow.
edit following discussion: I know the control var 4 is what ends the sequence, I just check for 3 and set it to 3 just in case the sequence was somehow not finished when the player recieves journal index 100. This forces the scripts into the 'cleanup and reset' portion that sets the NPCs back to their proper position and behaviour, and then automatically bumps the control variable to 4, so it's intended.


I can reproduce the issue

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I can reproduce the issue with a non updated save
no issue with an updated save, the locals don't get reset

judging from the script having a save that didn't really get updated is the only way for this issue to appear.