TR_m3_Lightningboots don't do much






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Morrowind (Steam)



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TR_m3_Lightningboots currently does shock damage to self and fortify athletics 100 points. This last bit doesn't really do much and is certainly disappointing in a game where the boots of blinding speed exist - and it doesn't begin to live up to the crazy speed the quest suggests the Imperial gets. I suggest buffing the effect to the 500 - 1000 range instead, possibly reducing the duration to 5-or-so seconds to compensate.

edit: related, TR_m3_Vontus is barefoot the first time you meet him. I suspect this is because of an earlier version of the quest in which the boots had a permanent enchantment on them - and his unarmored is probably higher than his other armor stats - but I'd suggest altering the script slightly to force him to equip the lightning boots on the initial cellchanged, or something to that effect, as there's no reason for him not to wear his enchant-on-use boots.

edit: and a final related issue, I'd suggest moving the TR_m3_vontusrobe a meter or so to the northwest at where the dirt path branches off the main path, to more properly indicate our friend flew off the main path here.


Fixed barefoot, changed to

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Fixed barefoot, changed to regular armor rating instead of 0 (probably something else from when it was constant effect)
Moving robe done, would help even more if the models weren't so neatly folded tho :P if Data ever gets an invisible race that would be easy