TR_Mainland_1709_hotfix5.esp TR_m1_q_TO_ACK_20 script





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lines like 

"TR_m1_noga-togroi"->set gotX to ( GetPos, X )

should be e.g.

set gotX to ( "TR_m1_noga-togroi"->GetPos X )




Personally I would change the script like this:

begin TR_m1_q_TO_ACK_20

; This script was formerly called TR_m1_q_TO_ACK-20. I have renamed it due to the problems
; that dashes can cause in script names (at least in OpenMW). -- arvisrend, 29 May 2013

float gotX
float gotY
float gotZ

;this is the script that makes Noga-Togroi appear to the player 
;it also moves Devas Terano to Bal Oyra.

;the following chunk of script is the part that makes Noga-Togroi teleport to the player. There are four locations where the confrontation can take place
;the locations are: the transport ship, the river strider, the silt strider and the road exit

if ( MenuMode )

if ( GetPCCell "Tel Ouada" )    

float t1
if ( t1 < 2.1 )
    set t1 to ( t1 + GetSecondsPassed )
set t1 to Random 1001
set t1 to ( t1 * 0.0002 ) ; 0 <= t1 <= 0.2, so next 1.9 <= delay <= 2.1

if ( player->GetDistance "TR_m1_Dunveri_Rodran" <= 600 ) ; if PC is near the ship transport NPC...
; FIRST LOCATION BY THE SHIP ; No longer exists as travel service after TR 1709 restored for OldTravels and 1709hotfix since that exit route is now still available here
    "TR_m1_noga-togroi"->PositionCell 202528 151808 200 0 "Tel Ouada" ; ...Noga will appear there
    "TR_m1_Dunveri_Rodran"->Say "vo\d\m\bFle_DM001.mp3" "Help! A beast!" ; the ship's captain reacts accordingly

elseif ( player->GetDistance "TR_m1_Aamunos_Rolvar" <= 600 ) ; if PC is near the river strider transport NPC...
    "TR_m1_noga-togroi"->PositionCell 205466 153362 128 200 "Tel Ouada" ; ...Noga will appear there
    "TR_m1_Aamunos_Rolvar"->Say "vo\d\m\bFle_DM001.mp3" "Help! A beast!"

elseif ( player->GetDistance "TR_m1_Varusha Caril" <= 600 ) ; if PC is near the silt strider NPC...
    "TR_m1_noga-togroi"->PositionCell 208290 152839 904 325 "Tel Ouada"

elseif ( player->GetDistance "TR_m1_Q_TO_ACK-20act" <= 600 ) ; if PC tries to hit the road to exit Tel Ouada
    "TR_m1_noga-togroi"->PositionCell 212288 148064 256 325 "Tel Ouada"

    return ; skip invariant part below

"TR_m1_Devas_Terano"->PositionCell 3680 4384 40 2 "Bal Oyra, The Black Ogre Tavern" ; Devas Terano gets teleported to a tavern in Bal Oyra
PlaySoundVP "mysticism hit" 0.5 1.0 ; a sound effect is played
set gotX to ( "TR_m1_noga-togroi"->GetPos X ) ; this following part creates a visual effect
set gotY to ( "TR_m1_noga-togroi"->GetPos Y )
set gotZ to ( "TR_m1_noga-togroi"->GetPos Z )
set gotZ to ( gotZ - 40 )
"TR_m1_noga-togroi"->Placeitem "sprigganup" gotX gotY gotZ 0 ; it uses the same effect as BM spriggans and werewolves.
StartScript TR_m1_q_TO_ACK_nogatalk ; global talk script is launched
StopScript TR_m1_q_TO_ACK_20 ; and the script is stopped altogether




Needs to be fixed in Mainland

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Needs to be fixed in Mainland since the hotfix copied it from there, though the first part in abot's version probably needs to be commented out since it had something to do with OldTravels "TR_m1_Dunveri_Rodran"

Dunveri Rodran is now a

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Dunveri Rodran is now a freight carrier in TR_Mainland without OldTravels, so it could be left in even without that plugin loaded.

After reading this over, it

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After reading this over, it looks fine and does things nicely - not too keep on the 2 second delay, but I assume it is for performance.

The script follows what I now know to be best practice, so I've merged it in and will keep it in mind when (in the future) the handbook gets a "best practice" page for scripts.