Verulas Pass, Morag Tong Training Camp





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Bug: All of this cell

-it's difficult to navigate (and completely impassable with large characters)
-I'm not sure if a morag tong training center is even lore-correct, and if so it should probably be referenced elsewhere
-its dialogue is the most cringy edgelord stuff I've ever read in TR
-"This organization is almost like a religion" -> literally worships mephala

overall the morag tong needs someone to catalogue writs and make sense of what form the TR Morag Tong should take - why would their training center be hidden? Do they need one? You can't actually train there without paying gold which makes the whole concept a bit weird.


Some quick shoves of dialogue

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Some quick shoves of dialogue, to prove it can be done :P

Who are you? What are you doing in this place?

Oh, look, an outlander. Is it lost? Does it need help finding its way? Poor, poor outlander...

I'm busy. Leave me alone.

Morag Tong, low disposition
Asking stupid questions gets one's nose cut off around here, outlander.

Morag Tong, not in guild, low disposition
You could say we are a club of like-minded individuals. You do not appear to be in this club, however. Too bad.

Morag Tong, high disposition
Under the reign of the Tribunal, worship of the Daedric Princes is oftentimes forbidden. Let us say the Tribunal recognized the necessity of our existence long ago, and gracefully look the other way whenever we now carry out our devotions to Mephala.

Morag Tong, in guild
Shadows hide you, brother/sister.

I am an artist. That is all you need to know.

Back west, you would probably call me a priest. Here, in Morrowind, we have other terms for the job.

I am a trained assassin. In Morrowind, this an honorable job, and I take great pride in my work.

Dialogue merged; this bug is

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Dialogue merged; this bug is now of minor importance for the navigability issues of the int. The rest falls into redo territory and won't be addressed at this time.