Weird behaviour when arriving in Bal Oyra due to muskfly quest





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The sttarting script for the quest "Muskflies in Bal Oyra" does not begin until the player arrives in one of the Bal Oyra cells, causing quite a problematic behaviour if first arriving in Bal Oyra from the road. The script makes all the NPCs disappear, but this doesn't happen until you have taken a couple of steps into the town. I was even talking to one of the NPCs at first and then they all just disappeared, so this is both confusing and unrealistic. This should be solved somehow, perhaps by starting the script already when the NPC arrives in one of the adjacent cells. Alternatively one can use one script for removing the NPCs which trigger in adjacent cells, and another one for spawning the flies and starting the quest, which triggers when entering the town.


I find the quest rather odd

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I find the quest rather odd as a whole and think it could be reworked further, but that may be for another time.

Lockpicking Complaint 1)

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Lockpicking Complaint

1) lockpicks should be 1 coin for 10. 
2) timers waste everyone’s time and must go. 
3) each time you hit X to pick a lock a lock pick gets removed from inventory regardless of whether you attempted to pick it and either were running out of time so exited or you ran out of time. Ludicrous. Especially with the cost of them. 

Many players I’ve met won’t even attempt to pick a lock because of this and as for me after wasting 450 coins to get a lousy 50 lockpicks left the game in disgust and am going back to Destiny 2.