Wrong-facing door in Neel Gymont's House in Old Ebonheart





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The door at the top of the stairs in Neel Gymont's house in Old Ebonheart is opening the wrong way: it opens towards the stairs, which makes it swing into the void above the topmost steps (see attached screenshot)
A potential fix woud be to have the door open "inwards", towards the upstair floor.
Interior cell ID : Old Ebonheart, Neel Gymont's Fine Art



Flipping the door's direction

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Flipping the door's direction is no good because it nearly blocks access to the upper floor. Moving the door down to the bottom of the stairs works but is a little awkward. I feel like removing the door and leaving the arch may be the best solution, supported by the dialogue from the person at the bottom who says you can find the artist upstairs. Not such a private bedroom.

What I was going for is that

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What I was going for is that the door's hinge would stay on the left-hand side when going up the stairs, but open away from the player and into the room. But if I understand your reply correctly, assets can't be mirror-flipped in the CS, so that the door would have to be rotated 180° instead, with its hinge going to the other side of the frame? If so, indeed, that would block off access into the room. I would then remove the door altogether, as you suggest.