Wrong Journal Update (?) during the quest "Avenge the Knights"





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When playing TR, I encountered what I think is a bug in a quest called "Avenge the Knights". I met these two Knights (Tarbus Norin and Merias Tolode) outside of the cavern Galseah and they told me to go inside with them and slay the necromancers. During the fighting inside, Tartus Norin died. I then defeated the necromancers with Merias Tolode by my side. However then I got a journal entry saying: "Without Tarbus and Merias I have defeated the cultists.", which is clearly not true. When I speak to Merias Tolode now, he says the lines he had when the quest hadn`t started yet ("Ach, do not speak to me. I cannot take this disgrace!") as a greeting and I can only click on Goodbye. The quests is also still marked as active in my Questlog. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something here?


It's a bug. The script only

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It's a bug. The script only checks the presence of "Tarbus Norin". The script also has bad performance issues. The script is also a global script that could run forever if the player doesn't do the quest. Also some dialogue is missing words. Fixing the script fixes the NPC's dialogue which fixes the journal never closing.
All these fixed here I hope. already merged

Also it gives you 1 reputation but only if you get both knights killed first. And other bad things, but that was as deep as it was worth delving into for now