Type Title Concerns Found in Version Severitysort descending Status Last Update
Reminder Slavehunters in OE file TR_Mainland 18.07 Confirmed 2019-11-02 13:56
Bug Expunge T_Glb_GetTeleportingDisabled, use T_Glob_GetTeleportingDisabled instead TR_Mainland FUTURE RELEASE Critical New 2022-04-03 14:23
Bug T_Gl(o)b_GetTeleportingDisabled inconsistency, Khalaan Daedroth teleport broken TR_Mainland 21.01 Critical New 2021-04-11 15:10
Bug Path grid issues in Roth Roryn interiors TR_Preview FUTURE RELEASE Major New 2022-04-05 07:30
Bug Placement of Harru Cavern makes 'Free at Last? impossible to complete TR_Mainland 21.01 Major New 2022-04-17 07:42
Bug Script throwing errors to dialog boxes TR_Mainland 21.01 Major New 2021-04-11 14:34
Bug Savrethi Distillery slaves (and probably others) do not have the slave script TR_Mainland FUTURE RELEASE Major New 2022-05-03 05:10
Bug Hastophos velifer's home disappeared TR_Mainland 21.01 Major New 2021-04-27 22:26
Bug Broken door links in cells that were cut for Roth Roryn river work TR_Preview FUTURE RELEASE Major New 2022-03-17 02:05
Reminder Some Topics Still Act Like Vvardenfell is Everything TR_Mainland 18.07 Major Confirmed 2022-04-17 05:20
Issue Duplicate IDs TR_Mainland FUTURE RELEASE Major New 2022-03-30 09:44
Bug The scripts that control guard map dialogue are flawed Tamriel_Data FUTURE RELEASE Major New 2022-04-15 04:18
Suggestion Aanthirin region general suggestions TR_Mainland 19.12 Minor In Progress 2020-04-26 13:34
Issue Enemy damages skills TR_Mainland 19.12 Minor New 2021-06-02 04:11
Issue Audania Ranius doesn't sell any "spiced potatoes" TR_Mainland 21.01 Minor New 2021-10-09 21:52
Bug T_D heads disappear on vampirism cure Tamriel_Data 19.12 Minor New 2020-06-23 18:11
Bug Vernis standing in/under the silt strider dock TR_Mainland 20.02 Minor In Progress 2020-04-19 22:40
Bug Aimrah caravaneer has wrong destination topic TR_Travels 21.01 Minor New 2021-04-22 22:33
Bug t_imp_studdedleather_pauldrr_01 and t_imp_studdedleather_pauldrl_01 missing textures in menu TR_Mainland 19.12 Minor New 2021-10-10 03:35
Bug Kemel-Ze tour guide disappears prematurely from one of the interiors TR_Mainland FUTURE RELEASE Minor New 2020-06-24 05:38
Issue ShowMap "Old Ebonheart" should also include Ebon Tower TR_Mainland FUTURE RELEASE Minor New 2022-01-18 02:44
Suggestion Some guards should have either better equipment, or lower levels. TR_Mainland 21.01 Minor New 2021-03-29 20:41
Bug Floating food in Helnim Hall ITO TR_Mainland FUTURE RELEASE Minor New 2022-04-17 07:42
Suggestion Brelyn Dreloth's custom "Services" dialog TR_Mainland 21.01 Minor New 2021-10-30 22:27
Issue Durzog Dialogue TR_Mainland 21.01 Minor New 2021-04-18 20:25
Bug Five Oddities in Thirr Valley - Denis418 TR_Preview FUTURE RELEASE Minor In Progress 2022-04-17 07:39
Issue Not enough info in journal entry for quest from Nevera Darano TR_Mainland 21.01 Minor New 2021-11-06 21:12
Bug Topic "specific place" in Tel Branora not adapted for new travel destinations TR_Travels 20.02 Minor New 2020-07-13 20:13
Bug Harrumat diamond mine hidden key TR_Mainland 21.01 Minor New 2021-04-11 14:39
Bug Break in Ocean Floor north of Kemel-Ze TR_Mainland 21.01 Minor New 2022-04-30 22:38