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This is adamantum’s showcase, a quest to collect cursed gems given by the enchanter in the Old Ebonheart Mages Guild.
I’ve only adapted it to the new Old Ebonheart files and fixed a bug that made it impossible to start – comments in the old threads haven’t been addressed.


Playtesting, comments: The

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Playtesting, comments:

The first journal entry when picking the diamond should suggest the topic name? else put 'cursed gems' in Maniel’s greeting, otherwise it can be lost in a large topic list,

TR_m3_Zissicheeiva    "this npc right next will probably have to be moved elsewhere and not enchanter service" rather the other way around
TR_i3-280_ingred_cursed_diamond    TR_i3-280_Basement    "the diamond sparking the quest is very easy to miss. can a little light effect be added? some shine? scale up the diamond? especially since it's so close to the door + you just don't see it at all when entering the cell. maybe a very small version of the glittering one from the telvanni tower?"   OE file now has another room for him with the gem in front of it

TR_m3_ManielSylbenitte – The 'you know, those pesky daedric ruins when a thing pops behind you' line of speech makes it sound like raiding daedric altars is a normal thing for MG members. It’s really talking to the player, not the player character.
- a more useful thing to say: mention having searched the closest surface daedric ruins at Hadrumnibibi south of OE to no avail

TR_m3_ManielSylbenitte – "''And I have to tell you - if it wasn't for you to warn me, I'd probably be dead by now! The daedra are not a thing to be toyed with'' sounds too... obvious"

TR_m3_q_XX_DremoraLord    "on talking to Maniel one week later, immediately get the journal entry about summoning a demora lord and having been able to kill it... except that’s before he summons it and before even killing it. Entry should be on its death"   

TR_m3_q_XX_GemChest    "maybe this should be disabled after he's done with the experiment"    
TR_m3_q_XX_GemChest    "also needs to be made still unactivable in the second week at least" 
  - removed chest

TR_m3_q_XX_Dremora    "give a silent death voice for these and him? otherwise they'll deathanimate when entering the cell. or replace this one and them with already-dead versions? checking ''corpses persist'' makes them dead on load."
- old forum also comments about default dremora corpses being basically invisible, because they're ashes

scrib – "shouldn't that scrib disappear eventually? or else have the mages comment about that constant noise?”

Reward: dremora_summon    "summon dremora amulet - could it be a dremora lord instead? perhaps reducing the duration or charges? otherwise by the point the PC is high level enough to gather or have gathered 10 cursed gems, wouldn’t a mere dremora be useless?"


Reward: dremora_summon    

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Reward: dremora_summon    "summon dremora amulet - could it be a dremora lord instead? perhaps reducing the duration or charges? otherwise by the point the PC is high level enough to gather or have gathered 10 cursed gems, wouldn’t a mere dremora be useless?"

"summon dremora lord" isn't an existing spell.
Another idea for a more interesting item: since it's given as a reward an explanation can go with it so a scripted item is possible. Amulet that makes you appear at the closest daedric shrine altar that has offerings? (limitation: have to be exposed to the sky, perhaps at night only)

this is nowhere near 100%

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this is nowhere near 100% done

I checked it out and not only does it still have all of the bugs above and on old forum, but

some of the npc id's are missing from dialogue conditions
the greetings aren't in the correct spot
they're also in greeting 1 for some reason
- greeting 1 is normal here
the ID's for everything also have "XX" in the name

i'd peg this at a solid 60% done, posting this as a reminder to whoever tackles this

Updated with some

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Updated with some improvements


Dropping but still needs work. It could use someone going over the dialogue, feel free

Update. Fixed the bugs

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Fixed the bugs detailed in the comments here and on the old forum.
Replaced MW_MagesGuild with "Mages Guild".
Fixed bad dialogue order (mostly disp checks).
Fixed typos and bad grammar in some places.

Rot is trying to make the quest reward more interesting. For now, it shouldn't really matter as that can be merged later on. Quest up for review.

The quest is broken. I can

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The quest is broken.

I can process until the point where Maniel Sylbenitte is trying to cast a spell (in order to trick Dremora into something, presumably trying to spawn them). Nothing happens. He doesn't even cast it on the player, but on himself (as both spell effects are set on "self"). When I talk to him again, the dialogue and casting animations repeats.

Additional problems:
T_IngMine_Alexandrite_01 gets a script. Bad. The note that starts off that quest is from the wrong person.

uploaded (despite filesize it

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uploaded (despite filesize it's not the full quest, just edits to merge over what's already merged in the section)


to do on merge:
delete not used CLOThing tr_m3_q_oe_mg_daeamulet, ENCHantment tr_m3_q_oe_mg_amuletench
add ownership to valuables in Maniel's room (Old Ebonheart, Guild of Mages: Basement)
if possible move stuff around to look better on the table
do not close after merging because there is still one huge issue:


Since nobody has any input I

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Since nobody has any input I'll probably go with this: Maniel only asks for 5 gems and says what types of gem he doesn't want (including vanilla ones); if you have those anyway he might accept 3 times more.

Seems fine. I feel like a

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Seems fine. I feel like a mighty chump for not realizing that the patches fix this behavior. If we had more time, maybe you should take these gems to a Telvanni or some Ashlander who would know how they should be cursed (thereby getting the correct items).

New edits for merging again

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New edits for merging again


Now accepts 5 data gems or 15 vanilla gems or any equivalent combination of the two
Placed 20 backup gems in several mainland shrines, should appear only in shrines that were already visited before
Edits to remove CS error check reports
Dremora kills questgiver if PC flees the scene

for merge:
delete ingredient TR_m3_OE_MG_Dae_ruby
Old Ebonheart, Guild of Mages: Basement: change maniel ownerships in his room to faction for things he shouldn't sell (pillow...), make clutter objects on maniel's table not bleed into each other

for Mainland later: in shrines, make a few more cursed data gems available by default (replacing cursed rubies/emeralds, or replacing uncursed versions)