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This is the claim used to make edits and fixes to TR_Mainland. Do not make changes arbitarily.
TR_Mainland should not break compatibility unless it is structurally necessary.


TR_Mainland is the esm which contains the “finished” parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. Save major restructuring, the landmass contained within is supposed to be fully interiorised, npced, quested, and cleaned.
(see editing guidelines)

Uploaded here is only the esp. Remember to load this when doing edits to the section files or InDev.

Development Plan

Quests and dialogue refinement. Veloth's Path could be widened if desired, and its texture changed to the one TR_Preview uses.
Gnomey can be asked for details, if an implementation is desired and looking at TR_Preview doesn't make clear what is required.

Additionally, medium-term, the cliffs should be replaced with our newer meshes.

Link to previous Mainland release

Merged Bugfixes: 

Merged Claims: 

Merged Assets: 


2017-10-14 grabbed and

Rot's picture

2017-10-14 grabbed and dropped with some fixes:


This file probably contains new bugs!


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2017-10-18 dropping   -

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2017-10-18 dropping



2017-10-19 dropping  

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2017-10-19 dropping



Caught up with bugfixes. Old

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Caught up with bugfixes.

  • Old_Travels should now work as expected (the NPCs have the correct travel lines again). What-shis-name in Tel Ouada is back in TR_Mainland, but he has no travel options and tells the player that he ships wares and not people.
  • Rot's mainland fixes are basically in. The Telvanni dialogue definitely works, but is less all-encompassing than his version, and the Knights quest needs testing still.

Assorted bugs fixed (both in

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Assorted bugs fixed (both in TR_Mainland and TR_OldTravels).

Put in the "E-E-Excuse me, Nerevarine" fix as previously discussed, filtering this reply to the Pauper class and enabling TR to use Greetings 8 and 9 as they were intended even without bugfix installed.

  2018-05-03 dropping  

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  2018-05-03 dropping



Dropped after removing the

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Dropped after removing the unnecessary use of some unique objects and deletion of some errant cells.


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2018-05-28  dropping  requires new T_Data



Dropping. New file: https:/

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Dropping. New file:

Changelog: (all below fixed)

- ex_dae_ruin_platform_01    Hadrumnibibi (6,-26)    50055    -210636    2046    "casper"

- ex_t_bridge_lcurved    Port Telvannis (41,17)    343979    142313    2277    "caspers where it joins with ex_t_platform_02" <-- fixed with an ex_t_clawgrowth_02

- furn_com_fence_03    Sundered Scar Region (18,-21)    155167    -164508    228    "needs OE signpost"    

- "The Velk and the Dagger" quest: Improved journal and dialogue wording. Player now gets 4 scrolls of command creature (instead of 3), since pathfinding is tricky around the place.

- The armor dummy in the Ebon Tower Legion Headquarters now has a proper animation, so it no longer falls down if I re-enter the cell. But it doesn't hold his weapon anymore.

- tr_m3_cr_caughtrat is now called "Caught rat" ( ).


Taking file

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New file 2018-06-13


fixed a few of OE “A Criminal Lawyer”
added missing script to HQ nails TR_m3_EbonTowerLegionNail
T_Mw_SyvvitTong => TR_Fact_SyvvitTong
T_Dae_Uni_Cursed_Staff_OEMG => TR_m3_OE_MG_DaeCursedStaff, now gives nonscripted staff and has an actual dangerous trap
TR_m3-512_act_shrine places creatures, deleted TR_m4_ulesbonelord, TR_m4_ulesbonelord_scr, TR_m4_ulestomb_helm
ikinammassu exterior unnamed, nolored dial
yagrum no longer cries when you click the wrong tab
IDs cleanup




Grabbing to fix up the vertex

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Grabbing to fix up the vertex shading seams between SRS and Mainland.

Dropping. Fixed the strip in between SRS and Mainland. Covered up 5-10 landscape texture seams in the Sundered Scar area east of the end of SRS. Fixed a seam on the sea floor in between OE and the Ashlands area, smoothing out the surrounding landscape quite a bit.

Grabbing this real quick.

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Grabbing this real quick.

Aaand dropping.

  • edited "Raathim Ancestral Tomb, Hall of Kings Past" to have less places for the player to get stuck on
  • made the Raathim Ancestral Tomb's guardians spell more deadly
  • edited the alley behind Kassad's shop
  • added keys to Hhontjulf Fire-Mane's house and his bedroom
  • moved the nails on the Legion HQ map to hit their targets (were misplaced after the map tapestry's texture was changed); removed ownership from the nails; edited the script on the nails so they work as intended
  • switched the wandering Imperial Sailor on the deck of "Princess Morgiah" to a stationary one (the wandering Sailor was prone to get in the way and/or fall off and drown)
  • fixed the scripted Legion forge spell (previously fortified Acrobatics instead of Armorer)
  • replaced On-Keelja's and Ephaie Calicca's de_skirts with Imperial ones
  • moved Nodgar in the Salty Futtocks a little (was getting stuck and floating above furniture earlier); also gave him the Sailor class
  • changed the Raathim Ancestral Tomb's secret door mechanism a little; there now is a logic behind it.
  • "Guide to Necrom" can now be found in a couple of suitable locations in the city
  • "Scales of Nafaalilargus" (T_Imp_Uni_NafaalilargusHide) was missing in the Legion HQ; added that
  • TR_m3_Votus Titonian; fixed looping dialogue in Topic "Stendarr's Tower"

New WIP file up. -added some

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New WIP file up.

-added some lines of dialogue ('my trade' entries for the merchant and trader in the Dondril and Vhul craftmer's halls, generic lines for punavit and llotham for publicans and traders, as well as an edited goya line)
-replaced the shrines in Irano Ancestral Tomb 
-adjusted pathgrid in the Ebon Tower servants' quarters so that NPCs will hopefully not block doorways
-made changes to Nafalilargus items and for the Stendarr Tower Haunting quest, including scripting the Imperial patrol at the delta. <- Nafalilargus fix is not in the above file, my mistake.

Dropping the file for now.

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Dropping the file for now.

-re-implemented Nafaalilargus cuirass, that mess should be good to go.
-removed chairs in the Moth and Tiger for an MG quest
-implemented OE “A Criminal Lawyer” fix
-NPC'd Talos' Tower. Currently, the NPCs give 'hellos' if the player isn't a member of the Imperial Legion that slap the player with a bounty for trespassing in a high-level Imperial facility. These entries could be refined.

Grabbing real quick. Will

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Grabbing real quick.

Will change a couple of minor issues I've encountered. Will also make the OE sewers a little less devoid of life.

Dropping.      - Yeth

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- Yeth-Grubs are bigger now.
- "latest rumors" about bodies disappearing in Arkay's Tower is now filtered out if the player has started the quest in question
- "latest rumors" about the King's treasury break-in is now filtered out if the player has started the quest in question
- Sailors in Old Ebonheart now have the "latest rumors" about the Indoril shipmaster (the quest was too easy to miss earlier, IMO).
- edited "latest rumors" about the upcoming melee tournament; every rich person used to say that they know the Burgrave personally. now they don't.
- changed "TR_m3_Hormidac Farralie"'s Nordic round shield to a Breton heater shield for added chivalry.
- fixed "TR_m3_Galug the Barber"'s Greeting 1; he previously always gave the "Hello, we are in the sewers and I'm a graverobber" greeting even if the quest had not even started and he was still in Mara's Tower.
- Galug now gives the player 250 coins for the body as per the Journal entry.
- changed the flow of "Ghoulish Business" a little: the player now gets the key to the sewers from Leius Corsus after he's admitted his guilt rather than from Helice Rastin right at the start of the quest.
- "TR_m3_Jannav Miranus"'s Disposition now affects his willingness to let you take a look in his dead son's coffin. Earlier only the player's Speechcraft skill affected the outcome. Also removed the Random100 check which previously gave the player only a 20% chance of succeeding in the persuasion, even with sufficient Speechcraft skill. It also possible to try again if the player fails first.
- fixed a typo "Can I ask you question" -> "Can I ask you a question?"
- removed "TR_m3_Nagheen"'s line about being a slave on Vvardenfell; didn't seem plausible.
- Hammer of Kaladas in     "Old Ebonheart, Sewers: West" had a buggy anti-theft script; fixed that.
- checked "Illegal to Sleep Here" for Cirtiel's House
- checked "Illegal to Sleep Here" for Gul-Ei's Pantry
- made "TR_m3_V_Armennu", a vampire hiding in "Old Ebonheart, Sewers: East", stronger; she's now level 30 and has a Daedric Dagger. Removed the Vampire Dust on her (the attached script does that on death)-
- added a key, "TR_m3_OE_TG_HideoutKey", to the TG hideout hatch; will be used in the questline.
- fixed the the floor in "Ebon Tower, Palace: Great Hall", which was raised too high causing NPCs and objects placed on the floor (like rugs) bleed through it.
- added two new Twin Lamps members to "Khalammu Grotto" who act as guards in case any Dunmer slavehunters tried to enter OE through there.
- moved the entrance to Khalammu Grotto a little further from Old Ebonheart.


Dropped. changes - Galug the

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- Galug the Barber now appears after finding (activating) Tindalos Miranus' body for extra suspense
- fixed Jannav Miranus' "Tindalos" dialogue Topic which i had accidentally broken earlier
- edited Tarhiel's Assassin Creed-esque haycart; the slowfall spell will actually save the player now
- added collision boxes to the Ebon Tower "jumping platforms", player character kept falling off earlier
- unlocked the trap door at the top of Talos' Tower. if someone levitates there, let them pass :D
- "Tarhiel" topic now has NoLore
- the sewer entrance in Arkay Tower is no longer hidden by the tapestry.
- Yggulf the Mute now has a mute response for "Mystery Play" topic
- changed the contents of "Transcript of a Court Hearing" to this:


Grabbing file to merge

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Grabbing file to merge Imperial Legion quests (minus Belated Justice) and do some minor fixes: giving the trap door at the top of Talos Tower a trap to deter curious players from carelessly trespassing, working a bit more on my implementation of trespassing, and other minor stuff I'm already forgetting (oh dear).

Dropping. -merged Imperial

Gnomey's picture


-merged Imperial Legion questline (except for Belated Justice) and Where is the Horse Gone? - TR_m3_q_IL_sewer_key might not open all the doors it needs to yet, and the lines for Belated Justice are currently still commented out.
-cleared out deprecated items (except for cheese wheel, which is missing its replacement container)
-made newly merged instances of Ilvi's name conform to convention
-added a trap to the Talos' Tower trapdoor
-fixed trespassing dialogue for NPCs in Talos' Tower. There is still room for improvement; currently, any Imperial Legion faction member is counted as not trespassing, when really only high-ranking members who have not been expelled should probably be allowed. The implementation of trespassing through hellos is also a bit clunky, as NPCs don't always immediately greet the PC on sight. It is functional, though, and I didn't want to make things too complicated for the time being.


Taking the file

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Dropping 2018-07-01


Dropping 2018-07-02. Changes:

Arvisrend's picture

Dropping 2018-07-02.


* OE Fighters Guild: One of Sharnoga's responses to "orders" topic has been extended now to foreshadow the illusionist influence on Lenwyn and Constantine.

* You can now tell the two apprentices in the OE Tarhiel quest the news about Tarhiel's death even before you have let Caros know. Of course, they still direct you to Caros.

* A few typos fixed.

* Ebon Tower, Imperial Census Office: You now no longer need a broom to clean up the rubble, because you don't move foot-sized bricks using a fucking broom. Also, one of the rubble heaps moved to avoid the player getting stuck behind it.

* Fixed Ex_DE_ship_cabindoor Old Ebonheart, Docks (7,-18) 64061 -144292 264 "small gap between door and frame on the right".

* NPC TR_m3_Helice Rastin has a new response to "necromancy": "Western practices of necromancy find little purchase here in Morrowind due to the natives' hostile attitude towards them. Ironically, those same natives practice their own version of necromancy, and, do what we might, we are powerless to curb those practices." (thanks Gnomey).

* Fixed: 6/27/2018 (02:11)    TR_Mainland.esp    1/1/2018 (02:01)    skraeling    TR_m3_imperial_marine_200000000    Old Ebonheart, Imperial Navy Command Post    3470    4621    20546    "stands in way" by moving a bit.

* Added the key to the two remaining doors in OE Sewers: Upper ( ) .

* OE, Merxia Vendicci's Basement: Door to Tower is now locked 50, since passing it traps you behind a locked door.

* Ebon Tower, Palace: Treasure Chamber is now illegal to sleep in.

Grabbed and dropped. -

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Grabbed and dropped.

- changed Ebon Tower, Palace: Servants' Quarters to Ebon Tower, Palace: Household
- added a key to Empress Katariah's burial chamber (semi-hidden in Hall of Kings Past), also lowered the lock level from 100 to 80
- moved Ruma Soanix and her butler
- locked Ruma Soanix's bedroom door now that her bedroom is empty
- made Yngskar Pale-Trick a sailor instead of commoner
- moved the red lights further away from Hastophos Velifer's windows, so they'll light the windows properly
- Otrebus Delagia now fights with a Dwemer Jinksword for extra giggles

**Grabbed and dropped.** - A

Arvisrend's picture

**Grabbed and dropped.**

- A few typos in dialogue corrected. In particular, Caros in OE no longer speaks of the "servant's quarters" (now "household").

- The greeting-7 of NPC "TR_m3_Lloras Nelvel" that starts quest TR_m3_OE_DeadlyTreasure has been moved up, after it has slipped down for unclear reasons making the quest unreachable.

- Quest TR_m3_OE_DeadlyTreasure now works correctly if the crystal was deactivated before starting the quest. (You proceed through the usual dialogue -- no shortcut.)

- Fixed: T_Imp_Furn_Painting_03a    Old Ebonheart, Rifskald Whalebane's House    75    629    387    "bleeds thru wall"     scaled down.

That's all I've had time for right now.

2018-07-07 version

Arvisrend's picture

Grabbed and dropped.

* Many scripts and dialogue results edited to add "AiWander 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0" after each PositionCell that was targeted on an NPC. Note that I've tested only one of the many cases (Galug the Barber's first teleportation). Note also that I haven't touched setpos. And, of course, the unmerged quests all remain to be dealt with separately.

* Fixed a casperer: Terrain_rocks_WG_03    Boethiah's Spine Region (35,2)    289241    23537    1784    "c"

* Old Ebonheart, Guild of Mages: com_chest_02_mg_supply replaced by T_MwCom_Furn_Ch2MGuild (which gives a beginner-friendly message when activated prior to joining the Guild, and has a slightly different set of items).

* In preparation for "gewpp eee" quest, TR_m3_Zissicheeiva in the OE Guild of Mages now has (negative, i.e., restocking amounts of) paper, quills and inkpens to sell. She needs to be cleaned out of the OE MG file, though, if this change is to last. In the long term, we need a crate with such supplies in TR_Data.

* The three beds on the top floor of the OE Guild of Mages can now be used by Associates (not just Wizards).

bugs and some warnings from

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bugs and some warnings from openMW


Adding to this: This Greeting

Arvisrend's picture

Adding to this:
This Greeting 1:
Record: INFO "87108153444223222" (Greeting:greeting 1) Flags:0x0000 ()
  INAM: ID:87108153444223222
  PNAM: Prev_ID:7606651408921167
  NNAM: Next_ID:1009574981182314187
  DATA: Disposition:0  Rank:None  Sex:None  PC_Rank:None
  ONAM: Actor:TR_m3_Galug the Barber
  ANAM: Cell:Ebon Tower, Sewers: Upper
  NAME: Response:
Hello, %PCRace. I'm Galug the Barber, assistant to the court physician. I see you have found out my... well, my graverobbing scheme, let's not beat around the bush about it.
 *SCVR: Index:0  Type:(Journal)  Function:(Journal_Type)  Comparison:(<)  Name:TR_m3_OE_GhoulBusiness
  INTV: Compare_Value:100
  BNAM: Result:    Choice "Continue." 1
needs to have "set doOnce to 1" in its result script; otherwise Galug might forcegreet the player even after the player has greeted him first.

More bugs: TR_m3_Orto

Arvisrend's picture

More bugs:

TR_m3_Orto Rumaria00000000    Old Ebonheart, Orto Rumaria: Outfitter    4423    3850    15554    "a trader should probably not greet me by reminding me i'm in the 'poor district'"    

in_mold_rock_15    Maesabun, Elu Burial    3380    4169    5977    "c" = caspering

Topic:proper training:
* The 5th response is empty (except for a unicode whitespace), which looks weird ingame. Write something.
* The 6th response needs standardizing the choices: replace
Choice "Take note of the location" 1 "Say you're not interested in archery" 2
if ( player->GetItemCount longbow_shadows_unique == 0 )
    Choice "I'll see if I can find it." 1 "Thanks, but archery is not my calling." 2 "You sound like you can train me to be a legendary swaggerer." 2
    Journal TR_m3_OE_archer 10
    Choice "I have that bow with me." 3

(There is no response conditioned to choice == 3, but that's OK, since the journal update will suffice to get the right entry.)

TR_m3_Melgor needs to get his Marksman set to 100, since he is likely meant to master-train it.

Low priority: find all instances of "Æ" (this is an ´ ingame) in the Mainland dump and replace them by ' whenever an ' was meant.


Arvisrend's picture

Grabbed and dropped.

* NPC TR_m3_Melgor now has Marksman skill == 100, and a few other fixes have been made to his miniquest. In particular, disposition 30 is now longer required once the quest has been started; he showmaps Zainab Camp.

* Minor improvements to TR_m3_OE_AmbassadorTrouble journal entries.

* In a few quests, mentioned the location of questgiver in first journal entry.

* NPC TR_m2_Ranosa_Orrels now also sells inkwells, quills and paper.

* Fixed: topic "seen a horse" has dialogue from all other NPCs even if you're not doing the quest.

* Added some "AiWander 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0" after "setpos" on NPCs. (Exception: TR_m3_q_3_VaultClerk; not sure if desirable.)

* Galug the Barber no longer forcegreets the player if the player has already greeted him first.

* Fixed: in_mold_rock_15    Maesabun, Elu Burial    3380    4169    5977    "c" = caspering.

* Removed extra endif in script TR_m3_OE_TindalosScript. Added some returns, too.

TODO: (mostly from rot's posts above, so you don't have to scroll back:)


TR_m3_Kaasvati    Old Ebonheart, Hostel of Stendarr's Mercy   "the OE greetings overwrite khajiit greetings after the first"

TR_m3_Orto Rumaria00000000    Old Ebonheart, Orto Rumaria: Outfitter    4423    3850    15554    "a trader should probably not greet me by reminding me i'm in the 'poor district'"    

Low priority: find all instances of "Æ" (this is an ´ ingame) in the Mainland dump and replace them by ' whenever an ' was meant.



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Dropping 2018-07-22 (Google Drive)


tr_m3_i3-591-imp_scum1  above are still todo.

Dropping 2018-07-23  

Rot's picture

Dropping 2018-07-23


added "nohit" local EMPTY voice

restored 3 global variables for scripts that did use them with double references, but the fact that they used the same global means there were other bugs that aren't fixed yet,
TR_m3-591_rope1_script: ropes work the first time they're activated, they do nothing the second time since one rope changed the global and the other rope couldn't reset its timer, will only work the third time if you try again

removed "Enable" fix from scripts, it doesn't work, all these Move/MoveWorld/Rotate scripts still need fixing

example fix from   TR_m3-591_rope1_script

the following will bug, different bugs if you save/load in the same cell or a different cell,


the following will not bug on reload


same todo as above posts, plus all these Move/MoveWorld/Rotate scripts still need fixing


Rot's picture

Dropped 2018-07-24
Fixed a few moveworld scripts and restored some dialogue conditions lost a couple versions back, but most todo is still todo, also:
TR_m3_Ginur Dolvi has a greeting 5 with no conditions that doesn't fit the rest of his dialogue "Sorry bud, you're not buying and I'm not selling. Scram."
"Old Ebonheart, Guild of Fighters" cell is still flickering

> TR_m3_Ginur Dolvi has a

Arvisrend's picture

> TR_m3_Ginur Dolvi has a greeting 5 with no conditions that doesn't fit the rest of his dialogue "Sorry bud, you're not buying and I'm not selling. Scram."

This sounds like it comes from the FG quest with the velk (TR_m3_FG_OE_MoreRats). He doesn't seem to play a role otherwise. His dialogue reveals that he dislikes the Syvvit Tong, but at the same time he says in his "little advice" topic: "Better to get an honest deal at the tradehouse, where the mer serve Muther-sil Roa Dyr, or with unaffiliated peddlers. That's me.", which suggests that he *should* be selling to the player. Similar in his "Syvvit Tong" dialogue. On the other hand, he likes to passively-aggressively rant against outlanders in much of his other responses. So we can probably make it go either way.

I'm taking care of MoveWorld->SetPos replacement for the TR_m3-591_raathim_crank and TR_m3-591_sarcophs_script scripts in the TG file right now.