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This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for Roth-Roryn and the Ascadian Bluffs Thirr should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

The Roth-Roryn Queue  and the Ascadian Bluffs Queue contain links to the development meetings where the future of the section was hashed out.

Considerably most pressing are NPCing Menaan, placing exteriors for the interior claims which have been finished (for Roth-Roryn a map and details can be found here), and replacing the dirt road that crosses through the Ascadian Bluffs with a main road texture.

Of secondary interests are working on implementing the Orc vampire clan in Roth-Roryn and replacing old cliff meshes with our new ones.

Link to previous release

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  • Fixed Jo'Agghu axe quest (quest item wasn't retrivable).
  • Fixed Ilnakubi cave small corridor (was too narrow for some races).
  • New cliff model used South-East of Fort Ancylis for an amazing view towards Ebonheart/Vivec.
  • Added Imperial Legion ownership to objects that had none in Fort Ancylis.
  • Improved the smithy in the Eastern Tower of Fort Ancylis (more goods for sale).
  • Added two small islands West of Teyn with one tiny cave that I snuck in.
  • More detailing done all over the whole Ascadian Bluffs area.

I'm checking this file in for now.

I'll take a look at your

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I'll take a look at your changes. For future reference, for stuff like adding two small islands and detailing, I'd rather you gave a heads-up before making the changes, and be a bit more specific on what the detailing is. (More flora density?) Screens would be nice as well, but not as important. I'm sure your changes are fine, but it's important to be able to keep a clear overview of what was changed when in a file. When a file is grabbed for fixing issues, the general assumption is and should be that that is all that will be done to the file.

Edit: Took a quick glance in CS. The new islands look good. The cliff stands out a little, but everything about those ugly rock cliffs stands out anyway, and I approve any effort to tidy things up there.

Detailing in this case meant

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Detailing in this case meant basically checking the whole area for issues and fixing them and also making everything look nicer. There were wrong assets used (such as some WG rocks and ash plants), badly placed objects (lots of flowers sunken almost completely into the ground) and some rather jaggy terrain.


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Claiming the file again to (hopefully) fix the last set of poorly placed objects in the Ascadian Bluffs.


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Claiming the file to perform some road detailing, starting at -14 -8 (North westernmost)

WIP esp and meshes+textured uploaded

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Sorry, haven't had time to sort out the meshes and textures folders yet. There's been a ton of trial and error the last few months and there's probably stuff here that's not necessary. I'll try to have that sorted out so the next update will only be the esp itself. As of now I've added some new cliff, ridge and peak meshes for the GL set as well as the RM set. 

File v.0010 has scripts that

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File (v.0010 and before) has scripts that don't belong in it, at least one crashes the game on load (unless on OpenMW or with Hlaalu-Thirr section also loaded before it)


0 instance objects:


IDs with prefix in wrong order:



Linked a google drive backup.

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Linked a google drive backup. Almost done with all AA/RR border cells, going to focus on fixing some of the lacking areas now.

New file up Friday Feb 9th

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New file up! I've been focusing on detailing the river from Bodrem south around the arch bend thing. I've added a bridge east of Bodrem that is tall enough for an imagined silt strider to pass under. It's a wooden one, T_Nor_Set_BridgeWood_02 - and although it's a skyrim asset it looks reasonably de_p enough to not stand out.

Looks like you've lost a

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Looks like you've lost a window:

Record: CELL "bitter coast region (-10, 0)" Flags:0x0000 ()
  NAME: Name:
  DATA: (Exterior) Coordinates: (-10, 0)  Flags:0x0002 (Has_Water)
  RGNN: Region:Bitter Coast Region
  NAM0: Reference_Count:1
 *FRMR: ObjIdx:3593  MastIdx:0
  NAME: Name:ex_redoran_window_02
  DATA: X:-81842.141  Y:0.000  Z:917.284  X_Angle:0.0000  Y_Angle:0.0000  Z_Angle:1.5708

(Wow, I had no idea you were changing stuff all the way up to Kartur...)

Oh yeah, I wasn't on Discord

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Oh yeah, I wasn't on Discord when you posted about it, and ended up forgetting to bring it up, but moving the Obainat Ashlander camp wasn't really ideal. The camp has actually got some background planning to it, including quest content. The basic idea is that Hlaalu have been pushing Ashlanders out of Roth-roryn by setting up plantations, and many Ashlanders end up drifting to the cities and leaving their traditions behind, but the stubborn remnants gathered together and established a dysfunctional camp in a dead-end hanging valley. By moving the camp over the ridge, it's suddenly deep in an undisturbed corner of the Ashlands rather than being backed into a corner, which is a completely different scenario.

I'm not sure whether it would be worthwhile trying to revert the changes by now, or alter the landscape so that the concept still works, but in future please do give a heads-up in this thread before moving a settlement. Also, as noted, there's actually a unique banner in Tamriel_Data for the camp, though it still needs to be named.

I'm against reverting it, the

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I'm against reverting it, the settlements just looks too lovely and fits really well in that spot. You could simply change the background of the conflict a little instead. Basically it being the same with them being pushed out of RR but now that the ashlanders don't have much to survive off anymore they started to steal from the plantation north of the camp due to hunger (just add a mountain pass, so that they could actually get there).

Mostly final file uploaded.

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Mostly final file uploaded. Unfortunately I can't find the list of new linked ints due to a windows reinstall this spring, but I'll get to it shortly.

And it has been merged again!

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And it has been merged again!
There were some other changes that need to be applied to this file, so I'll keep it checked out for a little while longer.

These 3 lines should be added

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These 3 lines should be added to the 'TR_m4_MN_Assassin_Disable' script, right after the variables.


Done. Ended up only doing

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Ended up only doing bugfixes and the Menaan remerge.

Not done:

  1. Adding exteriors for existing the Ascadian Bluffs interiors (Velothi cave homes for fishers),
  2. Adding the plantation to the western part of the Ascadian Bluffs.

New version is up

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New version is up and free to be claimed again.
I named and NPC'd two more dungeons in addition to the above mentioned fixes (Ultham Ancestral Tomb, Hamusaddit).

I just did a quick update

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I just did a quick update to Hamusaddit because it was not fitting the exterior. I switched it out with another cave from the file, which is a raided/empty smuggler's den.

v1.05 uploaded. Merges three

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v1.05 uploaded. Merges three cave dwellings, cleans errant cell edits and duplicate IDs.

There are still several T_<something> objects in there, but they are for testing purposes - if the tests doesn't work out, they will be replaced by vanilla objects and sounds.

I'm done, v.110 is up, I

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I'm done, v.110 is up, I fixed two rooms in the Sebarmul cave that the player could get stuck in, added some unlit tiki torches to Hamusaddit, changed the free potions you get in the "Revealing the History of Fort Ancylis" quest to make it easier to get out of the water after you find the axe (a single poor levitation potion wasn't strong enough to reach the cliffs again).