Factions issue as Master Thief, unable to do Firewatch TQ quests with "jobs"





Game version: 

Morrowind (Steam)



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Using Factions and Travels esp.

Ranked Master Thief from Vardenfell quests. Unable to start or get orders from thieve guild quest giver in Firewatch using orders, Silniel the Maven  , only respondes with "Yes Master Thief?"
I did have the Cyrodiilic Brandy topic avilable from a bar, and was able to force start the first quest, however even upon completing that, jobs will still not progress any storyline she has.

Other guilds such as the mages guild as arch mage, or highest rank in figher's guild don't seem to have this problem. I was able to do Old Ebonheart's thieves guild without issue, and I have not tested Helnim's thieve's guild yet.


"Orders" or "jobs" topic?

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This appears to be vanilla behavior. The OE TG only works because none of the questgivers are Ringleader rank.

I did actually mean the topic

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I did actually mean the topic jobs, not Orders.

I also Went ahead and tested Helnim npcs for the Thieves guild, same issue, unable to start their quests, they'll greet me with the Master Thief comment, and asking Greedy Hofmund about jobs will also lead to "Yes, Master Thief?"