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This is the compiled addon for Tamriel_Data v6 Internal Release. It is not Tamriel_Data itself, but the files and assets that will be merged with it during its next release cycle.


When fixing bugs, adding assets, etc., take the latest linked file (if one exists), load it together with the current Tamriel_Data.esm, merge your assets to the esp, edit whatever necessary, remove the Tamriel_Data.esm dependency, then upload a new version.
Do not include an edited Tamriel_Data.esm/esp! This is strictly for merging our changes!
Please add new merged books into the book index.

Important: The internal Tamriel_Data is the post-v6.1 / pre-7.2 version
Vanilla Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w2Hmd8fe7-S6mewhCl57SzjjsrMbJnYf/view
HD Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oYT948pX-uQdfNKDIRv51jAMEur5Lwg3/view

The full data in the above link contains the public data v6.1 + assets from the previous data add-on

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Bugfix release. No new stuff.

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Bugfix release. No new stuff (added some proper low-res textures for some critters, though).

Fixes the following problems

As this has been included in

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As this has been included in the new internal T_D, I've removed the file.

The current one fixes script errors in Khalaan (the sounds got renamed).

Wabbajack seems to be missing

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Wabbajack seems to be missing from the New Internal Data, which is weird because it was there when the old addon was getting it's updates. it's needed for one of the quests that are ready to merge

2019-07-07: Aside from the

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2019-07-07: Aside from the stuff in the automatic changelog:

  • Implemented the Orlukh vampire clan - NPC script currently only exists for Map 4
  • Merged the Punavit drinking set, will see some revisions in the future so the asset is still open.

Change log: - Merged the Cat

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Change log:

- Merged the Cat hand mirror mesh and icon.
- Merged oblivion ingredients.
- Changed Daedric Greatsword stats (chop from 68 to 62, enchant from 220 to 180, speed from 1.25 to 1.10)
- Fixed Chillrend strikes on self to strikes on touch
- Removed the lowres Indal-ruhn banner texture under textures/tr/b
- Fixed photodragon highres texture (from tr_f_photodragon.dds to tr_f_photodragons.dds) which is what the mesh uses

Change log: - Merged New

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Change log:

- Merged New Tumtum models
- Glowbugs
- Fixed bloodgrass ingredient mesh
- Small urns (for a quest)
- Small palm trees for Dres lands

Change log August 18th 2019:

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Change log August 18th 2019:


- Merged updated urns (high poly and low poly mesh, hd texture, sd texture, all atlased)
- Merged Velothi Ramp
- Merged Chef's warmer Roth Roryn Textures
- Merged Wolli's new cliffs and replacer ice cliffs
- Merged Wolli's new and replacer mtpeak and mtridge models with correct collisions
- Merged Better blood decals by Remiros
- Merged Oak tree replacer by Rytelier
- Merged Stripes Juvenile Riverstrider
- Merged Aeven's AI rocks (no green vertex)
- Fixed begin T_ScObj_DeTombSpiritBehind script
- Fixed burned book icon from 64x64 to 32x32
- Converted all the bookart for telvannis regions (in previous addons) from .png to .dds