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Update 1: 20.03.2016

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Update 1: 20.03.2016

  • Merged Andothren-Thirr: Both merges have been put into the file, as they aren’t being worked on.
  • Updated CSV to reflect the new cells.
  • Cleaned file.
  • All future updates must be uploaded as a .7z file containing both TR_InDev.esp and TR_InDev.csv. If you are not a lead developer, please send your updated file to a lead developer so the main link can be updated accordingly (Sadly InDev is too big for the claims browser).

As I wasn’t able to get my

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As I wasn’t able to get my points across in the last Deshaan meeting, I’m working on editing the heightmap for southern Morrowind. Here’s the WIP. So far I’ve basically finished the coastline/border of Narsis district and some Arnesian/Argon Swamp coastline. Why I’m editing Narsis District because of a Deshaan discussion is a bit of a long story, but in a nutshell it’s about shifting a bunch of regions around so that they all have space to breathe without making Morrowind much bigger and amorphoussier, or at least that’s the idea.
Keep in mind that this is both just a proposal and a WIP; once I’m done I intend to post pretty map(s) and screenshots and such so that it can be properly discussed.

New file.

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New file.


Rough progress:


Now a few screenshots of the Deshaan. The main purpose of these were to see how subtle the Deshaan’s slope looks (pretty subtle as far as I’m concerned) and how close together the clansteads would appear to be to each other. The answer to the latter, with my rather high distant land setting of 25 cells, is quite close. Given the use of a high distant land setting and the Vivec cantons which, especially unsubmerged, are taller than the Dres cantons will be, this was somewhat of a devil’s advocate test; I wouldn’t mind seeing how things look with different people’s distant land settings.
I actually took these with the in-game map enabled so that you’d know where they were taken from, but apparantly the UI is disabled for MGEXE screenshots, so the more I know. Most were taken from the edge of the Deshaan, starting in the south and moving counterclockwise, as you might be able to tell if you pay attention to the relative positions of the cantons.


Screenshots showing how high the Deshaan is at Lake Andaram:

A view from Almalexia (note that the current Almalexia – specifically Mournhold – is also higher than the final Almalexia will probably be):

For comparison, the view south from the moon over Vivec:

A panorama from the northernmost clanstead:

A panorama from the base of the southernmost clanstead:

Finally, a view looking down the Othreleth:

As my heightmap was (at least

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As my heightmap was (at least for the time being) approved in yesterday’s meeting I’m officially picking up this merge claim now. Aside from the heightmap, as agreed in the meeting I’ll also be adding a new settlement to Roth-roryn that had been planned a while back. I haven’t done anything more on the heightmap yet, but have gotten work done on the settlement, so I figured I’d post the file anyway:


Note that after this I’ll start posting updates in the first post as intended, but before I do that there are one or two things I want to clarify (such as what the current version number for TR_InDev is), and I’m currently too tired to bother. Without further ado, the town of Menaan (operative name; I think it’s the suggestion I like best but feedback would be welcome, preferably in the naming and name dedefecation thread):

It’s located in cell [-3, -20]. (And yes, the striderport is in the same cell). As usual, I do intend to post pretty in-game screenshots at a later date.

I’d intended to write a few short descriptions for the interiors, but got a bit (very) carried away. These are still just suggestions, though, and feedback or alternative suggestions would be welcome:

1. Caravaner's house. Somewhat bigoted Dunmer barely scraping by who is effectively forced to get along with his Khajiiti neighbour due to their circumstances, resulting in a really awkward pseudo-friendship.

2. Khajiiti ex-slave; I think I like Rats' idea for him (or her, for that matter): "The Khajiit has a settler status and a land deed which he got from the Imperial govt in OE. In that sense he's under Imperial protection and they Hlaalu folks can't just outright kill or enslave him." I'd say rather than killing or enslaving, the Hlaalu just want the Khajiit to leave, but he's too stubborn to give in to their 'gentle prodding' and they're not quite bothered enough to risk causing an incident by removing him more forcefully. He will offer the PC a bed but will strongly advise him to skip town instead.

3. Garrison tower. Contains bunks and other ameneties of the local guards (there are probably three or four of them including the captain).

4. Storage tower. Contains storage and armaments, and maybe a small cell.

5. A retired Hlaalu agent who is not related to the Camonna Tong and might not care for the antics of the other locals, but just leaves them to do their thing so that he can enjoy his retirement. Generally appears to stand out as the only non-shady resident of the town, but he's got his own past to deal with, having run slightly afoul of his former employers by effectively out-Hlaaluing them and squeezing more money out of them for his services than they'd ever intended to pay him. He didn't go so far that they'd be out for his blood, but still figured it might be safer to avoid the big cities and keep a low profile.

6. An EEC agent who was sent to recover money embezzled by the governor's daughter, as neither the Imperial Legion nor the Fighters Guild would accept the job, and now has a nice house for his trouble. The only outlander living within the walls of Menaan. He may at some point rack up some debts, (gambling being the obvious cause), attempt to blackmail the governor and promptly meet with an unfortunate accident, to be missed by absolutely nobody. Not the brightest bulb of the bunch. It could be implied that the governor basically orchestrated the whole affair from start to finish because she'd grown tired of having an outlander within her walls and felt like toying with him a bit before removal.

7. The town's smith. A very shady character, and attention should be drawn to that fact, without it ever being made clear why precisely he’s shady. Generally he – as a tradesman – appears out of place in Menaan save for his shadiness. He may have rendered some not-quite-legal services to the governor and was given the house both as a reward and so that the governor could keep an eye on him, but that only raises more questions, such as what those services were and why the governor keeps him around rather than silencing him. Come to think of it, he could be the governor’s favourite hitman, though again that shouldn’t be made clear. He will trade with the player, but will only offer a relatively small selection of his wares for sale.

8. Minor Hlaalu noble who ran afoul of a not-so-minor Hlaalu noble and now has assassins after his throat and less relatives than he'd started out with. He has been visited by the Morag Tong at least once, and decided it might be a good idea to bunker down in the middle of nowhere. House Hlaalu secretly employs him to keep an eye on the governor and report her activities, as they're not entirely comfortable with the way she's been letting herself go in her retirement and fear she'll make a mess, and his very-real cover story is, through it's very-realness, so convincing that nobody suspects him of being a spy. In return, House Hlaalu may be taking some measures from the sidelines to try and delay his inevitable assassination, though as far as the Morag Tong is concerned their hands are tied. In fact, this might be a good candidate for a Morag Tong quest in which the player finished the job that had shamefully been left unfinished.

9. Manor of the governor of Menaan. She's a really nasty piece of work; a particularly slimy specimen of the Camonna Tong who has more or less retired and is spending her remaining years living in luxury and idly spinning nasty schemes and getting the other townspeople, who are all under her thumb, to play along.
Her daughter, also in residence, is a former member of the EEC who embezzled a rather large sum and effectively ran back to her mother for protection. She's not quite as nasty as her mother and is relatively harmless, but that isn't saying much. She can act halfway decent when making business transactions, but otherwise is thoroughly unpleasant.
The manor should be really nicely furnished with rugs and tapestries and everything and have something like two household slaves whose bedrolls are tucked away out of sight. (One to tend the garden and go on errands and the other to take care of chores within the house).

I get some Twin Peaks-Vibe,

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I get some Twin Peaks-Vibe, from this, with all the shady characters. Maybe this could also include a cool quest for solving a murder, with the player having to interview suspicious people and in the process discovers even more dirty secrets.

Current heightmap (plus the

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Current heightmap (plus the rework of that river leading up to Almalexia which isn’t in yet) in the Gridmap:

City placement has not been changed yet.

I’ve linked the latest file

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I’ve linked the latest file up top, no screenshots unfortunately. The file mostly contains edits to the borders of the Deshaan, Shipal-shin and the addition of the following cell names:
19,-35    Dres Lhendal
-5,-37    St. Seryn
15,-39    Dres Horak
23,-39    Dres Sul
20,-43    Dres Felyon
0,-44    Ud Hleryn
1,-44    Ud Hleryn
13,-44    Dres Hairab
26,-46    Dres Silnim
18,-48    Dres Bashipal
6,-50    Narsis
7,-50    Narsis
6,-51    Narsis
7,-51    Narsis
6,-52    Narsis
7,-52    Narsis
28,-53    Dres Yengrith
36,-53    Dres Tyr

The northern border of the Deshaan is still rather rough, but changing it will require – at least in my opinion – a solid plan for the Orethan regions, and probably also edits to TR_Mainland. (Certainly for the Orethan river delta). My inclination is to ignore it for now.
I still haven’t updated the CSV, and the file will probably require some cleaning, at the very least to remove excess cells.

Updated the file up top. The

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Dropping this for the time being.

Updated the file up top. The file contains fixes to the following bugs:
-meteor slime misuse
-caspering terrain rock AI 04
-caspering terrain rock AI 04
-caspering terrain rock AI 04 (notice the pattern?)

The main thing that still needs to be done is updating the CSV and cleaning the file, and Seneca said he might take care of that. I’d personally suggest cleaning out the cells that are directly on the border as seen in this map:

Dropping file, see the first

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Dropping file, see the first post.

Exterior work on Andothren is finished. Do test it out. Three interiors are still needed for the city. Will put out claims in the near future.

The .csv file still needs to be updated (because I don’t know how and, frankly, don’t quite even undestand what said file is).

Keeing to replying: 2016-08

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Keeing to replying:

  • Finished translating the file to Tamriel_Data
  • Corrected the Grille mesh placement
  • Deleted a couple unused border cells (still need to delete some more)
  • Region revamp is in
  • City renames are in

CSV is not updated yet.

2016-12-01: Dialogue fixes

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  • Dialogue fixes
  • Sign city name fixes (still a WIP in parts, these should be moved to Tamriel_Data)
  • Plank fixes (no more chargen planks in Narsis)

2016-12-04: Emergency

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  • Emergency dialogue fix (overlooked some entries
  • Typo fix for “local area”

Done, Repositioned common

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Repositioned common topic entries and their placeholders where they belong:


File upcoming

Reminder to properly fix

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TODO – the “Greetings 5” in this file will need to be pushed back under the “Rancid Cuirass” greetings; “services” entry positions don’t merge well with OE&Ind-Th for reasons to be looked into