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The completion of this quest checks for 20 wooden tokens and 20 brass tokens, but the corpse of Cyrtus Clagno has 30 brass tokens and 3 brass candlesticks on it. It would be helpful if there was some kind of journal or dialogue prompt which encouraged you to search the dude's home after finding that he doesn't carry all the tokens on him, or as Why suggested if you could turn in the quest with just the brass tokens, with the implication that Felmo Ilveroth would have Cyrtus's home searched by lower-ranking laypeople to see what else he had stolen. It would also make sense if you could give Felmo the three brass candlesticks you find on Cyrtus's body, given that they're almost certainly also stolen from the chapel, and almost any player character, faced with these new encumbering weights they can't get rid of normally, would just drop them on the ground in the middle of the chapel.


Felmo Ilveroth also doesn't

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Felmo Ilveroth also doesn't take your brass and wooden tokens. I still had 30 of each left over after turning in the quest.

Now takes the tokens, has an

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Now takes the tokens, has an option to give the sticks, and directs to his house if the wooden tokens are missing, he already did in another topic but this one is more explicit