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This is the claim used to make edits and fixes to TR_Mainland. Do not make changes arbitarily.
TR_Mainland should not break compatibility unless it is structurally necessary. This means do not change the IDs of anything that was released in a TR_Mainland.esm unless strictly necessary.


TR_Mainland is the esm which contains the “finished” parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. Save major restructuring, the landmass contained within is supposed to be fully interiorised, npced, quested, and cleaned.
(see editing guidelines)

Uploaded here is only the esp. Make sure to redate the .esp to 01/01/2012 18:00:00 with WryeMash so that it loads before other plugins that rely on it. Remember to load this when doing edits to the section files.

Development Plan

Quests and dialogue refinement. Veloth's Path could be widened if desired, and its texture changed to the one used west of Alt Orethan.
Gnomey can be asked for details, if an implementation is desired and looking at those areas don't make clear what is required.

Various works of touching up existing content, such as reworking that AI island in Boethiah's Spine, giving the IAS members their faction assignment, and the like, should be kept an eye on.

Additionally, medium-term, the cliffs should be replaced with our newer meshes.

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Fixed bleeding plates in Aimrah, Barandas Marvus' Apartment
Fixed ownership of the door to Aimrah, Barandas Marvus' Apartment
Renamed Mithras' Guard to Naldo Relathim and gave him some Cephalopod gear
Added some new clotches and faces to the NPCs in the Gorne exterior


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Fixed a St. Veloth flag that kept flying into a wall in Gorne
Fixed the Aimrah guars running into each other
Fixed knife and fork placement in Aimrah, Barandas Marvus' Apartment
Added a candle to Aimrah, Barandas Marvus' Apartment

Dropped. Changelog: - Fixed

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Dropped. Changelog:

- Fixed . My fixes mostly concern the path where the player lures Llorissa back to the shrine, but I'm afraid the whole quest will have to be tested again from scratch due to the extent of the changes.

- Fixed .

- Fixed .

- Quest TR_m3_TT_RIP: Garvs Ovav now responds to the "cremation ritual" topic with "The service has been performed, thanks to you. But Fedura's ashes still need to find rest. This is your sacred task, %PCRace." when quest TR_m3_TT_RIP is >= 35 and < 210. This should contain all the topic links needed. Dala's response now mentions "Fedura's ashes", too.

- Quest TR_m3_TT_Disembodied: Script TR_m3_TT_Dis_kraskira_scr modified so that Kras-Kira now forcegreets the player if he hits her.

- Quest TR_m3_TT_Disembodied: directions at stage 45 made more precise ("on the top level of the Crossing of Lamps" rather than just "Crossing of Lamps").

- Quest TR_m3_TT_Disembodied2: directions at stage 10 made less precise ("The Scroll of Cautious Beckoning can be found in Tur Julan's Hall of Invocation." -> "A Scroll of Cautious Beckoning may possibly be found in Tur Julan, an ancient Indoril chapel across the Thirr to the west. It is used in Daedric invocation rituals, and might still be near where such rituals were held.").

- Cell "Emmurbalpitu, Crepuscular Shrine": all owned items unowned. It's not like the Winged Twilight (the only critter in the room) minds me taking them anyway.

- Calitia now has a blocking greeting 0 ("Talk to Lloris, %PCRace. Please, this is too urgent to waste any time.") when she is in the Canalworks Temple and journal TR_m3_TT_Lloris5 < 10 but journal TR_m3_TT_Lloris4 >= 50.

- Hear that? It's the sad sound of a "very tiny violin" disappearing from a "three bottles of mazte" dialogue response. While at that, "scott-free" -> "scot-free" and "Crossing of the Lamps" -> "Crossing of Lamps" (speaking of Roa Dyr).

- Fixed a land texture mismatch near Terrain_rocks_AI_02    Aanthirin Region (3,-29)    30417    -235892    887.

- Cell "Emmurbalpitu, Broken Halls": put another cluster of temple domes on an otherwise unremarkable ledge.


Dropped (2019-12-26b).

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Dropped (2019-12-26b). Changelog:

- Firewatch Fighters Guild quest 1: fixed the premature forcegreeting by the bullies (one of the comments on ). Set the bullies' fight values to 0 (rather than 20 or 30) when they are supposed to disengage from combat. This probably does not fix the main bug in that ticket, but is a step in the right direction.


Dropping. Changelog: Gol Mok,

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Gol Mok, Salvani Manor: Fixed some bleeders.
Gol Mok: Fixed some spicky terrain.
Old Ebonheart Southern Gate: Fixed the bumby part of the road.
Old Ebonheart to Dondril road: Smoothed the road some more.
Ildrim: Smoothed some terrain at its southern exit.
Sundered Scar: Fixed some floaters, bleeders, texture seems and smoothed some terrain.
Sundered Scar(21,-19): Improved the western side of the lake with some new meshes. Also fixed the spicky terrain around and in the lake.
North East Sundered Scar: Improved the transition between the old claim borders. Changed nothing else though. Detailing is the exact same.
Bal Oyra: Recovered a nearly completely sunken Flora_kelp_01.
Burraburiash: Fixed a passage where one had to jump to get on the stairs.
Changed "Dondril, Hetman Nalis Varo's House" to "Dondril, Nalis Varo's House" in the Greeting 5 that begins with "Dondril? Oh I've always wanted to visit" to fix a quest.
Roa Dyr, Crossing of Lamps: Deleted one if the two "TR_m3_RD_DaeBarrier".
Vhul: Fixed two bleeding crates. There is another one bleeding behind them but it is not so visible and the terrain is not really fixable too. I decided to let it stay therefore.
Aanthirin(7,-25 and 6,-25): Fixed a deadric platform not being low enough and also fixed some spicky terrain and texture seems.
Almas Thirr: Fixed two "ex_vivec_w_e_01" that had some minimal caspering.
Raathim Ancestral Tomb, Lichgate: Fixed the missing "in_strong_hall02".
Saldro Ancestral Tomb: Fixed the too big urns.
Gorne: Fixed the Inn building floating a bit.


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Added marksman supplies to the AT tradehouse and the Vhul smith
Fixed OE IAS vault doors ownership (min. rank curator now)
Fixed OE IAS beds ownership (min. rank digger now)
Fixed Ahnaissa dialogue to say northwestern instead of western
Changed TR_m3_Aurelia Ordo and TR_m3_Serpen to use Colovian faces (see dialogue)
Changed TR_m3_OE_palace_guard to use T_Imp_Cm_SkirtLegion_03 (fits better)


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Reworked the mountain next to Gorne + added a chest with an unique belt on top of it
Fixed a cliff bleeding into a garden in Gorne


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Added custom dialogue to TR_m3_Neldro_Redras (Vandasir Egg Mine overseer)
Fixed TR_m3_Daryn Taroth having different hair and beard colors
Fixed container and door ownership in Gorne
Changed exterior NPCs in Gorne to have a wander radius of 512 units
Changed TR_m3_q_Llanehra attack range to 1300 units and gave her some netch armor and a cheap restore health potion
Changed TR_m3_Hormidac Farralie (+ quest versions) to wear some steel armor (he puts down his visor in combat)

I see Hormidac Farralies face

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I see Hormidac Farralies face has been changed into a HR one at some point.

We should stick to vanilla and TR ones. There's a very noticeable aesthetic clash between faces and hairstyles of PT and vanilla Morrowind.

- Fixed placement issues in

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- Fixed placement issues in several Helnim interiors.
- Fixed grammar issues in Diary of Narvs Sodryth, Water-Logged Captain's Log, Vuro Doram's Journal.
- Marked Scout's Note and Waterlogged Page as scrolls (based on their model/icon like all others).
- Made some revisions to the responses in the "Boethiah's Spine" topic.
- Merged Boethia Lake topic into Lake Boethiah topic (response was inaccessible).
- Several other minor dialogue fixes.
- And these bug reports: (moved next to closet) (moved entire house so it's not placed so poorly) (moved static) (deleted static) (replaced with common shoes) (applied script fixes)

Dropped  2020-01-04 b fix

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Dropping. Changelog (2020-01

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Dropping. Changelog (2020-01-05a):

- Merged rot's fixes to player->positioncell and added a few of my own.

- Fixed: in_dae_platform_stairs    Uttumilk    2048    1008    -368    "i can levitate under this and see that the bridge has no underside" (resolved by placing daedric lfloors in two of the four corners).

- Indoril Balver and his wife no longer speak of themselves in third person when asked about "someone in particular". The relevant addtopics have been added to the greetings instead.

- A few corrections in Syvvit Tong dialogue. Added the last two sentences in this response: "The Syvvit Tong will tell you they're "just making enough to get by", but they're actually making a lot more than they let on. Rumor has it that Seran Dreth, the guild's accountant, syphons excess revenue to Hlaalu agents operating in Indoril territory. What the agents are up to? I'll leave that part to your imagination."

- Fixed with a 0.7 second timer after the greeting.

- Fixed (not just for silver bowls; lots of other kinds were missing from the script).

- Fixed (new non-Khajiit answer: "I am a slave here. Not the worst place to be one. Llaalsa Vathras seems to like us alive.").


- Fixed https://www.tamriel

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- Fixed Increased duration for Ring of Lifebloom to 8 seconds. The intended use I assume is to briefly (but highly) boost health and fatigue. Not very useful with anything less than 5 seconds and anything over 10 seems too much so I went for a balance.
- Fixed Enchantment is now magnitude 10 to 50 pts (basically Wild Open with a better minimum, half the maximum), with up to 10 uses fully charged. It had 150 uses before!
- More placement fixes around Helnim.
- More dialogue grammar checking.

- Added a fisherman to Veloth

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- Added a fisherman to Veloth's path across from Roa Dyr who offers transport to the docks for 1 gold. An existing fisherman on the docks can do the reverse.
- Fixed door marker leading out of Roa Dyr Statesmen's Hall side exit.

Grabbed and dropped to fix a

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Grabbed and dropped to fix a Face Stealer quest bug that disabled player controls indefinitely in OpenMW .45 and below. Also Gnomey-proofed the quest, if you don't put the helmet on at first you get the chance to do so after the fight has started.

Dropped 2020-02-02   -

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Dropped 2020-02-02


- cleaned the duplicate Hello entries I added for necrom, rank requirement didn't need duplicates
- fixed Can be stuck with teleportation disabled
- maybe fixed TR_m3_TT_Illene - Llevari Uvelar fleeing all the time
- replaced bc light on templedomes in Raal Grotto
- Replaced candles to the basement with blue ones in Akamora, Guild of Mages
- tr_m4_toyguar_cursed disabled when they become a guar instead of becoming 15 different objects in inventory, already 15 more to loot next to them
- Old Ebonheart Mages Guild topic: fix "p-previous attempt" not able to link "previous attempt" topic
- "previous attempt" fix Amelpha Tarramon never tells how to use the key if her quests were already done
- fixed position of TR_m3_q_OE_MG_VeneDoor
- TR_m3_q_OE_MG_PuzzleDoor_sc edited misleading action messagebox
- TR_m3_OE_MG_HallDoor4 TR_m3_OE_MG_HallDoor5 when using the suggested jump solution player is blocked between the doors and can't fall or actually open them, scripted a fix
- TR_m3_lightningboots heavy changed to regular armor rating instead of 0 (probably something else from when it was constant effect)
- fixed TR_m2_kmlz_ToReq_Door_sc addtopic thinking you unlocked the door without the key
- fixed some typos

checking out to fix some

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checking out to fix some issues in the terrain in aanthirin. Maybe some bug reports too.

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

- Moonshadow Rose is now

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- Moonshadow Rose is now removed from players inventory when doing the quest for Jiah-Tjulka in Tur Julan
- Renamed the khalaan fire casting 'Scamp' to 'Scamp Oathkin'
- Same goes for the talking Vermai and the Dremora Caitiff's in the sewers (added Oathkin to the names because Battlespire is cool)
- Fixed Basket on the Roa Dyr docks that was Z-Fighting
- Moved the rocks over that where in the road on the right entrance of the bridge to almas thirr Hlaalu side.
- Added some vcol one the rock clumps between Almas Thirr and Indal-Ruhn that didn't have any
- Fixed the bug (Collision of oak tree makes it impossible to walk up stairs.)
- Renamed Methats' Domain to Vorthas Uldun (as the other special Dremrora Lords have their towers named after them, so this should be no except imo)
- Methats' Domain stayed as a dummy cell in case of people have a save game there.

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

Changelog (2020-02-18): -

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Changelog (2020-02-18):

- Merged slepana's book scripts ( ) with a fix.

- Fixed (the key now opens a container, which is irrelevant ingame but makes it detectable).

- Two SetPCCrimeLevels that were supposed to increase the player's bounty replaced by ModPCCrimeLevel.

- Fixed . Book TR_m2_q_8_MessageDrugs now has the following content: "Af, you have a real nose for this. The meat indeed has a lot of iron in it. I say we sweeten it up with a bit of sugar." If you are a Hlaalu (either of high rank or with high disposition), you can ask Afernil about the meaning of the message (answer: "I guess I can tell you. The Telvanni are smuggling weapons to Helnim in a shipment of hound meat for some reason. Don't ask me why, really -- it's not like they need to be covert here. I think it's time to show them who knows more of smuggling, isn't it?").
Also, fixed journal 75 for quest TR_m2_He_Dwmr ("I informed a Telvanni guard about Aarlen Lleranoth's involvement with the Telvanni" -> "... with the Hlaalu", because being involved with the Telvanni is hardly a crime in Helnim).


Changelog (2020-02-25): -

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Changelog (2020-02-25):

- Fixed a floating barrel in "Old Ebonheart, Merxia Vendicci's Manor".

- Greeting 7 now also have local separators for DoD regions/towns.

- Fixed by adding a failsafe to stage 11 of Gritnol's script (he has an AITravel that may get blocked, perhaps by him failing to realize that the door is unlocked?).

- Two mentions of "Blacklight" in dialogue replaced by "Baan Malur". Improved some more Llothanis quest dialogue.

- Fixed .

- Added new topic "Romithren Monastery" mainly for path descriptions. Responses: Dunmer in Nethril Plantation: "It's on a hill east of here, or southeast perhaps. Go out the way you came and take the road to the left. Once you're past the plantation, it's rather hard to miss." Dunmer in Bisandryon: "That's where the Temple's scribes copy their books. It's fairly close here -- just cross the river and pass Nethril Plantation." Temple Dunmer in Akamora: "That's the Temple's main scriptorium and one of the largest monasteries. It's not too far away as the cliff racer flies, but by foot it is probably best accessed through Dreynim -- even if that means going much further south." Scouts in Akamora: "It's a monastery of the Temple, built atop one of the Mephalain foothills, south of Tomaril Manor. The easiest way is probably via Dreynim, unless you can fly -- as the direct route would involve crossing some wayless mountains." Dunmer in Tomaril Manor: "It's south of here, but I'm afraid there are no direct roads. The Mephalain Mountains aren't very straightforward." Temple Dunmer in Dreynim: "One of our major monasteries -- most of the Temple texts you see all around the land have been copied there. To get there, you can follow the road along the eastern side of the river. Eventually you'll get to Nethril Plantation. There, turn right and climb the hill." Scouts in Dreynim: "That's a monastery of the Temple north of here. More precisely, it towers on a high hill southeast of Nethril Plantation. Stay on the eastern side of the river and you won't miss the plantation; from there you should be able to see the monastery." Scouts everywhere else on maps 1-3: "It is one of the major monasteries of the Temple and its main scriptorium. It is situated about midway between Dreynim and Akamora; I am sure you can get more precise directions in those places." This deals with part of (there's probably more to be done).

- Added response to "Seitur" for inhabitants of Enamor Dayn: "A hamlet of fishers, not too far north of here. Follow the coastal road and you cannot miss it.".