Foedus continues swearing after the Cursing Like a Witch quest





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”What are you ogling at, you arse-faced goat? Your unsightly mug must be the reason why there aren't any mirrors left in this damn elf-infested sinkhole of a province!”

The greeting misses a filter apparently. It triggers when I did the following:

1. Brought Aurelia to Dondril.
2. Talked to Foedus for my reward.
3. Went upstairs for my (double) promotion and am told there are no duties, but Foedus might have more duties for me.
4. Talked to Foedus and he says this line.

Expected behaviour: Normal greeting. Also new duties? Not sure, but the orc upstairs seemed to imply he has more.


Adding onto this: I don't

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Adding onto this: I don't think this greeting even triggered the first time around, because I didn't get the journal update until now. Not sure which greeting I did get.

I ran into this one too; it

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I ran into this one too; it thankfully didn't kick in until Foedus had run out of quests for me.  Unfortunately, I didn't keep any saves from that point.  Maybe something is superseding his initial, rude greeting.

Which quest is the last quest

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Which quest is the last quest by Foedus? I just did the second one involving Aurelia, where she sees an Indoril ancestor ghost. Is there another one after that? If so, that means this bug should be bumped up to critical. If not, it's only a minor issue.

I have no idea why this

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I have no idea why this greeting was conditioned to _Ghosts >= 60 instead of _Cursing == 0. But I fixed it now.