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2019-12-29 03:25
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Hello, TR team,

Recently I have bumped into a publication on your site about house Indoril. Beside the history of the house and other lore-related topics, I've found there a list of settlements, controlled by this Great House, which shocked me a bit. Upon well-known Indoril cities and chapels, like Almalexia and Roa Dyr, there were settlements, I've never even heard before, like Yad Neyn, Nadhyam, Mol Murya, Alan Murtha, Umul, etc. Considering that the vast majority of Indoril-controlled lands is released and none of this major settlements were not included on the map(at least I didn't find them) and the fact that this publication was made after Aanthirin release, there are two questions: Will these settlements be added to the mainland and if yes, then where to find them? Is this publication still relevant?

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2018-08-13 09:52
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The specifics of the document are up for long and painful debate, but in short once the rest of mainland has been completed the plan is to go back and selectivly redesign the old Indoril settlements along the charcterisation in the handbook and then actually make House Indoril a joinble faction.

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2016-10-09 23:10
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Our most recent two releases have a sample of the new characterization of the faction. The mournhold tileset will only be used for chapel strongholds like Roa Dyr which are the centers of regional power, while lower class towns will use the Velothi tileset like Dondril, Vhul, or the various smaller villages like Velonith or Felms Ithul.