Southern Velothi Mountains




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This is the file used to make edits to the southern half of the Velothi Mountains region, for inclusion into the Dominions of Dust release.

Section discussion thread (missing link)


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for the SVM section should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! See: Editing guidelines No dialogue in the file yet!
Always use the newest Tamriel Data and the latest Data Addon from GitHub with release files.
Do not
edit the edges of the file without loading the section files adjacent to it, and cut the cells from them that you edit back into the adjacent sections when finished. For the western edge, you need to load the Orcish Switzerland Heightmap instead of a normal section file.

Development Plan

Relevant queues: Velothi Mountains

Last updated: 2021-11-22
Assets: Pine tree replacer should be finished (Gnomey will still experiment with the textures, but the models can be merged), along with landscape/rock textures. Rock texture replacements along the region border have to be carefully considered, as AA is using RM rocks by design.
Exteriors: The northern parts have to be raised up for the Pryai expansion. Some southern cells need more work.
Interiors: Mostly done.
Quests: Waiting on ext+int implementation for NPCs; otherwise quest-ready.

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2020-01-12 - MinerMan

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2020-01-12 - MinerMan

Grabbing and dropping, added nine new cells and assigned their regions. I left the landscape edges in for editing convenience, I will cut them out and put them back in their file when they are no longer needed. (Run the Esp-QuickEditor commands DELETE FROM exteriorCells WHERE region='' and DELETE FROM exteriorCells WHERE region<>'' on two copies of the file to do this)

2020-02-10 Nemon

WIP uploaded. Get this one for snow covered RM cliffs .

2020-02-26 Nemon

Dropping this file for now. I've reworked some of the mountain areas, reducing the static usage and relying more on terrain. It's a snowy area so it's what's looks best to be honest. The snow statics doesn't really look good when cluttered all over the place so that can be taken into consideration for any future work. The pathway I started working on needs to be finished in the three upper cells, was thinking it connects to the dwemer ruin somehow. It's still a small, barely known path so no fancy wide stretches with lights.

a note for the next person to

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a note for the next person to claim this:
the TR_i4_477 cells are now promoted to be the ruins of Hendor-Stardumz

New file up. Lots of old

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New file up. Lots of old stuff culling, and reshaping of the areas in this file. Orc camp in the mountains added recently as well, to tie in with the swiss orc stuff coming later. If region says "throat of the world" that's because I needed to see how snow and blizzard looks up there.

Grabbed and dropped. - Merged

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Grabbed and dropped.
- Merged all 6 ready to merge interiors.
- Added creatures to Ngelfltingth, including Sathram Volos the hermit vampire.
- Added creatures to Ancestral Tomb #1 (named Romavel Ancestral Tomb).
- Cleaned file of all Data duplicates as well as the weather edit.


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Grabbing this to work with the river.

Checking this back in after

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Checking this back in after completing work with the river. Additional work performed includes connecting the mountain path to the main path that originates in the southern part of the area, as well as some other small fixes and cleaning of areas.

Dropping, full list of refs

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Dropping, full list of refs affected can be found here
Also deleted a deprecated helmet from Yanashpi, Lower Level

ₒₕ, bₒₒ𝒹?

Checking out to add more

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Checking out to add more interior entrences as discussed in the meeting on 4/24.

Notes from Meeting:

In general, based on the Velothi Mountains template meeting, the plan for SVM interiors would be a Daedric ruin or two; possible Velothi tower or two; maybe one or two small tombs; maybe some mines, Kwama or mineral (garnet and iron) but small/low yield; lots of caves with.goblins, gremlins, orcs, trolls, vampires, outlaws, the odd Velothi/other Dunmer eking it out etc.


The new locations will of course need new names. Two were decided on in the meeting: Mount Dunul for a notable peak, and Umen for an as-yet-unnamed Redoran hamlet.

Mind that the currently door

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Mind that the currently door-less semi-hidden settlement high in the mountains in the south-western part is meant to be a Malakh orc settlement. We have been teasing Malakh orcs in DoD for several months now, so it would be great if this was retained. Also, it's good to check with Rats if his Malahk-orc waystones or altar is good to go in this settlement of if he intended them to be used more exclusively:


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Cells Renamed
-20, -21 -> Mount Dunul
-17, -21 -> Uman
TR_VM_Daedric_Ruin_1, Shrine ->    TR_Ald Uman, Shrine
TR_VM_Daedric_Ruin_1, Sepulcher -> TR_Ald Uman, Sepulcher
TR_VM_Daedric_Ruin_1, Antechamber -> TR_Ald Uman, Antechamber

New Locations
-16, -24 - Ancestral Tomb
-19, -22 - Ancestral Tomb
-18, -17 - Cavern Den of dangerous creature.  Troll or other such things.
-17, -19 - Velothi Tower covered in Snow drifts high up the mountains.
-21, -25 - Anashbibi - Daedric Ruin overtaken by mountain glacier.
-19, -25 - Rocky cave filled with flowing water.
-19, -21 - Goblin or Outlaw cave - Note: Exterior should be further decorated depending on the choice of what to be here.
-19, -24 - Cave
-20, -23 - Goblin Cavern/Encampment (Iron Claw Tribe)

Touch Ups
-20, -26 - Malakh Ork Tribe: Doors added, way stone added, minor detailing.
-18, -23 - Site of VM_Cave 1 which houses the main Iron Claw Tribe cave.  Goblined up the exterior a little. (may need more work)

Notes of various other locations already in region but not marked on the grid map: (For Tani)
-17, -16 - <<TR_VM_Cave_5>> Ice cave. Interior appears to have some encampment in it.
-18, -22 - <<TR_VM_Cave_1>> Iron Claw goblin main encampment.  (not merged yet)

Mount Dunul and the Pryai river sourse could use more work but would require the border region's height map to be finsihed to do the best work.  Will hold off on these until than.

Tidied up a LOT of jagged

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Tidied up a LOT of jagged terrain by the new ice daedric ruin
Cut the X-22 row
Added -16,-15 to give a road to the quest relevant velothi tomb one cell to the south
Removed cave entrances from said cell, 8 SVM ints currently sit unclaimed and this is just supposed to make a road to a tomb better.
Some border rocks aren't the prettiest but they are functional view blockers. These borders should be redone when we start development on MB.
Rotated backwads water stream by glacier daedric ruin
Rock culling in various extremely high ref cells
Terrain fixing around the section
Rotated river to not flow sideways
Cleaned up lower level a little to be more navigable
Removed all BC and generic grass, none was necessary to replace as there was already a lot of BM grass
Honestly don't know how far to go with some of the upper mountain wilderness detailing, but I think SVM is in a good enough state to merge into one DOD section, especially since mainland constantly sees exterior touch ups. Somebody can (and should) do a 2nd pass in the mountain areas if they want, I've stared at mountains long enough for a while.
Which I will be doing now.