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This is the claim used to make edits and fixes to TR_Mainland. Do not make changes arbitrarily.

TR_Mainland should not break compatibility unless it is structurally necessary. This means do not change the IDs of anything that was released in a TR_Mainland.esm unless strictly necessary.


TR_Mainland is the esm which contains the “finished” parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. Save major restructuring, the landmass contained within is supposed to be fully interiorized, NPCed, quested, and cleaned. See: Editing guidelines.
Uploaded here is only the esp. Make sure to redate the .esp to 01/01/2012 18:00:00 with Wrye Mash so that it loads before other plugins that rely on it. Remember to load this when doing edits to the section files.
Always use the newest Tamriel Data and the latest Data Addon from GitHub with release files.

Tamriel Data 8.9:

Development Plan

Relevant queues: Mainland Redo

Last updated: 2021-11-22
Assets: Riverstrider eggs are in progress, which can be placed along Lake Andaram’s coast whenever they’re merged.
Exteriors: Some work is being done on Roa Dyr (some pieces are missing which will be added back in). Various road, terrain, riverbed, etc. work around Aanthirin are underway.
Interiors: There will be some edits to Khalaan (new models, etc.)
Quests: Several quest additions are pending review. “Brother Against Brother” is MVP for DOD, and should take priority. “Drinking, Stealing, Ranting” is a showcase quest that’s been merged into Mainland, but it needs another dialogue pass. Mainland IAS members need faction assignment. “Blight Watch” is still claimed by Kevaar. Changes have been discussed to be made to the interior and quest, and should be discussed with her.

Merged Bugfixes: 

Merged Claims: 

Merged Assets: 


Powerwashed. All Old TR quest

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Powerwashed. All Old TR quest content and generic dialogue in the EoE area (with a handful of intentional exceptions) has been purged.

Dropping large update -

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Dropping large update - Mainland is now (with a couple exceptions) scourged of all old EoE area content + all Telvanni Library content.

Most of the Telvanni Library NPCs have been edited and given new lives in EoE locations. Did a bunch of detail work in Firewatch. Fixed several dialogue bugs flagged on discord, as well several new ones I found. Fixed an issue with a nonexistent NPC in the Necrom Watch Barracks. Added FG/MG decorations to the OE guildhalls. Moved the ship involved in the Firewatch Fighters Guild quest to Nivalis from Llothanis, renamed it (the Nirthfly), facelifted the cabin, and began adding activator clutter. Made several dozen changes to EoE NPCs to facilitate dialogue work. Fiddled more with the Firewatch docks. Added sewer entrances around Firewatch for the non-MVP sewer system to come one day. Cleaned out the last remaining old pre-Data dialogue scripts and replaced with their T_D equivalents. Replaced deprecated T_Mw classes with their new T_Glb counterparts. Merged Shularon and the grotto near Bthalag-Zturamz, but haven't NPC'd either yet.

Handing off for fixes. LOAD

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Handing off for fixes.


Cookie Mountain has erupted.
The Dunmer stronghold of Koranyon has been unearthed by Cookie Mountain's eruption. 
A Velothi tomb has appeard along the road in 20,16
A small Dwemer ruin has appeared in 17,18
The eastern Grazelands of MO_03 have been turned into AC, and the beach has become an ashy AC beach
The western part of MO_03 has hardly been started, but some areas have been cleared of objects.
A new Daedric ruin MIGHT appear on the peninsula if the rest of the ITO dungeon claims are breezy.
The following cells have been renamed:
Abandoned Egg Mine -> Turan-Habinat Egg Mine
24,-22 named Mansurabi
Llaran House -> Llaran Farm
Rethil House -> Rethil Farm
12,-26 -> Saveri
10,-27 -> Eravan
8,-29 -> Selyn
10,-27 -> Mount Aras
18,17 -> Mount Sarrunabi
34,-12 -> Yanishanabi
34,6 -> Nchazdrumn
Warm meat has been replaced or deleted
Guy who's name I forgot has walked from the ZBC vault to the ZBC foyer
Other guy who's name I forgot went from Helnim's Fighter's Guild to some daedric ruin
The BM snowy rock and grass textures on Althoa have been replaced by new AC snowy rocks and grass
Texture seams around Bal Oyra tidied up
Nchazdrumn's observatories have crumbled to bits
bleeding rock and flat edge vertex shading north of this ruin fixed (ancient bugs squashed?)
Broken bottles and weapons have been replaced with their new misc counterparts

Update. Keeping for more

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Update. Keeping for more dialogue.


  • Renamed Helnim Fields region Dumaltha region (may change again)
  • Renamed ashlander trader in Firewatch Fainat Masiriran
  • Implemented some generic Helnim dialogue (not yet all)
  • Unlocked some doors in Firewatch to facilitate quest content, and corrected a couple of incorrect int names
  • Made TR_m2_Idriso Venalis an EEC faction member
  • Deleted Cephorad Keep and turned the named members of its garrison into roadside bandits wearing Imperial scrap
  • Removed all mentions of Cephorad Keep from Mainland
  • Adjusted NPC locations and dialogue for the two quests that formerly involved Cephorad Keep to now involve the Helnim chapel
  • Moved the priest from Cephorad to Helnim's keep and added a floor for a small shrine, to bring it in line with other Legion forts
  • Moved Neanna and her house to Old Ebonheart + facelifted and updated doormarker
  • Renamed Helnim Keep "Fort Servas" (following example of Fort Darius)
  • Fixed some minor int and ext bugs in Firewatch (mostly bleeders and floaters)
  • Added a shrine of St Taldeus to Vaynth Quarter
  • Added fireplace to Queen's Cutlass Inn
  • Fixed some tapestries in Icebreaker Keep
  • Cleared out more menhirs to make the Inner Sea more navigable (will continue work on this)
  • Changed some cells at the tip of the Nedweisra Peninsula to Molagreahd region (from AC)
  • Renamed Tel Heleran -> Tel Drevis
  • Replaced the travel NPC rowboats at Bahrammu, Bal Oyra, and Helnim's river dock with the small transport boats (formerly T_Nor, soon T_Com)
  • Added second shipmaster at Almas Thirr with service to Felms Ithul, Indal-Ruhn, and Rilsoan. Removed Indal-Ruhn from the other shipmaster (with the bigger ship)
  • Added a boat to Felms Ithul dock and changed TR_m3_Braler Velev to a shipmaster with service to Almas Thirr and Gol Mok.
  • Replaced boat at Rilsoan dock and gave TR_m3_Lloris_Gilnamto service to Almas Thirr and Indal-Ruhn
  • Added new boat to Indal-Ruhn and changed TR_m4_Drovamu Llarno's service to Almas Thirr's other dock (where the smaller boat service is) and added Rilsoan
  • Replaced boat at Gol Mok dock and changed TR_m4_Serul_Farys to a shipmaster with service to Felms Ithul
  • Added dock canopy at Oran Plantation
  • Fixed some floaters at Gol Mok
  • Lowered Abandoned House in Tel Gilan to the ground (since it has a cellar)
  • Replaced Garath Duril's shack in Bahrammu with a Velothi house, and made him the hetman of the village
  • Added a small fish seller's stall to Bahrammu
  • Moved Lervathi Arvul to Yamandalkal to join the cultists since it no longer makes sense for a Port Telvannis representative to be in Bahrammu
  • Removed the ugly pointless mushroom walkway from Bahrammu
  • Added a door to the wrecked cutter ship on the northeast coast of Althoa and created int claim
  • Turned the "robber baron" in Otori into a normal NPC
  • Reassigned some greetings that had become unfiltered back to Nisa Darythi

What?  Yeah Dumaltha region

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Yeah Dumaltha region should change. We all said it's a terrible name. 

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

Dropping for Minerman extwork

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Dropping for Minerman extwork

NPC'd Shularon and Drolam Grotto
Adjusted Darnell stats and armor
Deleted some weird lines from "someone in particular" topic in Ashamul, and adjusted filtering on others
Finished implementing Helnim general dialogue
Did a bit more menhir-bulldozing, then gave up and just cleaned out the entire cells from Mainland to start fresh on the inner sea
Used quickeditor to delete dirty refs for items merged into addon
Deleted ints "Mengada-Ngada" and the three cells of the Duchess shipwreck because both were exceptionally terrible and in areas being cleaned out of Mainland anyway
Deleted the weird unique book, scroll, and container in the Duchess
Placed forgotten Old TR firewatch NPC Sanvran Aran out in the wilderness south of Nolubal Bay, and gave him a small journal-less interaction
Cut almost all above-water menhirs in Nolubal Bay and many underwater ones to make it realistically navigable and less of a scale illusion-breaker
Killed the observatory without int at Durthungz
Removed nonsensical daedric ruin rubble from the Padomaic at Urlis Rock and Dragonhead Point
Updated T_Nor boats to T_Com
Replaced R bed in "Felms Ithul, Thal Ullev's House" with M to match other furniture
Created a trench next to Firewatch and placed some shipwrecks from the Battle of the Inner Sea
Did more minor region adjustments on the borders of DU, SoG, and AC regions

Cut the peninsula near

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Cut the peninsula near Nassudan a bit more still, polished Taniquetil's inner sea work

Dropping until Firewatch

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Dropping until Firewatch dialogue is reviewed and can be implemented.


  • Fixed caspering building in Firewatch
  • Replaced wooden shield in OE IAS museum with Reman shield
  • Adjusted OE north wall slightly to remove awkwardly placed foundation piece
  • Added some sound activators around EoE areas
  • Replaced in-file unique statics at Wavebreaker Keep with T_D equivalents, deleted old IDs, and replaced dunmer shipwreck with imperial galleon. Also named the cell
  • Restored missing TR_m2_q_8_NisirelDiary to Tel Gilan potionseller for local quest
  • Deleted old TR quest NPC from Tel Gilan that should've been cut long ago
  • Renamed Heleran Vela in Tel Drevis to Vela Heleran to correspond with vanilla's Heleran Ancestral Tomb
  • Made the generic Navy guards men to satisfy discord complaints
  • Replaced all 186 remaining instances of the deprecated telvanni tankards with vanilla blank ones
  • Added some rugs and tapestries to the ember keep vault
  • Added roadsign on the road outside Firewatch
  • Replaced all Ildrim road signs with Darvon signs
  • Updated script for TR_m1_q_Cartil_Florius so he goes to Nivalis instead of deprecated old Bal Oyra
  • cleaned a bunch of dirtied data items
  • Fixed various issues in a bug report from Denis
  • Fixed a leftover script issue from cephorad keep deletion
  • Redid region assignments for Map 1/2/padomaic ocean
  • Replaced all deprecated broken bottles and corks in Mainland
  • Replaced deprecated daedric scimitar in Ebunammidan with daedric saber
  • Deleted or replaced all instances of the deprecated aena maces
  • Replaced all instances of deprecated nordic battle axe with vanilla version
  • Replaced all instances of deprecated orcish battle axe with vanilla version
  • Replaced all instances of deprecated orcish spear with new T_D version
  • Replaced Shrine of St. Taldeus in Firewatch with a different model and moved it to a spot near the docks
  • Rearranged the outdoor sewer entrances in Firewatch
  • Added new guild banners to Akamora FG and MG
  • Added a dock to Hla Bulor and a boat to Andar Mok for potential future boat service
  • Fixed dialogue for Fighters Guild not directing player to correct guildhalls by Map
  • Named Manrizache and Mzankh's cells for dialogue filtering and playermap directions
  • Implemented all Bal Oyra generic dialogue
  • Implemented all Bahrammu generic dialogue
  • Implemented all Tel Rivus generic dialogue
  • Implemented all Northern Wind generic dialogue
  • Implemented all Nivalis generic dialogue

Dropping. Added NoLore

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  • Added NoLore filters to several topics
  • Fixed a floating crate and barrel outside The Red Drake
  • Deleted lines previously belonging to NPCs that no longer exist
  • Deleted lines previously filtered to the Firewatch Argonian Mission
  • Restored cell filters in Selyn

Grabbing to review MO_03,

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Grabbing to review MO_03, merge MO_02, revamp Urlis Rock, and whatever else I feel like doing.

Upload for the night, merged

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Upload for the night, merged MO_02 and did its associated border matching, reviewed a bit over half of MO_03, implemented the new Dagon Urul levelled lists everywhere in the region except what I haven't reviewed of MO_03. Todo: merge MO_02 interiors, finish reviewing MO_03, redo Urlis Rock, exterminate every east gash arch not on the eponymous isle.

Another WIP, merged a few

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Another WIP, merged a few interiors and redid Urlis Rock and some of the surrounding islands to be snowy.

Finished my work cleaning out

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Finished my work cleaning out vanilla cells near the peninsula
Killed some of the big ugly cliffs near Tel Drevis, one more next to the border with Andothren, all in GL textures, and a few more WG ones.
Killed a number of arches, still more work to be done on that front
Reverted one Ascadian Bluffs assignment to Ascadian Isles
Replaced placeholder TR_m3 Land Dreugh levelled lists with the new T_D ones
Going to postpone the road to Hla Bulor past the former Telvanni Library to MO_04, too much actual ext work is needed for how I want to route it
Implemented new Dagon Urul levelled lists throughout the region
Replaced coast creature levelled lists with the Boethiah's Spine one to allow for deprecation
Revamped Urlis Rock and surrounding islands to be snowy (and good)
Merged some interiors
Changed the road going out of Firewatch to dirt road, there were no other brick roads in Telvannis

Reviewed MO_03:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

General: Surgical redo claim done in TR_Mainland.esp; unnecessary
Region assignments: Mostly Good

Finished my work cleaning out vanilla cells near the peninsula
Replaced some Molagreahd coast levelled creatures with Land Dreugh, all Molagreahd land levelled creatures with Dagon Urul land

Dagon Urul Region 14,20
Texture Seams: 3
Some vertex shading was missing/not full enough
Errors left over from when I culled the peninsula back to this cell

Dagon Urul Region 15,20
Made the steeper Sand_02 into AC_darkstone02

Dagon Urul Region 16,20
Texture Seams: 1
Some missing vertex shading underwater

Dagon Urul Region 17,20
Terrain Errors:
  Jagged terrain near the boat
  Random Bitter Coast sand texture
Vertex Shading:
  Some Kelp clusters missing vertex shading
Floating kelp near the boat
(errors from over a decade ago lol)

Dagon Urul Region 14,19

Dagon Urul Region 15,19
Texture Seams: 1
Terrain Errors:
  Land next to road corner not raised
Vertex Shading:
  Shading on road too thin in a couple spots

Dagon Urul Region 16,19
Texture Seams: 1
Vertex Shading:
  Some road went past shading, added rock to hide this
  Vertex shading too far inside of texture transition with ash in a couple spots
T_Mw_Flora_Blackrose0X x2 - deleted
flora_t_podbud_01 - bleeding slightly into menhir

Dagon Urul Region 17,19
Vertex Shading:
  Missing shading under kelp
  Some extraneous shading underwater

Dagon Urul Region 18,19
Texture Seams: 1

Sunad Mora Region 19,19
Texture Seams: 2
Obligatory *ew* East Gash

Dagon Urul Region 14,18

Dagon Urul Region 15,18
Texture Seams: 1

Dagon Urul Region 16,18
Texture Seams: 1
Terrain Errors:
  Minor jagged terrain
Vertex Shading:
  Missing shading under a Kreshweed
T_Mw_Flora_Blackrose0X x3 - replaced with Willow Flowers
The broken bridge isn't an integer number of segments across and this will bother me for the rest of my life. (no I will not change it)

Rthungzark 17,18
Texture Seams: 1

Koranyon 18,18
Vertex Shading:
  Ash on top of stronghold needed shading
flora_kreshweed_02 - bleeding
ex_t_rock_coastal_02 - floating, replaced with 01 variant

Dagon Urul Region 19,18
Texture Seams: 1
Vertex Shading:
  Weird colors on the road into the stronghold
  Some shading left road unshaded on other side
Terrain Errors:
  Some jagged terrain on road
T_Mw_Flora_Blackrose0X x3 - replaced with Black Anther
T_Mw_Flora_Blackrose0X x2 - replaced with Kreshweed
ex_de_railing_01 - sunk a bit too low

Sunad Mora Region 20,18
Texture Seams: 2

Dagon Urul Region 14,17
Reassigned to Azura's Coast; only detailing is vanilla menhirs

Dagon Urul Region 15,17

Dagon Urul Region 16,17
Vertex Shading:
  Shading too far inside of texture transition with ash in a couple spots
  Shading not under all plants
Terrain Errors:
  Jagged terrain on edge of cliff
T_Mw_Flora_Blackrose0X x3 - replaced with Gold Kanet
flora_kreshweed_02 - bleeding
flora_emp_parasol_01 - bleeding

Dagon Urul Region 17,17
Texture Seams: 1
Vertex Shading:
  Shading slightly missing in a couple spots
Terrain Errors:
  Jagged terrain on road
  Jagged terrain on slight hill
flora_kreshweed_02 - bleeding

Mount Sarrunabi 18,17
Vertex Shading:
  Shading too far inside of texture transition with ash in a couple spots
Terrain Errors:
  Jagged terrain on peak
T_Dwe_Regular_Longspear_01 - great placement
Specifically placed a few flame atronach spawners around the peak
Per advice on discord, lowered the lava height and made the rocks on the peak not stick out

Dagon Urul Region 19,17
Texture Seams: 1
flora_kreshweed_02 - bleeding

Dagon Urul Region 20,17
Vertex Shading:
  Some plants lacked shading
Terrain Errors:
  Jagged terrain near road
flora_kreshweed_02 - bleeding
flora_stoneflower_02 - bleeding

Dagon Urul Region 15,16

Dagon Urul Region 16,16
Vertex Shading:
  Shading too far inside of texture transition with ash in a couple spots
  Missing shading on a texture transition
Terrain Errors:
  Jagged terrain on island
Added blue coast ref 1024 to kelp

Dagon Urul Region 17,16
Terrain Errors:
  Landscape weirdly on top of cave entrance model

Dagon Urul Region 18,16
Texture Seams: 3
Vertex Shading:
  Missing slight shading under plants
Terrain Errors:
  One misplaced texture

Dagon Urul Region 19,16
Texture Seams: 1
Vertex Shading:
  Missing shading under a rock

Dagon Urul Region 20,16
Texture Seams: 1
Terrain Errors:
  Jagged terrain on tomb
T_Mw_Flora_Blackrose0X x2 - replaced with Willow Flower
T_Mw_Flora_Blackrose0X x3 - replaced with Kreshweed
flora_willow_flower_01 - bleeding
flora_gold_kanet_02 - bleeding

Firewatch 17,15
Texture Seams: 2
Terrain Errors:
  Jagged terrain near Mages Guild
ex_imp_wall_01 - caspering
ex_imp_wall_01 - stuck into tower weirdly
flora_grass_01 - bleeding into building
ex_imp_plat_01 - replaced with terrain
Furn_colony_shelf02 - made this not clip into the wall
ex_imp_foundation_01 x2 - connection to docks, deleted. Looked far worse than just not having them

Firewatch 18,15
Texture Seams: 3
Terrain Errors:
  Jagged terrain behind some buildings
active_de_bedroll - floating
crate_02_pillows - floating
furn_de_ex_bench_01 - floating
T_Com_Var_CrateBroken_01 - floating
T_Com_Var_BarrelRing_01 - floating

Dagon Urul Region 19,15
Terrain Errors:
  Jagged terrain near road
Vertex Shading:
  Missing some shading on roads
flora_stoneflower_01 - inside of rock

Dagon Urul Region 20,15
Texture Seams: 1
Vertex Shading:
  Missing some shading on roads
Terrain Errors:
  Jagged terrain near road
T_Mw_Flora_Blackrose0X x2 - replaced with Gold Kanet
T_Mw_Flora_Blackrose0X x3 - replaced with Black Anther
Deleted duplicate signpost
flora_kreshweed_02 - bleeding

Dagon Urul Region 21,15

Olvfur Steel-Skin's quests

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Olvfur Steel-Skin's quests only really make sense as rank-locked to a higher-level character, but were not rank-locked because they constiuted 50% of all Imperial Legion content when they were released. Since this is no longer going to be true in the DoD/EoE megarelease cycle, someone should lock his quests (Belated Justice, All Work and No Play, and Sabotage) to Knight-Errant. I might do this myself if mainland gets to be idle and nobody's got it claimed.




Mainland changelog

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Implemented all Firewatch generic dialogue
Finished incomplete NPCing of Mandaran with the last few unplaced Roamers
Added crystal balls to the chambers of Arquebald Vene and Arch-Mage Gindaman
Updated placement of wasabi to prevent clipping with new models
Replaced M closets with new R closets in rich ints in EoE area
Added new windows to the Duchess' chambers at Ember Keep and added collision boxes to great hall chandeliers
Placed some of the new R desks in the East Empire Company, the Imperial Commission, and the College library, mostly to open up walking space
Replaced some of our placed display cases with the new less ostentatious green variant
Placed a couple of the new wheelbarrows
Placed some of the new stepstools in the firewatch college library
Fixed some lighting issues in the college main cell
Merged Arvs-Nalor, Rthungzark, and the TEM Icerunner wreck
NPCd Arvs-Nalor
NPCd Rthungzark
NPCd Yaztaramz
NPCd Vaynth Ancestral Tomb

Moved several voicelines

Evil Eye's picture

Moved several voicelines beneath their corresponding voice blocking line.
Removed two lines that were moved to T_D.
Updated Don't Touch My Gems! to remove Alexandrite and add support for Garnet and Peridot.
Replaced Alexandrite in Fiancee Lost with Sapphire.
Removed NoLore filters from dialogue filtered for specific NPCs.
Removed several orphaned lines belonging to the deleted Telvanni Library.
Replaced Alexandrite with Moonstone in a miraculous altar in Necrom Lighthouse, Entrance Hall.
Removed a dirty entry in the EEC topic.
Restored cell filters to several topics filtered for renamed regions.
Replaced custom NPC animation paths with the new T_D paths.

Merged Helnim IC and Just a

Evil Eye's picture

Merged Helnim IC and Just a Sip.

Checked references persist on TR_m2_q_8_NisirelChest and TR_m3_q_fiendblade_empty.

Added missing generic scripts to a bunch of NPCs without scripts.

Added khajiit local to tr_m3_q_4_smugglersscript.

Cleaned out some dirty T_D records.

Fixed a few NPCs having the

Evil Eye's picture

Fixed a few NPCs having the Miner class instead of the T_Glb_Miner class despite not being eggminers.

Added class filters to my trade/background lines that said "I'm a miner" and were only filtered by cell.

Dropping Merged DODTidied up

Chef's picture


Merged DOD
Tidied up area around andothren previously blocked by borders
swapped WG textures in hlaalu-thirr RR to the new set
swapped old GL textures in hlaalu-thirr RR that somehow got missed to the new set
Quick border match between DOD and mainland
South AA entrance connected to AT
Deprecated broken bottles and weapons deleted or replaced

DOD/Mainland border second pass
Search and destroy WG textures in RR
RR/AA boder bend

Removed topics     cooked

Evil Eye's picture

Removed topics

  •     cooked durzog meat
  •     cooked hound meat
  •     cooked rat meat
  •     cooked meat

Removed references to durzog meat in "animal products"
Removed references to durzogs in

  •     little advice
  •     little secret
  •     Sundered Scar

Removed reference to Wavebreaker Keep in "little secret" in Darvon
Added ShowMap "Ebon Tower" to

  •     East Bank of Aanthirin
  •     outlandish heresy
  •     deal with Rojanna
  •     Thirr River
  •     Aanthirin
  •     Forts
  •     Saldro Ancestral Tomb

Removed mentiones of Vvardenfell from "silt strider"
Added "guild guide" entries for Firewatch, Nivalis, Helnim, Akamora, Old Ebonheart, Andothren
Added "destination" entries for

  •     TR_m2_Dravil Bradyn
  •     TR_m1_Ilnori_Pelelius (was assigned to TR_m2_Derana Llenam)
  •     TR_m2_Hlavora_Gilnith

Note that the m4 travel NPCs still need to be implemented
Added map 3 dialogue to "geographic regions"
Expanded Scout dialogue to cover Seitur and Enamor Dayn
Duplicated generic Ghostgate "Ghostfence" dialogue for Necrom
Replaced T_Glb_GetTeleportingDisabled with T_Glob_GetTeleportingDisabled
Added Vorthas Uldun to TR_m3_Kha_Enable_Teleport

Replaced two instances of T_Mw_Stat_DurzogsDiseasedNormal with T_Mw_RStat_SundScarD01orp

Fixed Wording change in OE

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A few small requests add

Why's picture

A few small requests

  • add Iron Spears for sale somewhere in Bodrum
  • Add stuff for sale to Bodrum priest
  • downscale the Shrine of St. Aralor just outside the Monastery of St. Aralor to a more normal size
  • add ABCs for Barbarians for sale at Andothren, Elar Fandas: Bookseller
  • add a few copies of Arithmetic for Barbarians and Geometry for Barbarians to other places in Mainland (not the Andothren bookseller)

Did those things, merged

Why's picture

Did those things, merged Wicked Water Woes and the Ando MT quest claims, and replaced the door to Omaynis, Ulmon Vathri's House with a unique one that I can attach scripts to in my quest .esp.

Did those things, merged

Why's picture

Did those things, merged Wicked Water Woes and the Ando MT quest claims, and replaced the door to Omaynis, Ulmon Vathri's House with a unique one that I can attach scripts to in my quest .esp.

Claim A Nirn-Bound Saint (

Why's picture

Claim A Nirn-Bound Saint ( ) somehow made its way into TR_Mainland at some point, without proper review. Its topics contain a number of spelling and grammar errors, and perhaps more critically, the main NPC has an odd character in her ID:

Script TR_m4_Cr_Nirnbound3_Scp contains odd character ▼ in field text
Script TR_m4_Cr_Nirnbound_Scp contains odd character ▼ in field text
Script TR_m4_NirnboundSavior_Glb_scp contains odd character ▼ in field text
Creature TR_m4▼_Cr_AurmazlKaari contains odd character ▼ in field id
Creature TR_m4▼_Cr_AurmazlKaari2 contains odd character ▼ in field id
Creature TR_m4▼_Cr_AurmazlKaari3 contains odd character ▼ in field id

Deleted unused item TR-m3

Evil Eye's picture

Deleted unused item TR-m3-alchemist-key-i3-602-ind
Deleted unused container _mw_flora_te
Changed id de_p_chest_02_i4-251 to TR_m4_i4-251_chest
Changed id TRi4_winebarrel_i4-270-hla to TR_m4_i4-270-hla_winebarrel
Changed id TR-i2_454_powder to TR_m2_i2_454_powder
Changed id "TR_m4_Kolum " to TR_m4_Kolum
Removed odd character from TR_m4_Cr_AurmazlKaari, TR_m4_Cr_AurmazlKaari2, and TR_m4_Cr_AurmazlKaari3
Replaced B_N_Dark Elf_F_Barenziah with T_B_De_HeadFemTR_18
Replaced Ashlander hairstyles where inappropriate
Replaced Ex_co_ship_cabindoor with Ex_DE_ship_cabindoor
Replaced ex_co_ship_trapdoor with ex_de_ship_trapdoor
Replaced hlaalu_loaddoor_ 02_balyn with hlaalu_loaddoor_ 02
Replaced barrel_01_ahnassi_drink with barrel_01_drinks
Replaced steel_gauntlet_left_ancient with steel_gauntlet_left
Replaced crate_02_Lagius with T_MwDe_Var_Cr2ArmSmith
Replaced com_basket_arille's with com_basket_01_chpfood
Replaced misc_com_silverware_fork_uni with misc_com_silverware_fork
Replaced EX_MH_door_02_ignatius with EX_MH_door_02
Replaced Inviso_wall_1, Inviso_wall_7, Inviso_wall_10 with Inviso_wall
Replaced Light_logpile_UNI with light_logpile
Replaced ingred_gold_kanet_unique with ingred_gold_kanet_01
Replaced bonemold_tshield_hrlb with bonemold_tshield_redoranguard
Replaced Active_MH_Forcefield_01 with Active_MH_Forcefield
Replaced misc_lw_bowl_chapel with misc_lw_bowl
Replaced barrel_01_ahnassi_food with barrel_01_cheapfood5
Replaced expensive_ring_aeta with expensive_ring_03
Replaced misc_com_metal_plate_07_UNI2 with misc_com_metal_plate_07
Replaced misc_clothbolt_02_uni with misc_clothbolt_02
Unchecked references persist on TR_m3_OE_Fentus4Cart and TR_m3_OE_Fentus4Sack01

More of the above. Removed a

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More of the above.

Removed a few unused objects from the file and replaced serveral custom, non-quest related objects with T_D equivalents.

Removed redundant filters

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Removed redundant filters from dialogue explicitly filtered to NPCs and automatically added the following TR_Map filters to cell-filtered dialogue in

    Akamora: 2,
    'Almas Thirr': 3,
    'Alt Bosara': 2,
    Ammar: 2,
    'Andar Mok': 2,
    Andothren: 4,
    Arvud: 4,
    Ashamul: 1,
    Bahrammu: 1,
    Baldrahn: 2,
    Bodrum: 4,
    Bosmora: 3,
    Dondril: 3,
    Firewatch: 1,
    'Gah Sadrith': 1,
    Gorne: 3,
    Helnim: 2,
    'Hla Bulor': 2,
    Hlersis: 2,
    Llothanis: 1,
    Marog: 2,
    Meralag: 3,
    Nivalis: 1,
    'Port Telvannis': 1,
    'Ranyon-ruhn': 1,
    Rilsoan: 3,
    'Tel Aranyon': 1,
    'Tel Mothrivra': 2,
    'Tel Muthada': 2,
    'Tel Ouada': 1,
    Teyn: 4,
    'Tower of Tel Mothrivra': 2,
    Velonith: 3

Moved to T_D    T_SndObj

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Moved to T_D
    T_Glb_Sound_Water_stream as T_Glb_Sound_Water_Stream01
    T_Glb_Sound_Water_stream2 as T_Glb_Sound_Water_Stream02
    T_Glb_Sound_WaterFallLarge as T_Glb_Sound_Waterfall_Large
    T_Glb_Sound_WaterFallSml as T_Glb_Sound_Waterfall_Small
Changed IDs
    T_Mw_Fau_GuarPackStray (dirty T_D object) to TR_m4_Cr_StrayGuar
    T_Imp_UNI_KatariahsDeathMask_x to TR_m3_OE_TG_KatariahDisp01
    T_Note_ArvelAncestralTomb to TR_m4_ArvelTombNote
Unchecked references persist on
    every activator with an ID starting with TR_m4_AndothDweRuin
    every activator with an ID starting with TR_act_m4_Inn_
Added StayOutside to TR_m4_Cr_StrayGuar_Scp
Changed the name of TR_m4_Omaynis_Banner_Inn to The Kwama's Scuttle
Replaced Bodrem with Bodrum in TR_m3_Ivramie Drath's background

Created unique containers to

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Created unique containers to replace
    Hamal's barrel_01_manicky
    Grimdil's de_r_closet_01_rothan
    Anjzhirra's com_chest_02_v_clanler
    Hlavora's de_p_chest_02_arynioret

    de_p_chest_02_adibael -> T_MwDe_FurnR_Ch2Loot
    de_p_chest_02_dralor -> T_MwDe_FurnR_Ch2Loot
    barrel_01_manicky -> T_MwCom_Var_Bl1WpnSteel
    de_r_chest_01_arobar03 -> T_MwDe_FurnR_Ch1BkTmpl
    Com_Chest_11_pellecia a -> T_MwCom_Furn_Ch10ArmImp
    de_r_chest_01_cienne1 -> de_r_chest_01_potion_ap
    chest_small_mororurg -> chest_small_02_ingfine1
    Redoran_treas_chest_01 -> chest_small_02_gold_50
    crate_01_medernulen2 -> crate_01_random_pos
    crate_01_vivec_fg -> T_MwImp_Var_Cr1WpnSmith
    crate_01_tmtower -> crate_brandy
    Com_Basket_01_chargen -> com_basket_01_chpfood5
    Com_Basket_chargen2 -> com_basket_01_chpfood5
    com_basket_01_pierlette -> com_basket_01_ingredien
    crate_01_anruin -> T_MwImp_Var_Cr1ArmSmith
    chest_small_02_seleth -> T_MwDe_Furn_ChS2Gem
    com_chest_01_alfhedil -> com_chest_01_imp_arms
    com_chest_02_thendas2 -> com_chest_02_lev_gold
    chest_small_02_nalcarya -> T_MwDe_Furn_ChS2Gem
    chest_small_02_yngling -> chest_small_02_gold_50
    furn_com_rm_bookshelf_02_huleen -> furn_com_rm_bookshelf_02
    chest_Andrano01 -> chest_small_01_gold_10
    dwrv_endusal_desk01 -> dwrv_desk00
    chest_01_v_bildren -> chest_01_v_potion_ap_02
    de_p_chest_02_meldor -> DE_P_Chest_arms
    crate_01_syloreia -> crate_01_iron_weapons2
    de_r_drawers_01_hlaalo -> de_r_drawers_01_mcloth
    de_p_closet_02_andral -> de_p_closet_02_de_fclot
    de_r_chest_01_darius -> de_r_chest_01_pos
    dwrv_chest_fals -> dwrv_chest00
    BM_misc_skull_griss -> misc_skull00
    chest_small_mororurg2 -> T_MwDe_Furn_ChS2Ing1
    de_p_chest_02_thervul s -> de_p_chest_02_pos3
    com_closet_01_cullian -> com_closet_01_expclothe
    com_chest_02_pontanian -> com_chest_02_l_weap_01
    crate_01_ilmenidren -> crate_01_de_r_clothes01
    dwrv_closet_galmis -> dwrv_closet00_arms
    extravagant_robe_02_elanande -> extravagant_robe_02
    de_r_chest_bolayn -> de_r_chest_01_mcloth3
    bonemold_gah-julan_hhda -> bonemold_gah-julan_helm
    de_p_chest_02_arynioret -> de_p_chest_02_pos3
    exquisite_shirt_01_rasha -> exquisite_shirt_01
    de_p_chest_02_darvan hl -> DE_P_Chest_arms
    de_p_chest_02_berandass -> de_p_chest_02_gold_50
    common_ring_01_mgbwg -> common_ring_01
    T_Glb_Trader -> Trader

Updated a bunch of dialogue

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Updated a bunch of dialogue filters. Many hundreds remain to be done.

Changed generic map script to match NPC ID for
    TR_m1_Valvius Matius
    TR_m1_Varil Mercura
    TR_m2 BarirridPopillius
    TR_m2_Neredene Ilno

Added soundgens to creatures that didn't have them