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This is the file used to make edits to the Roth Roryn region, including the city of Andothren, for inclusion into the Dominions of Dust release.

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This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for Roth Roryn should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! See: Editing guidelines
Always use the newest Tamriel Data and the latest Data Addon from GitHub with release files.

Development Plan

Relevant queues: Roth-RorynAscadian Bluffs, Andothren

Last updated: 2021-11-22
Assets: T’ka Pod should be used in RR. Bodrum needs a dedicated bridge asset.
Exteriors: The exterior rework is still underway. Some cells should be merged into the file from SVM to expand the Pryai river towards Marahk-Bazhul. This also requires terrain work in the area to make the slope of the Velothis more gradual.
Interiors: The Fort Ancylis refit is still in development.
Quests: Bodrum dialogue update is still WIP. After the revision claim is merged, the section needs a dialogue pass. Do not merge quest claims before that is carried out. The sprawling Teyn dungeon has been replaced with a new, smaller one but the related quests still have to be dealt with.

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drop + load with addon + load

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drop + load with addon + load with mainland + changelog
 - Replaced old Redoran Watchman set with new Redoran Watchman set

 - Removed TR_m4_TT_Nalvs_Andolin reference
 - Replaced Cuplings with new cuplings
 - Added TR_m4_TT_Nalvs_Andolin back
 - Nudged temple wall over to line up with the door
 - Moved a chair in Andothren, Council Club so its harder to get stuck
 - Added shrine
 - Wilderness work
 - Changed Bodrem showmap to Bodrum
 - The end is in sight

Picking this up for some

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Picking this up for some quick changes to the Andothren Temple - window placement, some NPC tweaks, adding an enchanter and resetting ownership.

Checking out to implement TR

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Checking out to implement TR's pilgrimage mechanics to the Shrine to the Battle of Bodrum and the Shrine of Almalexia's Fury.

It looks like me and

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It looks like me and Phenoix12 started working on diverging files from v0240 onwards. My edits were minor and can be repeated more easily, so I set the release file to be checked out by Phenoix and I'll redo my things after that's done.

Dropping as I redid my edits.

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Dropping as I redid my edits.
Had to strip the script off of the Shrine to the Battle of Bodrum and the new Almalexia Mural in Andothren, my quest .esp will reintroduce those.

dropped - fixed a number of

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- fixed a number of bugs reported in the bugtracker
- finished NPCing Ramaniran
- changed the bridge model outside Mvelthngth-Schel to a collapsed one
- added pathgrid in Mvelthngth-Schel
- added pathgrid in Leftunch
- added creatures in Leftunch, including a Steam Colossus
- fixed dialogue bugs in quests "Skeleton Wizard", "Cat-Catchers on the Road" and "Ulves Heladren's Bathtime"
- added a reward for "Cat-Catchers on the Road" as well as an "epilogue" in Andothren, in case the player doesn't free the Khajiit (she'll appear in the Andas Estate)
- renamed "Menaan, Governor's Manor" -> "Menaan, Vando Manor" as per convention
- renamed "TR_m4_Three-Eyes" in the RR wilderness (the NPC of the same name is used in Andothren), as well as his shack
- fixed an Andothren dialogue bug where non-NoLore NPCs would hate you
- fixed Iliath bugs reported by Jani
- fixed the one Andothren waterfall that was flowing in the wrong direction


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Done cells -2;-18 and -2;-18. The only thing i haven't done is pretty much placing lights above shrooms and sounds.
Started demeshing -1;-18.

dropped removed and replaced

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grabbing going to delete the

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going to delete the half-implemented Hlaalu company scrip mechanics from the dialogue; they should be handled in a claim (if special mechanics are even needed)

dropped also fixed slight

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also fixed slight caspering with the new bridge across Pryai River near Omaynis and added a unique door and script for one of the jail cells in Fort Ancylis (need in TG quest)

Please add a respawning "iron

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Please add a respawning "iron spear" item to TR_m4_Tuls_Varalaryn's inventory, we need a source for them for the nearby shrine.

Anbarsud, Shrine torch and

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Anbarsud, Shrine torch and doors removed for quest esp clones
Rotated Omayn manor because of weird collision issues with that shell
Omaynis Inn activators placed, permanence pending discussions
    TR_act_m4_Inn_01 - 03 are objects that should appear before the quest progresses
    TR_act_m4_Inn_04 is what should appear when construction begins
    TR_act_m4_Inn_05 - 10 + TR_m4_Omaynis_Banner_Inn + TR_act_m4_Inn_11 (Door) are for when the construction is completed
Elandad moved up to the hill to be less close to the next cave

dropping. finished the ext

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  • finished the ext work around Menaan
  • merged Bodrum dialogue update
  • deleted two shack interiors in the Anbarsud mine (saved them in a separate claim here)
  • deleted the door in "Rivenwake, Upper Level" -- a new unique door will be added by Jonado's Hlaalu quest file
  • added Northmarker in Ando warehouse
  • fixed Teyn pathgrid; moved Teyn's docks a meter to the west so they're inside the proper cell
  • added a Bodrum-Omaynis Silt Strider travel route; didn't add a Bodrum-Omaynis boat route, because Omaynis doesn't have shipmaster service or a dock

dropped polished the exterior

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polished the exterior around Menaan (removed most of the terraced cliffs near the Velothi tower northwest of Menaan), added new service banners in Andothren and did the edits that Jonado asked for

dropped again did the stuff

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dropped again

  • did the stuff that Jonado requested (hopefully correct this time!)
  • edited the Andas Estate treasure vault by adding a small hidden tomb where the body of Tholer Andas' wife is preserved (can be accessed by solving a simple enough puzzle, similar to the Armistice puzzle)

merged Ancylis interior refit

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  • merged Ancylis interior refit and the new Teyn ancestral tomb int (adjusted the vampire quest accordingly)
  • NPCed Mannu Velothi tower; the novice sorcerer inside will ask you to escort him out of the scamp-infested tower
  • removed the quest "Ulves Heladren's Bathtime" - that quest had been bothering me as tonally all over the place; replaced it with a far more simplistic "quest" where you can talk with the two argonians that have already killed Dunmer plantation overseer and later go to the plantation owner to tell him that the overseer is dead. no scripted sequences or nothing.

Updated NoLore filters to T

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Updated NoLore filters to T_Local_NoLore, added TR_Map filters to lines previously filtered by NoLore where possible, swapped out deprecated classes, added T_Local_NPC and T_Local_Khajiit to NPC scripts, replaced the odd Race: Khajiit with T_Local_Khajiit = 1 as I came across them.

Changed IDs
    alamdos nilves -> TR_m4_alamdos nilves
    Nivevin Duleayn -> TR_m4_Nivevin Duleayn
    Synlroth -> TR_m4_Synlroth
    Tidrend Nereis -> TR_m4_Tidrend Nereis
    TR_Bilos Farethi -> TR_m4_Bilos Farethi
    TR_Mugrub gro-Ghashur -> TR_m4_Mugrub
    TR_Nalem -> TR_m4_Nalem
    TR_Nero Broder -> TR_m4_Nero Broder
    TR_Renko Taloet -> TR_m4_Renko Taloet
    TR_Tivela Manas -> TR_m4_Tivela Manas
Added T_ScNpc_Mw_Map4 to
    TR_m4_abaalalk manammu
    TR_m4_Adaves Oran
    TR_m4_Asha-tara Undunba
    TR_m4_Musa Ashadallit
    TR_m4_alamdos nilves
    TR_m4_Nivevin Duleayn
    TR_m4_Tidrend Nereis
    TR_m4_Bilos Farethi
    TR_m4_Nero Broder
    TR_m4_Renko Taloet
    TR_m4_Tivela Manas
Replaced slaveScript with T_ScNpc_Mw_Map4Slave for TR_i4-517_slave
Added missing TR_Map local to

Fixed https://www.tamriel

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  • Fixed
  • Fixed
    •   The journal entry was already fixed to correctly refer to the amulet, but by Denis' suggestion, I changed the reward and journal entry to a Tamriel_Data Ring of Falling First Barrier. The Ring of Verbosity he gave is actually a Tribunal unique item.
    •   He is already disabled in his script on cellchange.
  • Additionally, related to Wesencolm:
    •   Fixed a dialogue issue where if you knew two different healing spells, you got the same dialogue choice twice.
    •   Optimized his script to not use GetDeadCount constantly, but OnDeath.
    •   Removed duplicate T_Local variables in his script.
  • Corrected some British spellings
  • Fixed
  • Additionally, related to Fort Ancylis history:
    •     Gave Apphia Calanius a follow-up response to 'long-forgotten history' so the topic doesn't immediately disappear.
    •     Made journal filters a bit tighter and added/removed a few disposition checks.
    •     Added AddTopics.
  • AddTopics for Shenjirra quest.
  • Set TR_m4_Bd_Rent door to references persist to fix script error on load. Also renamed the ID TR_m4_rd_Bodrum for consistency.
  • Deleted TR_m4_rent_door_i4-63 since the Council Club already has a functioning Room Door called TR_m4_rd_Ando_Council_Club.
  • Fixed three room doors that weren't called "Room Door".
  • Fixed typo "to the to the" in Menaan 'local area' response.
  • Fixed typo "the the" in Lindalnen Greeting 7.
  • Fixed typo "the the" in TR_m4_note_i4-260-hla.
  • Replaced deprecated T_Dwe_Scavenged_ cuirass & right pauldron, T_De_Glass_Shortsword_02, and T_IngMine_Alexandrite_01.
  • Replaced deprecated statics.
  • Deleted "Ascadian Bluffs" topic and removed a reference to it in 'geographic regions'.

Checking out to make some

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Checking out to make some edits for the HH questline and rescale cleaning

ₒₕ, bₒₒ𝒹?

Dropped.Cleaned out nearly

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Cleaned out nearly 2000 rescales.
Fixed over 650 bleeders & floaters.
Deleted deprecated bottle corks & broken bottles where I found them.
Made some changes to Molkobal, Andothren, Gavros Falas' house, and Andothren, Coyle's house for the Missing Merchant quest.
Added a common_ring_01_mge under the floor of the Mages Guild.
Changed the name of Issurnawia Diamond Mine to Issurnawia Mine.
CHanged the name of Litu-Dur Silver Mine to Litu-Dur Mine.
Took some books out of Rindral Herano's House.
Redid the Hlaalu Council Company Bank bookshelves to remove resizes, bleeders and floaters.
Removed some volumes of Poison Song from Vynbant, Rathal Cave Dwelling so there isn't a complete set.
Removed the ash statue from Delvarrapal Cave Dwelling.

Suldunanit & Monastery of St.Aralor need to be split up. Basan-Dur needs a de-rocking.
Savrethi distillery winebarrels need looking at, part of the kitbash has been deprecated.

ₒₕ, bₒₒ𝒹?


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- Anbursad, Shrine had issues. Fixed a part were you could get stuck behind the malacath shrine banner stones, and there are objects outside the play area .
- Renamed Maram Ancestral Tomb to Andathril Ancestral Tomb.
- Made a road going to the tomb.
- Edited the Omaynis shipwreck int to not be so moddy.
- Did some cleaning up of Leftunch interior, it was quite bad.
- Edited Veranzaris' abysmal exterior.
- Added some giesers in the lake on the mountain in the middle of RR to explain why a massive waterfall comes from nowhere.
- Did some serious vybrant uncluttering
- TR_m4_q_TTSAncestral_ScriptAmulet has the amulet of Usheeja model -- Fixed
- Shortened Aurmazl Kaari to just Kaari. She is a golden saint, they have singular names.
- Replaced bodrem banner with bodrum
- Respawning "iron spear" item added to TR_m4_Tuls_Varalaryn's inventory, needed a source for the nearby shrine.
- removed all ash statues (TR_m4_HH_GavrosStatue) from Coyle's house. Moved the NPC out of the house, locked the door.
- There are birds in Roth-Roryn. All are killed.
- Replaced all trelis with fence and rope on road sides.
- Merged Omaynis Inn.
- remove all red mountians rock groups. Ashlands should never have them.

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

Moved Coyle back into his

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Moved Coyle back into his house and unlock the door.

Removed Sathes Barnalo from his house and lock the door. Added a key and the door can be unlocked with it. 

Deleted the T_Mw_TerrRockRR_Rock_20 at (-54406.6, -124986, 1532.87) in Omaynis.

Gave the upper door to the inn in Omaynis a unique ID and treat it as a bedroom door (lock + global variable).

Assigned ownership to every item that should have it in the inn, as well as for bed and door.

Gave the inn a name. The Kwama's Scuttle (open to suggestions for something else).

Renamed exterior cell of Monastery of Saint Aralor to that instead of it being Roth Roryn Region

Split monastery of saint aralor interior into two parts to bring down ref count.

Reduced cobbling in both parts.

Added some cells where penintents are kept in the monastery.

Redid the exterior cell of the Monastery to be more in like with the in progress RR redo.

Some general cleaning up of exteriors when something looked obviously not up to snuff.

Started on some more creature placements (will go full on with this when all sections are merged)

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low