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This is the claim used to make edits and fixes to TR_Mainland. Do not make changes arbitrarily.

TR_Mainland should not break compatibility unless it is structurally necessary. This means do not change the IDs of anything that was released in a TR_Mainland.esm unless strictly necessary.


TR_Mainland is the esm which contains the “finished” parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. Save major restructuring, the landmass contained within is supposed to be fully interiorized, NPCed, quested, and cleaned. See: Editing guidelines.
Uploaded here is only the esp. Make sure to redate the .esp to 01/01/2012 18:00:00 with Wrye Mash so that it loads before other plugins that rely on it. Remember to load this when doing edits to the section files.
Always use the newest Tamriel Data and the latest Data Addon from GitHub with release files.

Tamriel Data 8.9:

Development Plan

Relevant queues: Mainland Redo

Last updated: 2021-11-22
Assets: Riverstrider eggs are in progress, which can be placed along Lake Andaram’s coast whenever they’re merged.
Exteriors: Some work is being done on Roa Dyr (some pieces are missing which will be added back in). Various road, terrain, riverbed, etc. work around Aanthirin are underway.
Interiors: There will be some edits to Khalaan (new models, etc.)
Quests: Several quest additions are pending review. “Brother Against Brother” is MVP for DOD, and should take priority. “Drinking, Stealing, Ranting” is a showcase quest that’s been merged into Mainland, but it needs another dialogue pass. Mainland IAS members need faction assignment. “Blight Watch” is still claimed by Kevaar. Changes have been discussed to be made to the interior and quest, and should be discussed with her.

Merged Bugfixes: 

Merged Claims: 

Merged Assets: 


Merged the pack guar follower

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Merged the pack guar follower, also moved the guar cart so she can get out. She gets stuck in the pen quite often but I cba to fix that.
Swapped deprecated T_Orc_Regular_Dagger_02 with 01 in Ald Balaal, Shrine
Removed T_Dae_Regular_ShieldTower_01 AND T_Dae_Lord_Helm_01 from Ald Balaal, Vault. There is now only one daedric item in the cell instead of THREE (3) daedric items in one cell.
Fixed missing doormarkers in "Tel Gilan, Tower: Lord's Chambers"

ₒₕ, bₒₒ𝒹?

Update Holding - will NPC

Taniquetil's picture


Holding - will NPC some of the new ints before dropping


Filled out the maps section of the College of Firewatch library tower with some of the new placeholder guides

Added a sturgeon fish in the following places:
- Nolubal Bay
- Naval battle site near Firewatch
- Northeast coast of Althoa
We should add more later in other spots with cold deep water

Replaced ashlander market stand in firewatch marketplace with new T_De piece

Fixed floating tapestries in the orsinium mission at Ebon Tower (new models)

Placed Merchants Guild anvil tokens in the following high-end stores in Imperial settlements:
- Firewatch, Chatal Mendor: Fine Armorer
- Firewatch, Ernaia Gelsus: Furnisher
- Helnim, Cervius Veris: General Merchant
- Old Ebonheart, Imeric Geordaine: Tailor
- Old Ebonheart, Unaarie's Elixirs
- Old Ebonheart, The Mother Alessia

Fixed some floaters in Old Ebonheart, Anjzhirra's Rare Goods

Fixed floater target at Mazkun

Named Mazkun cell

Merged Anashbibi
Merged Mazkun clan dwellings
Merged Mazkun shaman's dwelling
Merged Hasarund
Merged Velothi Mountains Ancestral Tomb #2 (Mount Dunul tomb)
Merged Velothi Mountains Cave #9
Merged Velothi Mountains Cave #10
Merged [ITO] Ancestral Tomb #6
Merged [ITO] Egg Mine #1
Merged [ITO] Kannidamarus
Merged [ITO] Ratharzak

NPC'd Mazkun shaman's dwelling

Dropping Changelog: Fixed De

Taniquetil's picture



  • Fixed De_M set issues in Ratharzak
  • Swapped Ratharzak and Yaztaramz ints that had been merged into the incorrect doors, and adjusted Ratharzak ext per merge notes
  • Fixed caspering fortress piece at Mandaran and removed floating hook static
  • NPCd Ratharzak
  • NPCd Orothri Ancestral Tomb
  • NPCd Hasarund
  • Fixed some punctuation and filtering issues with the new purchasable pack guar dialogue
  • Replaced deprecated T_Orc_Regular_Spear_02 from Arvud, Hlavora Tilvur: Trader with T_Orc_Regular_Spear_01
  • Replaced deprecated T_Orc_Regular_Dagger_01 in Teyn, Lighthouse Basement with T_Orc_Regular_Dagger_01
  • Replaced deprecated T_Nor_Orn_Warhammer_02 in Andothren, Vendicci Manor with T_Nor_Orn_Warhammer_01
  • Replaced deprecated T_Orc_Regular_Cleaver_01 in Bapatipi, Shrine with 3x T_Orc_Regular_ThrowingStar_01
  • Deleted deprecated T_De_Aena_Mace_01 from TR_RR_unused_Monastery
  • Replaced deprecated T_De_Aena_Mace_01 in Romayon with T_Com_Wood_Mace_01
  • Replaced deprecated T_De_Aena_Mace_01 in Okulanit, Klefki Burial with chitin club
  • Replaced deprecated T_De_Aena_Mace_01 at Mount Annu sky burial with T_De_Corkbulb_Staff_01
  • Deleted deprecated T_De_Aena_Mace_01 in Arvud, Nappaahtu: Armorer
  • Deleted deprecated T_De_Aena_Mace_01 in Arvud, Ald Erfoud Ruins
  • Replaced deprecated T_Com_DevilMace_01 in Ald Uman, Antechamber with steel shardmace
  • Fixed obstacle chair in an Omaynis house that was impeding movement
  • Named Bthuangthuv ext cell and changed main int cell name
  • Replaced static imperial cult altar in Ember Keep with activator
  • Merged Molkobal refit, then deleted when I realized it already had been merged, just never marked as such
  • Fixed bug with unlinked door to Malumed reported by Jonado
  • Fixed ownership bug and floater in Andothren, Hlaalu Council Company Bank reported by Why
  • Fixed bug with unlinked door to Landoth Ancestral Tomb reported by crdgdr and Denis
  • Fixed greenlight bug in Ravith Ancestral Tomb reported by crdgdr
  • Fixed caspering rockgroup bug in Aanthirin reported by Snailsting
  • Fixed caspering pillar bug in OE and Firewatch mages guilds reported by Denis
  • Fixed caspering pillar bug in Nivalis tavern reported by Denis
  • Fixed floating barrels bug in Bal Oyra reported by Denis
  • Fixed bleeding crate bug at Bahrammu dock reported by Denis
  • Fixed floating bone bug near Suldunanit entrance reported by Denis. Also recovered some bones lost beneath the terrain
  • Fixed caspering issues in Iliath reported by Denis
  • Fixed caspering cliff bug near Bodrum reported by Denis
  • Fixed caspering door bug to Nan-Iban reported by Denis
  • Fixed misplaced rope in Valubi reported by Denis
  • Fixed floating rock in RR region reported by Denis
  • Fixed floating rock in AA region reported by Denis
  • Fised floating rock on Moburan island reported by Denis

>Removed the Nirthfly, its

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>Removed the Nirthfly, its lantern, its plank, and its captain from Mainland (its interiors are still in mainland)

>Removed some owned items from “The Nirthfly: Cabin”

>Removed several FG-related activators and statics from mainland, including one in Manrizache, a platform in Nassudan, a rug and a barrier in Nassudan

>Removed the NPC “Garrulus Meril” from mainland (He and all of the above will be re-added when Firewatch FG is merged; the reason all of this needed to be removed was because scripts attached to these items would not remain attached between mainland versions otherwise, meaning Firewatch FG needed to be updated with every mainland update to be compatible. The owned items in the Nirthfly Cabin were removed because, without the captain in mainland, they caused errors on startup.)

>Deprecated a script related to the old TR FG quest “Guar Duty”

>Made the FG Firewatch chest accessible to associates

>Removed a door from “Andothren, Temple”

>Removed references in Wry-Eye Moranie’s dialogue to deprecated Helnim and Firewatch TG leaders, replaced them with a reference to the new Firewatch TG leader

>Deleted the entries under “trap”, “cargo ship”, and “Amulet of Nelus’ Fury” which were old TR dialogue related to Firewatch FG. 

>Deleted Galan Brandt’s unique entries under “advancement”, originally intended to fire after failing a mission, but were in mainland entirely divorced from any mission failure and thus always prevented Brandt from advancing the player.

>Deleted some old FG-related greeting entries that were breaking the new FG quests




Removed ember hand from

Evil Eye's picture

Removed ember hand from Akamora, Mining Head Office
Replaced ember hand and ember_hand with common_glove_right_01
Changed ID "TR_m2_Nethyn Veroth " to "TR_m2_Nethyn Veroth"
Replaced/removed MT gloves on
    TR_m2_Nethyn Veroth
    TR_m2_Vilval Nerethi
    TR_M3_Drelyne Fareloth
Swapped T_Glb_Savant for Savant
Replaced Shipmaster class for
    TR_m2_Andreran Morath
    TR_m3_Ambatisi Gathrel
T_B_Rga_UNI_HeadDarnellTR -> T_B_Rga_HeadMaleTR_05
T_B_De_HairMaleTR_06 -> T_B_De_HairMaleTR_36
T_B_De_HairMaleTR_09 -> T_B_De_HairMaleTR_18
T_B_De_UNI_HeadFarunaTR -> T_B_De_HeadFemTR_49
T_B_De_UNI_HeadTelsarenTR -> T_B_De_HeadFemTR_22
T_B_De_UNI_HeadOEGovernorWifeTR -> T_B_De_HeadFemTR_05
T_B_De_HairFemTR_14 -> b_n_dark elf_f_hair_16
T_B_De_HeadFemTR_38 -> T_B_De_HeadFemTR_11
T_B_De_UNI_HeadMithrasTR -> T_B_De_HeadMaleTR_22
b_n_dark elf_m_hair_20 -> b_n_dark elf_m_hair_25
Removed (redundant) misspelled T_Local_Khajit from
Corrected names of
    TR_m3_Dorog_Gro-Durin (Dorog Gro-Durin) to Dorog gro-Durin
    TR_m4_Borgrum (Borgrum-Gro-Bashzar) to Borgrum gro-Bashzar
    TR_m4_Shazgul (Shazgul-Gro-Bashzar) to Shazgul gro-Bashzar
Added map/nolore filters to a hundred or so lines; only 2000ish left to go

Deleted every Roth Roryn, Red

MinerMan60101's picture

Deleted every Roth Roryn, Red Mountain, and Grazelands style arch
Did various exterior polish near where I deleted such arches
Redid my earlier edits that were lost (05-31)
Replaced a BM cave entrance in -7,-20 and in -16,-25
Deleted the instance of Claudine Hesault from her home in Nivalis (request of Taniquetil)
Converted part of hallway in Bodrum, Ramaran Manor: Basement into a small annex, and deleted the guard there (request of Jonado)
Converted two-tile prison cell in that interior to two one tile ones
Reworked the exterior of Manrizanche to put the statue on an AC style island and add an underwater volcano, which was a originally a surface volcano upon which the ruin was built
Merged interiors VM Tomb #3 and TEM Predator's Gold
Fixed door in Llendu Ancestral Tomb that clipped into ramp
Moved ring of ineptitude to VM Tomb #3 (request of Taniquetil)
Placed a silver sparksword in place of the ring in Varyon Ancestral Tomb
Reduced the length of old Gorne's dock

Update. Still doing more work

Taniquetil's picture

Update. Still doing more work.

Fixed some greenlight instances in Ember Keep and swapped some lights

Replaced all Quey urns in EoE area with new variants and added some new Ynes urns in EEC and western storage tower

Distributed some of the new R furniture to resolve pathing issues in ember keep and improve a few other spots around EoE

NPCd Pagondha Cave
NPCd Shirel and fixed a caspering piece + some greenlight
NPCd Nelni-Shasar Egg Mine
NPCd Ogroth
NPCd Erendi Ancestral Tomb

Fixed a caspering stone mountain piece in VM -16,-16

Per Why's request, deleted pile of containers from Omaynis, Ulmon Vathri's House

Per MinerMan's request, changed cell 0,-31 to Aanthirin region

Per abby's request, deleted rubble piece in Baelkashpitu, Shrine

Checked corpse persists box for TR_m3_Kha_Drem_Meth_Uld

Dropping so Mark can work on

Taniquetil's picture

Dropping so Mark can work on de_m furniture

NPCd Vadryon Ancestral Tomb
NPCd Kothol
NPCd Uman, Derana Galvith's House
NPCd Uman, Gidren Sandolas: Trader
NPCd Uman, Hound's Rest Inn and edited to remove superfluous downstairs bar
NPCd Uman, Outpost

Deleted guard from Bodrum, Ramaran Manor, fixed pathgrid, and deleted door in basement per Jonado's request

Fixed some bleeders and caspering at Uman, and rearranged ext slightly
Added tower outpost to Uman mountain approach

Merged Ulanababia
Merged Mazkun Chieftain's Dwelling
Merged Uman outpost and added northmarker and pathgrid (see note at
Merged Sarrunabi caverns

Replaced all deprecated De targets in mainland with new com targets

Dropped Changelog: Edited

Mark's picture



  • Edited all interiors with the updated De_M furniture by hand to eliminate any object placement errors
  • Deleted some deprecated stuff in the ints I was working in
  • Made the requested edits to Anbarsud (not a total overhaul)
  • Made the requested edits to Essarnartes (no NPC edits)

Merged Starry-Eyed, Poisoning

abby's picture

Merged Starry-Eyed, Poisoning the Well, and the Firewatch FG line. Deleted the necessary waterfall involved in Poisoning the Well merging.




Mainland changelog NPCd Mt

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Update - not dropping yet


Mainland changelog

NPCd Mt Sarrunabi caverns
NPCd Anashbibi
NPCd Ulanababia
NPCd Assinad, Hidden Dwelling with Acrobatics master trainer

Pruned awful old arm of Pamashibabua with pointless daedric sp00kyhead and eye-searing lighting

Adjusted Firewatch gate doors for new mesh and added gate bars

Deprecated all old Firewatch gate bars except the first
Deprecated old Imperial Bal Oyra banner
Deprecated old Firewatch Library signs
Deprecated old Bal Oyra bakery, clothier, and smith signs
Deprecated old Firewatch C&E loose stone activators
Deprecated old Telvanni Library activators
Deprecated old Helnim EEC quest activator
Deprecated Old Helnim inns, marketplace, and smith signs. Left the Crystal Flower because it'll be

reused somewhere
Updated names on Firewatch alchemist and jeweler signs

Fixed longstanding caspering issue on Firewatch south wall

Configured Firewatch branch of Briricca Private Bank

Linked Andothren to Mournhold District guild guide network

Moved around some Firewatch NPCs and furniture slightly to improve navigability in some ints

Unlocked Vantus Manor interior door and gave Dothasi Vantus an Imperial Guard instead

Set up boat and silt strider routes for DoD lands per travel map plan

Dropping Changelog: Swapped

Taniquetil's picture



Swapped some exterior NPCs' clothing in Andothren who were all wearing the same shirts
Fixed some bleeding plants in Andothren ext
Fixed floating furn_de_overhang_01s at Andothren docks and smith
Fixed bleeding wood planks on ext staircase of Andothren port authority
Fixed misaligned Andothren ext staircases

NPCd Ald Uman and replaced a bit of R furniture with P
NPCd Kannidamarus and moved two scrolls from underwater to the inventory of the head witch
de-NPCd Mazkun Shaman's Dwelling until we get the Malakh race assets
NPCd Belan Mine and added pathgrid
NPCd Velothi Mts smuggler camp in -17,-25
NPCd Alvor-Vidran Egg Mine

NPCd Assinad and added pathgrid
NPCd Barunal
NPCd Berendas Ancestral Tomb
NPCd Maatumassu (and moved Altmer mage from outside Uman)
NPCd Marsud
NPCd Sadrapit mine

Replaced all instances of deprecated hamun roots in Mainland with version 01

Merged Koranyon and NPCd it + added some clutter to the pirate gang's boat and added another bedroll for a tenth crewman

Replaced right-hand blank propylon in Mandaran with Koranyon propylon

Placed Mandaran propylon index in Shularon, in Talver Dolmyn's research office
Placed Koranyon propylon index in Ulanababia, next to Physa

Deprecated the Bosmora Mages Guild relay station and replaced it with a small living quarters for one of the merchants in the Marketplace

Deprecated nix-mount caravaners connection between Enamor Dayn and Bosmora

Fixed bug with door gaps in Firewatch reported by Denis
Fixed NPC positioning issue in two DoD locations reported by Why
Fixed assortment of Firewatch minor bugs reported by Denis
Fixed bug concerning book in Firewatch thieves guild hideout reported by Denis
Fixed bug with Firewatch prison marker reported by Why

Adjusted TR_m1_O_Uelyna_Thenim level and equipment per discord discussion


Jackimoff Wackimoff's picture


ₒₕ, bₒₒ𝒹?

Dropping- Methats' pauldrons

Cicero's picture

- Methats' pauldrons are now using the artifact versions, not enchated daedric pauldron.
- Artifact boots of peace is now on Drekhva Yashaz, the temp boots of peace and gauntlets of the poor are removed.
- Soul Anchor edits.
- Renamed Mu-Serrudan to Serrudan.
- Added Boots of the Savior's Hideto Helnim, Parjho: Smith.
- Added Pauldrons of the Savior's Hide to Gamras Silni in Mandaran, Upper Level.
- Added Gauntlets of the Savior's Hide to Forlorn Shipwreck, Lower Level.
- Added Greaves of the Savior's Hide to Tarvil Gamaras in Berantus.
- Added Map Marker for Ald Virak.
- Renamed East-Wind to Massur-Dan's Shadow in Oran Plantation Vaults. Indicating it was stolen from him.
- Added Lord Rathine Morgal to Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Central. Wields Staff of the Typos Sophia, is 100% Chameleon (NPC for LoS).
- Renamed Dremora Occultist to Dremora Oathkin.
- Degraded the armour in the Flooded Shipwreck Upper Level.
- Deleted the Daedric Bat Eye topic.
- Removed the kwama eggs out of Tel Gilan, replaced with different ingredients if needed with owenership applied.
- Rescaled a 0.80 dead Guar to 1.0 at Volenfaryon.
- Arlo Ajaxus bumped up from Champion to Knight Errand. All Templar individuals should be Knight Errand at the very least.
- Darvon renamed to Darvonis
- Added Creature spawns to Roth Roryn and SVM (more to come in the future)

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

Dropping. Changelog: -

Taniquetil's picture

Dropping. Changelog:

- Lightly facelifted Tel Gilan characters and tower to not be a cheap knockoff of Tel Branora. Also bumped some furniture around to improve navigability in tight areas and fluff up the clutter a bit
- Improved NPC barter gold for merchants in Tel Gilan, Tower: Services
- Deleted insane Old TR greetings for Master Nisa
- Deleted Cuirass of Mobility, Rancid Netch Leather Cuirass, and associated script for both
- Deleted Rancid Cuirass greetings and service refusal
- Replaced deprecated Colovian Iron gauntlets in Parjho's store in Helnim with Colovian Iron bracers, and adjusted health of items in the store. Also gave Parjho some repair items to sell.
- Added a ship route between Bal Oyra and Tel Ouada, since Bal Oyra is no longer an Imperial settlement
- Fixed a floating lantern at Firewatch docks
- Deleted placeholder cutter at Firewatch docks -- sadly it seems we will not get the navy clipper that was supposed to replace it in time for 11/20
- Implemented propylon scripts for travel between Andvaryon, Koranyon, and Mandaran
- Added missing Khalaan propylon to Romayon
- Added fire safety wall to Marcella's smithy in Nivalis
- Added wind sound activator to Tel Rivus tower landing and Icebreaker Keep gate walkway
- Added boat sound activators to docks throughout OE, Aanthirin, DoD, and EoE areas, and closed associated issue report from Jonado
- Added some water sound activators to OE sewer exits and the Nirend River
- Replaced a few NPC self-references in Persuasion replies with %Name
- Replaced the R furniture in Andothren mages guild downstairs room with M and fixed floaters and bleeders caused by the M furniture overhaul

- Deprecated or replaced all references to Contumious Flavius, Tel Narrusa, Molaghread, or old Helnim Fields. There were a LOT.
- Edited some old rumors from Telvanni cities about the Duchess of Firewatch that were no longer applicable
- Deleted outright some old TR non-vanilla topics like "wildlife" and "fishing" that fired only in old areas and would not be rounded out in newer areas

- Fixed bug regarding NPC bounding box in Dondril reported by vivecs_tomb
- Fixed bug regarding fake water puddle in MV region reported by Kayla123
- Fixed bug regarding fast travel NPC in Gah Sadrith reported by Mark
- Fixed bug regarding caspering wall piece at Wavebreaker Keep reported by Denis
- Fixed bug regarding Helnim prison marker reported by crdgdr
- Fixed bug regarding misaligned door in Port Telvannis reported by Am'Shak
- Fixed bug regarding typo in Firewatch thieves guild quest repored by Wanax

Added map and/or nolore

Evil Eye's picture

Added map and/or nolore filters to
    my trade
    poison the water
    herbs and hides
    problem with the statue
    Sadas Plantation
Doubled hypens in
    improve your reputation
    Azariah is the traitor
    Zafirbel Bay Company
    official ledgers
    some possessions
    thoughtful gift
    Merdon Dillmoon
    smuggling ring
    Serali Beralam
    Valvius Matius
    little secret
    latest rumors
    Sevroth Teles
    Almse Ramaran
    great healer
    Trela Varesi
    famous mazte
    Llirala Arys
    Nalvos Omayn
    Tolmse Indarys
    Gah Sadrith
    new in town
    Greeting 1
    Greeting 5
    Greeting 7
    The Smiler
    Jana Livia
    my trade
T_B_De_HeadFemTR_36 -> T_B_De_HeadFemTR_26
T_B_De_HeadFemTR_31 -> T_B_De_HeadFemTR_30
T_B_De_HeadFemTR_25 -> T_B_De_HeadFemTR_07
T_B_De_HeadFemTR_37 -> T_B_De_HeadFemTR_08
T_B_De_HeadFemTR_32 -> T_B_De_HeadFemTR_16
T_B_De_HeadFemTR_34 -> T_B_De_HeadFemTR_50
T_B_De_HeadMaleTR_53 -> T_B_De_HeadMaleTR_50
T_B_De_HeadMaleTR_51 -> T_B_De_HeadMaleTR_44
T_B_De_HeadMaleTR_49 -> T_B_De_HeadMaleTR_19
T_B_De_HeadMaleTR_55 -> T_B_De_HeadMaleTR_24
Fixed typos reported on
Removed TR_m1_q_TGCuirassSwitchScript

Added map and/or nolore

Evil Eye's picture

Added map and/or nolore filters to
    Dreugh in Teyn
    Ishanuran camp
    Ahemmusa camp
    little advice
    little secret
    latest rumors
    Saint Nerevar
    acute disease
    cargo of Flin
    Felmo Enlaris
    Greeting 0
    Greeting 1
Fixed Not Race filters in
    Greeting 1
Restored ID filter in pack guar
Added required locals to
Replaced dirty T_Imp_UNI_StoneSeptimia_01 with TR_m1_FW_StoneSeptimia

Dropping Changelog: - Add

Taniquetil's picture



- Add telescope to ember keep wizard's tower roof and adjusted pathgrid
- Fixed Helnim gate door I forgot to fix last time
- replaced some old makeshirt dartboards with new custom asset
- replaced all deprecated De targets with the identical Com ones
- Merged Mzankh and removed exterior observatory
- Merged Onimushili
- Merged ITO Ancestral Tomb #4
- Merged ITO Eggmine #2
- Removed enemies from Mount Sarrunabi (except Shalath Abkala) to be reimplemented in Firewatch MG file

Removed all journal entries

Jani's picture

Removed all journal entries for TR_m4_Vf_QuestionLoyalty and TR_m4_Ish_NamelessTribe for the Volenfaryon claim.

- script "TR_M2

Cicero's picture

- script "TR_M2_MzankhDoorCrank_sc activator name swaps so compile again
- script "TR_M2_MzankhFuseboxSignal_sc remove OFF from object ID so can compile again
- Made Manrizanche presentable
- removed daedric wards from khalaan, will include them in future with scripts
- Iliath is now Monastery of St. Felms, furniture ,globals, scripts, dialgou, miscs edited accordingly, added stones march guards and chests
- Old Ebonheart, The Skaarling Queen exterior is back at 1.0 size from 0.9

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

Redid my review of https:/

Evil Eye's picture

Redid my review of because the wrong file got uploaded and merged
Gave all the new roamers the regular T_ScNpc_Mw_Map1 script
Replaced all instances of T_ScNpc_Mw_Volatile with regular map scripts for NPCs restricted to a single map
ITO_Tomb4_key -> TR_m1_Tomb4_key
de_r_chest_01_lletherv1 -> de_r_chest_01_gold1
Unchecked references persist on TR_m1_FW_gateI1_bar_01, TR_m4_UshuKurSinkRock, TR_m4_UshuKurSinkRock2, TR_m4_AA_SehutuLight_01
Replaced a reference to the Necrom Lighthouse with one to the Necrom Watch Tower
Added nolore and/or map filters to
    city above
    my trade
    Tel Ouada
    our hetman
    best clerk
    Alt Bosara
    guar thief
    hard times
    Atran Oran
    Roth Roryn
    local area
    Tower of Requiem discovery
    Hall of Reason discovery
    recently been excavated
    Chungkefpz discovery
    Urshilaku camp
    foreign hawker
    Obainat Camp
Fixed incorrect race filter in outlander
Removed TR_MapPos from

Replaced several map-agnostic

Evil Eye's picture

Replaced several map-agnostic guards, changed all items owned by them to be owned by Imperial Guard, and tweaked dialogue filters to apply to the Guard class
TR_imp_guard -> TR_m1_imp_guard, TR_m2_imp_guard, TR_m3_imp_guard, TR_m4_imp_guard
TR_imp_guard_cap -> TR_m2_imp_guard_cap_s
TR_imp_guard_cap_s -> TR_m1_imp_guard_cap_s, TR_m2_imp_guard_cap_s, TR_m4_imp_guard_cap_s
TR_imp_guard_s -> TR_m1_imp_guard_s, TR_m2_imp_guard_s, TR_m3_imp_guard_s, TR_m4_imp_guard_s
TR_ind_guard -> TR_m2_ind_guard, TR_m3_ind_guard
TR_ind_guard_f -> TR_m2_ind_guard_f, TR_m3_ind_guard_f
TR_ind_guard_f_s -> TR_m2_ind_guard_f_s, TR_m3_ind_guard_f_s
TR_ind_guard_s -> TR_m2_ind_guard_s, TR_m3_ind_guard_s
TR_telv_guard -> TR_m1_tel_guard, TR_m2_tel_guard
TR_telv_guard_s -> TR_m1_tel_guard_s, TR_m2_tel_guard_s
TR_telvanni guard_02 -> TR_m1_tel_guard2, TR_m2_tel_guard2
TR_telvanni guard_02_s -> TR_m1_tel_guard2_s, TR_m2_tel_guard2_s

Removed script TR_m2_Windmoth_marksman
Removed bosmer intro gag in Teyn
Tweaked Elvilde's little advice entry
Changed a few instances of "velk" to "velks"

Grabbing and Dropping with

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Grabbing and Dropping with changes for mort's Orlukh questline:
Altered the Propylon Chamber in "Raathim Ancestral Tomb, Lichgate" to be continuous with the interior rather than an inescapable pit
Moved the actual propylon chamber to new cell "Khalaan, Propylon Chamber" and edited propylon script accordingly
Moved the key to the gate in Lichgate to a more obvious location
Replaced a door in "Ald Virak, Tower" with a static one on the ground

Dropping Changelog - NPCd

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- NPCd Onimushili and deprecated old one
- Removed notebook from Banvira Auctoria's desk in Firewatch mages guild (replaced in quest claim)
- NPCd Thendas Ancestral Tomb and placed Ring of Ineptitude there. Also fixed several floaters
- Merged and NPCd TEM General Symmachus
- Merged Bthalag-Zturamz

Removed unused Mzankh objects

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Removed unused Mzankh objects and scripts
Added map and/or nolore filters to
    assassination of the Telomas
    someone to drive the cart
    questions on vampirism
    someone in particular
    spreading epidemic
    Clibergus's ledger
    cremation services
    find an Ashlander
    top secret recipe
    pacify the spirit
    Golden Moons Club
    Mandaras Savrethi
    anonymous writer
    Sassur-Dari Mine
    group of Bretons
    Telvanni customs
    Sadas Plantation
    Orelu Plantation
    Turedus Esdrecus
    Travelers League
    enslaved citizen
    poison the water
    thoughtful gift
    Oran Plantation
    herbs and hides
    specific place
    Morrowind lore
    Mephalan Vales
    Ahasou Saravyn
    Endavyn Adarys
Replaced all usages of
    TR_m1_NPC_NoLore with T_ScNpc_Mw_Map1Nolore
    TR_m1_NPC_V_Quarra with T_ScNpc_Mw_Map1VampQuarra
Removed unused scripts

Fixed TR_m4_q_mm_AshvuCurseSC

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Fixed TR_m4_q_mm_AshvuCurseSC as discussed with arvisrend and Dev Shah
Replaced TR_ordinator with TR_m3_ordinator and TR_m4_ordinator
Replaced TR_ordinator_s with TR_m3_ordinator_s and TR_m4_ordinator_s
Added map and/or nolore filters in
    local area
    Greeting 6
    Greeting 7


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ₒₕ, bₒₒ𝒹?

Dropped, deleted some objects

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Dropped, deleted some objects from Lloran Manor to make room for HH questline stuff

ₒₕ, bₒₒ𝒹?

Dropping Mainland changelog -

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Mainland changelog

- Changed spelling of Ostrala Rouillac's name and made her higher level
- Added blank and placeholder palm scrolls to the Cathnoquey Mission at Ember Keep
- Dropped Xivila Tatho's fight setting down to 0
- Created Witherbrand named enchanted daedric battleaxe for Tatho
- added 3 NPCs at Mazkun -- will need 8 more

Changed class of    TR_m1

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Changed class of
    TR_m1_Yishana to T_Glb_Sailor
    TR_m2_Fanlasi Maravil to T_Glb_Fisherman
    TR_m2_Golgrom gro-Argal to T_Glb_Fisherman
    TR_m2_Varon Llenith to Commoner
    TR_m3_Braler Velev to T_Glb_Fisherman
    TR_m3_Galam_Telas to Commoner
    TR_m3_Hides-In-Mud to Commoner
    TR_m3_Hjerl Bitter-Wind to Merchant
    TR_m3_Larys Halvan to T_Glb_Fisherman
    TR_m3_Lloris_Gilnam to T_Glb_Fisherman
    TR_m3_Navil_Drolnor to Merchant
    TR_m3_O_Neram_Andus to Smuggler
    TR_m3_Rother Nevevyn to Merchant
    TR_m3_Sotalya to T_Glb_Sailor
    TR_m4_Belos_Gilvani to Merchant
    TR_m4_Merengor to T_Glb_Sailor
    TR_m4_Serul_Farys to T_Glb_Fisherman
Replaced heads/hairs
    T_B_De_UNI_HairOEGovernorSonTR -> T_B_De_HairMaleTR_21
    T_B_Imp_UNI_HairOEGovernorTR -> T_B_Imp_HairMalePC_05
    T_B_Imp_UNI_HeadDFlaviusTR -> T_B_Imp_HeadMaleTR_04
    T_B_De_UNI_HeadVaerinTR -> T_B_De_HeadMaleTR_18
    T_B_Imp_UNI_HeadTulnusTR -> T_B_Imp_HeadMaleTR_03
    T_B_De_UNI_HeadDralTR -> b_n_dark elf_m_head_02
    T_B_He_UNI_HeadEldaleTR -> b_n_high elf_f_head_05
    T_B_De_UNI_HeadOEDresDukeTR -> T_B_De_HeadMaleTR_01
Replaced unique items
    racerbeak -> firebite sword
    amulet of verbosity -> extravagant_amulet_01
    amulet of infectious charm -> amulet of shield
Added nolore and/or map filters to
    Greeting 7
    Greeting 9
Removed lines filtered to the removed Aranyon Pass
Replaced several faction associated clothes worn by NPCs of other factions

Requires addon 39 Renamed

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Requires addon 39

Renamed Necrom Lighthouse cells to TR_HOLD_Necrom Lighthouse
Replaced generic NPCs
    TR_hla_canyon_guard -> TR_m4_hla_guard_canyon
    TR_hla_canyon_guard_s -> TR_m4_hla_guard_can_s
    TR_hla_canyon_guard_f -> TR_m4_hla_guard_can_f
    TR_hla_canyon_guard_f_s -> TR_m4_hla_guard_can_f_s
    TR_hla_guard -> TR_m4_hla_guard
    TR_hla_guard_f -> TR_m4_hla_guard_f
    TR_hla_guard_s -> TR_m4_hla_guard_s
    TR_ordinator_war -> TR_m3_ordinator_war
    TR_hla_sharpshooter -> TR_m4_hla_sharpshooter
    TR_red_guard_f_s -> TR_m4_red_guard_f_s
    TR_red_watchman -> TR_m4_red_watchman
    TR_red_watchman_f -> TR_m4_red_watchman_f
    TR_red_watchman_s -> TR_m4_red_watchman_s
    TR_imp_archer -> TR_m1_imp_archer, TR_m2_imp_archer, TR_m3_imp_archer, TR_m4_imp_archer
    TR_imp_archer_s -> TR_m1_imp_archer_s, TR_m2_imp_archer_s, TR_m3_imp_archer_s, TR_m4_imp_archer_s
Changed ID of
    TR_hla_guard_neen to TR_m4_hla_guard_neen
    TR_imp_guard_navy to TR_m1_imp_guard_navy
    TR_imp_guard_navy_s to TR_m1_imp_guard_navy_s
    TR_redStones_guard to TR_m4_red_guard_stones
    TR_redStones_guard_f to TR_m4_red_guard_stone_f
    TR_redStones_guard_f_s to TR_m4_red_guard_sto_f_s
    TR_hla_canyon_shooter to TR_m4_hla_canyonshooter
Replaced TR_red_watchman in Bodrum, Northern Watchtower with TR_m4_q_mt_almse_guard
Removed references to TR_hla_guard_s in TR_m4_MT_Lliralawrit